[Suggestion] Knives!! Like, *really* loud ones!!

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  1. Scatterblak

    Knives are great!!! as a career inf with a lot of time stalkering, I spend a lot of time flipping between my knife and my pistol - I need the pistol for the scope, and the knife for the pointy bits. Many times, though, I've found that when I equip my knife, it's not really loud enough. If there's a prowler rolling by me, or an OS going off, there's a good chance that anyone more than 80 or 100 meters or so away from me might not hear it. I have to assume that it's intended to be heard by everyone in the sector when I pull it out, because A) it's exactly as loud as the devs wanted it to be, and B) real knives in the real world are, as everyone knows, about as loud as a jackhammer or a car accident or a drum solo. Still, my thumper is louder than my knife, and so is my lasher (but not by much) - hey devs, can we make the knives even louder next patch?? On par with a vehicle turret, or one of those damn belly guns that libs have? Thanks!!!

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  2. iStalk

    The only loud knife is the TR one
  3. Scroffel5

    We don't need louder knives. We need more aware players. Everytime I hear a knife, I spin around quickly. If its a Stalker, I mean, can't find them anyways until they uncloak and kill me, but usually it is an ally trying to give me a heart attack for no reason. Even when it is a Stalker, nothing you can do about it without a Darklight. If I ran a Darklight, the guy who equipped the knife would probably be dead or I'd be the first one to go. Its the same thing with snipers. They don't need to be louder or anything; the players just need to be more aware. I shoot at a guy with a sniper and it whizzes past his head, and he doesn't even change course, not until I hit him anyways.

    Players just need to learn to pay more attention.
  4. Campagne

    This post is art.
  5. Johannes Kaiser

    I do like the snarky sarcasm in the OP.
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  6. Demigan

    I suspect that the OP has altered his sound to better hear footsteps and such, which hopefully means that activating his knife just about blows out his eardrums.

    I hate people who gain advantages through altering their settings. And I love it if there's something to counter it. If you change you brightness to make nights less dark I always hope the devs add bright days that are almost blinding if you changed the brightness to balance it out.
  7. Scroffel5

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. I can't play in full-screen because it is laggier, so I can't make nights brighter, and fighting VS in the night is a pain. I support this. Anyways, if he is being sarcastic about how loud the knives are, I think it honestly doesn't change anything. Who goes on stabbing sprees the most? Infiltrators (duh) and Heavies (surprisingly they are the only other class I see who goes on stabbing sprees). You can see the Heavy, so a loud knife doesn't change anything, and Stalkers are the ones who even attempt to go on those sprees, so a loud knife only alerts you to their presence. Still need a darklight to see them, so I mean /shrug.

    If OP is trying to say that the knives need to be quieter, I say no, change nothing. It doesn't change anything even if you did make them quieter, as you still rely on something else to get the job done, namely the Darklight in the case of a Stalker or your gun in the case of anything else.
  8. iStalk

    I try
  9. iStalk

    It's allowed so why not ? Same way pilots make their tracers go to ultra. It actually helps. Why is this bad? Lol
  10. Scroffel5

    Because its annoying for other players who don't do that and isn't necessarily the way the game should be played. People already have an advantage from FPS and ping. Why should they get an advantage because of editing game files? Why don't we just illuminate cloaked Infiltrator or extend hitboxes or make night nonexistent? Because everything in the game is there for a reason. If you were supposed to force things to render a different way, the devs would have done it, and it would be nice if everyone was forced to play the stock version of the game and be given no advantages.
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  11. iStalk

    Oh you're speaking on actually editing? Well isn't that already not allowed? I mean changing your brightness, or settings for either better tracers or not isn't a bad thing. Not every computer is able to handle high settings or what not. But if they want to fly they need to set everything low while having textures ultra. Some people have a higher fov. Do you consider that wrong also?
  12. Scatterblak

    Dead wrong here. I was being sarcastic because the knives are too damn loud. Maybe check the boards and look at someone's K/D and kills before you decide to accuse them of cheating?

    I suspect you've been spanked by infiltrators often enough that tossing some insults at them makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

    Note to everyone else: Adjusting your volume, brightness, etc. is fine, as long as you do it through the interface. If you change anything like actual sound files, etc., you're cheating, and hopefully, you'll be caught.

  13. Demigan

    I'm not dead wrong as I didn't accuse you of cheating, but of altering your sound through the interface. That's why I used the words "altering your settings".

    Yes ofcourse it's legal, but as far as I'm concerned you should be able to get the maximum out of your game without altering your settings. Ideally players should never ever get superior gameplay by altering their presets, any changes you make should be for convenience.
    That is why I tell you: If players can get an advantage through altering their settings (or files) there should be a disadvantage as well. It's one of the reasons why I've advocated smoke types that give enemy players a debuff if they walk through it, which people who turn off smoke will not notice until they are already through. It's also why I tell you that I hope eardrums just about pop when you activate a knife if you alter your sound settings to get an advantage for listening to sound cue's like footsteps. One advantage gets a disadvantage, that's fair.

    If you don't alter your sound settings the activateable knives are very silent amongst all the other noises in the game. That's why I think you altered your settings, and lo and behold you promote altering the settings.

    Also very nice how you immediately jump on me with "oh nooooeeees you must have been killed by knifing infiltrators and just hate them! oooooh".
  14. Scroffel5

    The knives are not too loud. While it is unrealistic that your knife would be as loud as it is in Planetside, it is not too loud. If there were no knife sounds, you'd never know when there was an Stalker with a knife in your area until they uncloaked and killed someone. The only viable way of detecting them is Darklight, which you most likely won't have on until you know there is one in the area, which you would only know through cloaking and decloaking, which they wouldn't have to frequently do until they were about to kill someone. See where I am getting at? That knife sound matters to no other class other than Stalkers, as that is one of the only other indicators that a Stalker is in your area.
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