[Guide] Knife only - Massive Killing Spree - Stalker mode

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DeadEyeOo, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. DeadEyeOo

    Hi All

    (This is my first post and video)

    I've decided to play as a Ripper wielding infiltrator the past 5 days and I have collected over 2000 kills with the trusty knife.

    Using certain implants and abilities combined with the 1 hit kill knife... well... its effective lol

    To help others and to stop people telling me I'm a cheater over and over please see the video below.

    How-to-Video below:

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  2. Dualice

    Well-played. Very entertaining gameplay!
  3. Icehole1999

    I love the Ripper too. I’m running Catlike and Assassin and really hoping for Nightmare.
  4. iStalk

    I all of what you mentioned and barely use them. Nightmare is mostly useful in areas where the team is focus on one point. Meaning a group of people all close to each other facing my team. Then I go in with a powerknife and get to work. I mostly use catlike and ammo printer when I'm stalking. Or bionics and ammo printer when I'm using my NSX Daiymo.
  5. FredM

    And uncloaked never get any bullet hits. Just runs through them. Thats abit odd, other than that played well.

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