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  1. MaKiro2

    Ist pretty sad, that the Knife damage has been reduced from 625 to 500. I Play only Infiltrator and the Knife is one of my best weapons. before the nerf i could kill easy enemies, but now ist so hard. Please buff the damage to 625 again :3
  2. salembeats

    I kinda think that was the point -- the knife was pretty OP. As SOE mentioned, the only reason the damage was so high is that the old Nanoweave granted resistance to it (and everyone ran Nanoweave).

    If you're just looking for the sidearm-knife combo, you can still do it with the commissioner, but you need to score a headshot. If you're not accurate enough for that, grab a crossbow.
  3. Iridar51

    Not only the commissioner, when headshots are required, suddenly suppressed Rebel and Cerberus enter the scene. Headshots with them do exactly 500 damage.
  4. iller

    Linking these just to make sure they're in an easy to find Topic in this Forum. Additional shots + Knife for 1000hp


    Post Nerf:


    Globally, knives have extremely low KPH ... so no they weren't overpowered.
    Kills per user globally is barely 200. Even among top knife-wielders, it's only 5-10 KPH and very low SPM.

    The real reason for the nerf is so they can introduce new Melee weapons+powercreep for S.C. / cert grind
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  5. Rift23

    "Well, guys, we have to abandon this fight because they're all using knives."

    "I'm quitting PS2 because every time I leave a spawnroom I get instantly knifed."

    --Said no one ever. But hey, I hear we're getting a higher damage knife we can spend money on.
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  6. CuteBeaver

    When you hold the knife (on test), it allowed for rapid slice action. Like front hand... back hand... :D

  7. Corezer


    Knifing is fine, use a crossbow, or get a headshot.
  8. LordDethir

    I hope not. Unless we can unlock them with certs, Which I doubt. This would push the game much more to P2W. If it's just cosmetics, Fine. But Knives that deal more damage for shot-knifing? That's pushing P2W.
  9. LordDethir

    You can still do that? Last time I was on, they removed holding the knife.
  10. CuteBeaver

    I hope they didn't remove it, the slap chop was so much fun.

    Kniives PAY TO WIN???? Don't be silly SOE would never do that <3 :p Never judge a rotor blade by its ... serrated edges?
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  11. OldMaster80

    It has been adjusted because they forgot it when they changed Nanowave I think. Then higher damage output in the future will be applied to different melee weapons.
  12. Reavx

    What the FU** :D
    WTF is that !
    Thats a new 'knife' HAHAHAHA

    I want to see the NC one rofl.
  13. salembeats

    This is a little misleading, as your KPH with the knife is measured against the entirety of your Infantry playtime. You're always carrying it!

    My "active" KPH when I was working on Auraxiuming the knife was much higher than 5-10 (probably 70-90), and if you can get into a big group of enemies, the damage you can do is hilarious.

    Overall, I think that the knife change is fine.
    Knives can be pretty frustrating given the client-side hit detection. I hate getting hit from 5 meters out by a knife when it looks like I never made contact with the guy, and I'm sure others do as well.
    This should mitigate at least a bit of that frustration.

    I agree with the sentiment of what you're saying, though.
    They couldn't raise the power level of a melee weapon further than it was already, so it's likely that they lowered the current knife's damage in order to create excitement over new melee weapons that do the same amount of damage as the old knife.
  14. Iridar51

    OMG these pics are exactly what I needed for my guide, I was gonna make them myself.
    Thank you so much.

    I didn't word it exactly like that, but I did say that CQC often boils down to whoever presses "melee attack" first, and it shouldn't be so.
  15. iller

    Well I'm not even using it anymore in any case. I can either just shoot whatever 3 times at decent range when hit registry for the head is being a *****, and still win anyway... or keep losing half the melee range fights to a several enemies now with 10% hp's left. I've lost count TBH. But Yah not a hard choice. In a lot of cases using an EMP grenade has just been a lot easier AND faster.
  16. Inex

    Infiltrator forum, never change. :)
  17. Rift23

    It was a shotgun that fired knives.