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  1. PaulFrost

    Monarchy is a brand new combined arms TR outfit on Cobalt, currently aiming to establish a medium sized, well trained, and active player base. Ultimately, Monarchy’s goal is to become a prominent and valuable asset of the Terran Republic, but also to provide a fun and friendly environment for its members.

    We focus on core infantry combat, supplemented by ground and air vehicle support, with an emphasis on squad cohesion and tactics. We primarily value players who are interested in teamwork, and we will accept and train new players as well; however we will not accept alt characters.

    We are looking for players who are:
    - Interested in teamwork and willing to follow orders;
    - Active, and want to improve their skill;
    - Mature (age does not influence recruitment in any way).

    You can apply by posting the following information in this thread:
    - In-Game Name;
    - Experience with Planetside 2 (including past outfits);
    - Preferred role or play style.

    Alternatively you can apply through the in-game Outfit Browser.
  2. Alienboss

    My ingame name is alienboss222 and I have some bit of experience, but im willing to improve. I mostly play as a infiltrator. I am 16 years old. Hope I can join :)

    Time when clan is active? I have been a loner for quiet some time. Rather tired of going it alone and I am willing to give it a go. Would appreciate someone dropping me a message. Clan website, TS3, those kind of things.