killing tanks has become more enjoyable now.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by smokemaker, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. smokemaker

    I have been getting back into the swing of things again in regards to killing tanks in an ESF.
    Granted the tank buff to armor did make this a much harder task. But i am enjoying killing the tanks knowing how much in resources they cost now. Gosh forbid, i kill the same guy twice in his tank in rapid succession. I now know I have cost him dearly. And given him a good time out. lol

    I am enjoying the increase cost in resources.
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  2. iWarsaw

    That's cool. I haven't had anything like that happen, but I do like it when I take out a tank a replacement isn't popping up right behind him. I feel like even if I get one or two tank kills now, it does make a difference. This game needs to be more rewarding like that.
  3. Blackinvictus

    And I enjoy Daltoning your hovering ESF in my lib while you are podding that tank.

    But I especially enjoy giving burster Max's the finger cause they hit me like a wet noodle now.
  4. KlyptoK

    Too bad ESF's didn't get the same treatment right?
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  5. ent|ty

    And since my AA MAX is nerfed, you'll be able to fly out of range quite quickly . I noticed today that even with ZOE boost, I was pretty much swatting at flies again.
  6. TheJosephChrist

    I felt this very thing today. I killed a MAX with my engineer and thought, "I just cost that NC scum 350 resources".

    It felt good.

    I also see people being much more careful with their vehicles now. People use tanks as tanks should be mobile guns that take out targets from a distance...not running them into enemy controlled courtyards knowing they can just grab another with no problem.

    The resource raise has been 100% positive for this game.
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  7. Jachim

    SO you enjoy being a dick. Wonderful.
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  8. TheJosephChrist

    He's not being a dick. He's being effective on the battlefield.
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  9. Tulmas


    Good job solider keep skewing those metrics till ESFs cant even get within 300m of the ground again. We are all routing for you!
  10. Jachim

    He was being effective before, but now 'feels' like hes being more effective because he lolpodded someone?

    And the infantry who suicide-kill MAX's? People complain they can't solo a MAX unit, but here we are with light assaults floating about with their damn C4 everywhere oblitering MAX after MAX which, if you're TR is worse since you're stuck in place half the time...

    Sorry, but I disagree fully with the resource increase without taking a good long look at balancing one-shot-kill abilities and lolpods and suiciders who can come out ahead in score with a cert investment of 400. Fix that stuff, if you want to make it harder to play the thing you've certed into most.
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  11. Ranik

    It's always been the ESF pilots entitled nature to be able to solo anything on the ground that got them nerfed in the first place.

    The funny part was I was asking Higby if they could rebalance AA so that ESF's could play again. And they do that and then make the armor gameplay a resource nightmare.

    And once again the entitled ESF's come out to play....
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  12. TheJosephChrist

    I'll agree with some of your points. I don't think LA should have the ability to blow C4 while in the air. It basically turns them into little Liberators. Or increase the certs on that.

    But guess what, Medics can bring the MAX's back and Engies can repair once the LA is killed. You don't NEED to lose the resources if other players are doing their job. There are always outliers, but personally I've seen many more positives to making vehicles more valuable.
  13. Ranik

    Like the complete disintegration of armor gameplay? Armor zerging up even more to not die? Armor cowering in the back to not get insta killed? Playing the most expensive ground unit in the game like it's made out of glass?

    Lot's of positives indeed.
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  14. Tommyp2006

    meanwhile, the skyguard didn't get nearly the range buff it needed, just a bigger clip size.
  15. Jachim

    Here is your major flaw. It does not take teamwork for a C4-er to kill a tank, and yet people insist that teamwork must be used to defend against them.

    Where is the fairness in that?
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  16. NietCheese

    Yeah it went from "very easy" to "easy".
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  17. RHINO_Mk.II

    No, it just requires the tank driver to be an imbecile. Or distracted, which is where the teamwork comes in. If his attention isn't invested elsewhere, it's darn near impossible to C4 a tank, because they move faster than you do. By getting him to focus his attention somewhere else, your team is allowing you to blow up the tank without getting mushed. Teamwork.
  18. Ranik

    No, what it requires is an LA getting to respawn for free every 10 seconds and try again. Not teamwork.

    Teamwork doesn't factor into C4's use in the least.
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  19. Jachim

    This is the most lauighably silly argument claiming a C4-spamming suicider is somehow doing teamwork.
  20. Rayden78

    Tankdriver agrees .. also shooting down mossies/reavers and libs with AP is more fun now, cause its the only remaining threat ;)