Killed while in deep cloak

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  1. H4YW1R3

    Speaking for myself from my own experience, it's the motion that gives away deep cloak to me. Sometimes the inf will turn or make some subtle movement that gives him away. Sometimes it's my own motion while looking in just the right spot. If I strafe or move at the right angle in relation to the deep cloaked Inf, I pick up the distortion. Not always. It's easy too miss. But that's usually the case when I do catch one.
  2. Devilllike

    dont stand in the way the second death is because the guy runned up to you and couldnt pass
  3. TheMercator

    I had situations where people would bump into me while sitting cloaked in the middle of the way and not noticing me, then there are those times where a guy comes into a room and just gives me a headshot with his commie. Or I sit in a bush for several minutes, nobody should have noticed that I was in there and sudddenly, some random guy comes and shoots at me.
  4. Juunro

    Very commonly when I kill someone in deep cloak it is because they just killed someone with a loud, non-silenced weapon and then didn't move at all. Or if I am playing with a sniper rifle, I'll get someone who is cloaked because they fired a shot, cloaked, and didn't even bother to move 5 feet to the left or right. The latter leads to hilarious tells, calling me a hacker.
  5. Demigan

    Whatever you do, wherever you are, treat cloak as cloak. The name says it, it's not invisibility. It's a very powerful camouflage that helps you stay unseen, but doesn't make you unseen.

    Therefore use cover as much as you can. Unless you really like Stalker cloak I would avoid it like the plague, in general standard cloak offers long enough cloak for most purposes and gives you powerful weapons in return.
    If enemies get nearby, assume you are about to be discovered. Almost any weapon has TTK's below 1 second, with latency added and them firing on a non-moving target you might have less than 0,4 seconds to react. With average reaction times between 0,2 and 0,3 seconds that's very very little time to actually react. (note: once you send an electrical signal to your muscles, it takes 0,1 to 0,15 seconds to be translated into a physical reaction, no matter how fast your brain is, this is your limit).
    So you might have 0,1 or 0,2 seconds to react once you see an enemy fire on your screen. Good luck defeating that with your pistol.
    And that is why you should always assume you are about to be discovered when an enemy is almost on top of you. Take what little advantage you have, aim as best you can and start your battle! When an enemy is figuring out if he's seeing a distortion and suddenly the distortion is gone and shooting at them, you derail their brain's task and win a tiny bit of time depending on how experienced the player is and how far they had decided to shoot you. This is why you can make people miss more shots by cloaking and decloaking quickly when you run away, they constantly have to switch tasks between aiming and following a distortion to aiming at a fully visible player, which might seem similar but it treated different in your brain.