Killed while in deep cloak

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  1. veselie

    What can we do to avoid being randomly spotted and killed by players when we are in deep cloak ? I have 5 examples in the beginning of this video :

    Is it a bug with the custom items that fail to go in deep cloak ? I've seen some cases myself where the helmet isn't in deep cloak on some enemies .
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  2. HamOnRye

    I usually ask people who kill me when I get nailed in deep cloak. I usually get two responses:

    1) Helmet isnt in deep cloak
    2) Ultra graphics setting and slight movement on my part (usually turning)

    Not sure what can been done about either.
  3. FateJH

    It happens sometimes. There's no real way to tell it's the helmet unless someone else tells you.
    1. I am guessing he saw you turning. Yes, even in deep cloak, turning creates a distortion that can be seen under certain circumstances or by a really good eye.
    2. There's nothing you could have done. He bumped into you and realized "solid, transparent target? Enemy infiltrator!" (He shot your arms off there. :p)
    3. While we can't see the third gunman, I have little doubt it's much the same as the second death. Open doorways are terrible places to stop for a rest.
    4. The fourth death I have nothing I can say. Unless he was right up behind you, the only legit thing that can be assumed is a rendering bug where you were visible to him.
    5. I am not certain about the fifth death. It's possible that the other guy was so latent that he caught you in mid-turn (in other words, he was already on the platform when you were turning; your client just didn't know about it yet) but I'm not confident enough to declare that. At that range, you should have still been harder to see, and there was nothing behind you that he might be trying to shoot over your head. What happened leading up to that death?
    The obvious take-aways from these first five clips are two: (1) do not move around too much when enemies are near your level if you plan to use deep cloak as a concealment tool; and, (2) you are semi-tangible when stationary so do try to stay out of the flow of traffic, e.g., open doors.
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  4. Leivve

    I've seen a few people in deep cloak before. I don't know why, but I just notice one spot doesn't look... "right" for lack of a better word, and I just fire a test bullet and sure enough find someone.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Indeed - I do reconnaissance by fire as well. i.e. shoot random corners and likely infil perching spots.
  6. zuka7

    Newbie call outs in the middle of the battle "spotted an enemy heavy" is a no no especially if you can't crouch still. It ends up bad and hackusations are one of the blames.

  7. customer548

    If you flip A too early right afer a battle or if you do it too often in a short lapse of time, people will know there's a Stalker Infi around. You'll make it obvious and people will be more aware of the smallest graphical "turbulence". They'll just look for you and won't give up.
    I may be wrong but i noticed that Stalkers Infis are more visible when they are pulling/have pulled out their pistol. Maybe should you try to not pull out your pistol. And no self rotation.

    I'm an Infi too. No offense, but i really hope that Stalkers' Deepcloak will not be more effective. This game is an FPS. People are supposed to move and to play in an aggressive way. Having to fight and to loose time with people spending their time to flip A then hiding in deep cloak is just boring and useless (for most of times) as hell.
  8. Call-Me-Kenneth

    lot of infils fail to realize that moving their head, even when standing still, makes them leave deep cloak. plus, rotating on the spot makes the texture WAY more noticeable. just fill up a glass with water and rotate it to see a similar effect.
  9. Nregroepis

    I remember staying in deep stalker cloak for 2 minutes without me moving or anyone nearby, then there's this TR sniper in the distance on top of a hill far away and I get sniped.
  10. Calisai

    There was an asset loading bug that caused the cloak to load after the player model would load. It's the same bug that ESFs were killing cloaked infils with... they'd enter a zone and would see you on thermal before the cloak would load and make you disappear.

    I've been noticing more infantry phasing in and out of sight while long-range sniping... especially on the edges of large fights. Maybe there was a render issue. That's one of the issues with the cheaters in PS2, its hard to differentiate a valid cheat vs bad mechanics, texture issues, lag, CSHD issues and latency.
  11. Pfundi

    Number four 4 was oviously his fault, he didnt move enough. He cloaked, the sniper saw him and shot at the position where he had spotted the head. Boom headshot. Maybe the shooter adjusted slightly to where he expected it to be or was a little inaccurate. What do we learn? Always move one body distance after cloaking.
    Im still thinking about number five 5 but you explained the other ones really good.
    Edit: Number 5 saw your head. The background was the console, your head is too high so he probably noticed that.
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  12. Stigma

    I've seen some heads not being correctly cloaked recently. They are cloaked - but only with running-level "cloak quality" - thus making it fairly easy to see them.

    We had this bug earlier - but I thought it got fixed. Apparently it is back... I've only noticed this since the latest big patch (the ones with the new MBT secondary guns).

  13. Iridar51

    The only reliable way that I know of is to not be in direct line of sight of enemies.
  14. Boomotang

    It's because TR thermal scopes are superior to the Chinese knockoffs the other factions are using. :eek:
  15. Takara

    Some of those are fishy. The vanu heavy looked like he backed into you or touched you. Same with the time in the doorway. That guy might have ran into you and seen you. It cause syour cloak to slightly distort.

    The sniper one is good question...chances are some how you weren't cloaked on his screne or he was cheating. That or he saw you cloak....guessed you didn't move and shot. I get lucky like that once and awhile.
  16. Comenius

    I was in deep cloak on top of a building, sat there watching the spawn room in advance of the zerg, perfectly motionless, hands off keyboard and mouse. Went to the bathroom, came back, sat some more, then a galaxy drops right on my head killing himself and me! I didn't cry hack because I was too busy laughing that he would crash that expensive plane to kill little old me who wasn't worth anything just being a spotter and not having killed anybody yet!
  17. Pokebreaker

    All of this ^
  18. The Rogue Wolf

    Even deep cloak has a very slight "light-bending" effect. I've caught out a couple of Stalker Infs because I moved at just the right angle relative to them to see that the background was warping behind them.
  19. Lazaruz

    While driving a harasser today, I noticed a couple of NC infils that had their cloak shimmering with blue light constantly. So there is definitely some sort of a bug going on at the moment.
  20. FieldMarshall

    Also be careful of things that make you show up on radar.
    If you show up on the radar for just a second, it can make people be on the lookout for you if they know the general location you are at.

    Same with things like cloaking sounds of if you just killed someone, flipped a point, hacked something, someone seeing a mine you dropped etc. making people be on alert.

    Even if you sit still and know you dont show up on radar, you could still have people looking for you because they know there is a cloaker somewhere nearby.