Killed in spawn by enemy gunfire?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Jive, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Jive

    Today multiple times on Jaeger I have been killed by enemy gunfire inside the spawn. A few times while defending the Crown and now again at tarwich tech plant. I was no where near the doors or walls except when I was killed by a solstice while still in the spawn tube. I've never had this happen what the heck is going on today?
  2. Jive

    Has this happened to anyone else today?
  3. Fly1ngFalc0n

    Probably a hack. They just teleport into your spawn room and shoot you.
    Had this happen to me twice to me over the past few days. I was just resupplying in a spawn room, when I suddenly got shot in the face.
  4. Jive

    Well I did report a couple people when I died in there. It wasn't just one guy though, I got killed by multiple different people in one fight.
  5. Naigus

    Had this happen to me a few times today as well, from what i was hearing is that some bases have spots in the walls where you can glitch into or shoot threw.
  6. Jive

    I guess more people are figuring this out then.
  7. CoffeeBreak

    Could be a hack or bug. I was more surprised when I got headshot by a friendly in the warpgate yesterday. Apparently, he was surprised too because he kept trying to do it again.
  8. TokyoShoe

    This has been occasionally happening to me for weeks now. Usually about once or twice a day, someone figures out a specific spot in a specific base where they can force and glitch and shoot through the spawn room walls. (Shrug) I just keep bug reporting when it happens.
  9. Jac70

    I saw a guy doing this today, unfortunately another VS. In the spawn room at Andvari Bio Lab when the TR were holding the base.

    One of the TR was /yell'ing for people to report him and I saw him in the enemy spawn room so I did so. Then I wondered if maybe it was just a bug or glitch but the pain field should have killed him so he must have been a cheater.
  10. Jive

    I wonder if all the spawn rooms have something like this since it happens across multiple different bases. I also don't know if it's being done intentionally or if the game just shoves them through the wall. I mean I go through the ground at least once a day to fall to my death.
  11. Naigus

    Yup, i know i have had my magrider bump a wall and then get sucked threw it to my death.
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  12. Jive

    lol don't think I've had it happen in a tank yet
  13. Kedric

    Can't add much to this discussion myself since most relevant issues have been covered already, except to confirm that there is both 1) an exploit to shoot people in safe areas, and 2) a functional teleportation / god mode cheat that lets people sit in enemy spawn rooms mass killing people without the pain field affecting the cheater.