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  1. Pella

    Streamlined Kill Notifications

    Such a bad idea. This helps understand the battlefield around you much better. When you see lots of Outfit tags on the kill spam. You know they have ground held or holding a point. Also help's outfits get recognized for the good fights they put up. That is what we all want isn't it?

    Bring outfit tags back to its former glory. The amount of Intel you can gain from knowing what outfits you are fighting is imperative.

    Devs i plea with you to reconsider this move and revert back to outfit tags.

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  2. Tommyp2006

    If they actually had the outfit "owned" bases in right now, this issue of top contributor to a fight would be solved. But as it stands right now, watching the kill feed was the only way to see who's dominating.
  3. Pivke

    i agree 100%
  4. gigastar

    You know, because its so hard to spot an enemy and glance at the outfit tag.
  5. ZephyrBurst

    Definitely want that back, it had its place.
    Even with that, it's useful to know. There's more to contributing than just kills anyway.
  6. Pella

    Your in the spawn room. You see lots of kills from a certain outfit on the kill feed. Or its just randoms.

    Organised vs Randoms is a different ball game. And understanding that is important. Thats the whole point it helps you understand the situation without actually seeing the enemy.
  7. SgtBreastroker

    You should know the people in the outfit your facing.
  8. Xale

    Annoying, yes.

    Also annoying is the limit of 3 deaths onscreen at any time. Thats nothing, absolutely nothing. Its a tiny little speck in a corner, especially at my resolution.
  9. Kunavi

    To me that's right there with the Health bar showing. It shouldn't. What does it matter who you're facing? Do your best and that's that.
  10. ih8Darian

    Why did you have to make the post look like that?
  11. Pella

    PS1 Kill feed was awsome. Could scroll though it.
  12. Xale

    Was that a 49 man orbital strike kill?

    (200 people counts through the killfeed)

    That was a 49 man orbital strike kill. Also that little tidbit where it'd say when either player was in a vehicle.
  13. DJStacy

    It does not take up much room on the screen and I liked the Tags as well.

  14. }{ellKnight

    Yes, please bring tags back.
  15. rizzoid

    Spawn as an infiltrator, cloak your way out, survey the situation and report back. Tactics.
  16. ergie

    Bring tags back, its a VIP Intel tool, please
    Or at least give us an option to show or not as desired by the player (like squad colors)
  17. Riku

    Ha, but when I pwn you BRTD guys I don't need to see your tag, I know you...right Luewen? :D

    But yeah partially agreed, they need to find a solution.
  18. Cowabunga

    We might get an implant that shows outfit tags - You know to cash in on it :p