Kill Camera - Ruins Snipers

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  1. Doomdog19


    I worked hard on figuring out excellent sniping spots. I take the time spending 3 - 10 minutes, sometimes 15, finding that perfect sniping angle to enjoy my play style and type of support. Now, the kill cam completely negates sniping. That 3 - 15 minutes I spent getting that perfect spot? After 1 kill, I'm completely exposed due to the kill camera. Now, the entire enemy faction knows where I'm at because all it takes is 1 person to say in squad, platoon, or region chat where I am.

    As if the Death Screen pointing where on the map you died from, didn't step far enough, now there's a kill camera showing exactly where I am. I don't know I will continue playing after this update. I don't know if my thread or concern will even make any difference on the issue. When the lattice system was fully implemented, the outfit I was in, [ARID], we all stopped playing because it ruined small outfit operations. About four or five years later, I picked up the game just to snipe again. As, I did enjoy sniping. Now there's kill cameras.

    This is my first post since 2014. I don't want to stop playing Planetside 2 but I really only played to snipe again and I can't do that anymore efficiently. Please, reconsider on this change and remove it. As it negates people who actually know how to snipe and use the environment to their advantage.
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  2. BamaRage

    I am with you, over 3000 kills on the railjack and now its pointless.
  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I think the death cam in this respect, will only affect those most who like to park themselves in a single area/spot and have little to no movement.

    I speak as someone who has been sniping in this game for 6 years now. In fact when I first started, it was all I could do because my PC was so bad I'd get no more than 20 FPS. Sniping was all I could do. That said, it also taught me a lot of things. Always cloak and move after firing. Pay attention to my surroundings. Never spend time in the same location after killing any more than 3-5 enemies. Get to know my enemy. The more I played the game the more I recognised names, and the more I knew them the more I knew how well of a player they were. There have been times where enemies found out where I was sniping from, made their way to me, and I would still kill them regardless. A sniper rifle isn't the only thing a sniper needs. They need to know how to defend themselves in CQC too. If a sniper can't do that, then they have a problem.

    I will die eventually, and yes, the death cam speeds up that likelihood, but if anything, it can teach a player not to sit parked in one spot all the time. Come out of their comfort zone and try to adapt to a modified playstyle. I get not everyone wants to do this. I really do, but unless a sniper is bad at CQC, or bad at knowing how to use tactics and movement to their advantage, only then will it become a major problem.

    If anything, this death cam can be perfect for baiting tactics, just like motion spotters have become when they were released. Let enemies think you're still in that location, then move once the death cam timer is over. They'll go to where they think you are, and you will continue to have the upper hand.

    Please don't take my comments as if I'm trying to tell you to change your behaviour, or to 'git gud' as people say, I really do understand your concern. All I'm trying to say is, consider adapting your playstyle a little bit and consider using this (god awful) change to your advantage.
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  4. Towie

    Have to say - Good points.
  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Well said. I'll add to this that while I am no fan of the death cam and think it was a waste of time that no one asked for; in the case of a sniper in a sneaky spot all it takes is one relatively experienced player to spot the tracer for the jig to be up. Most players have gotten quite proficient at hunting down sneaky infiltrators, especially those that keep shooting from the same spot. In all likelihood the cam probably isn't limiting you as heavily as you might think.
  6. Tumdaydar

    I see what you are saying i love sniping but also look at it when you just die from nowere you see more if its skill or a cheater. I also get it you take your time for the right and are being showen were you are wich sucks but you need to snip a few guys that is just more relivent now. A disclamer i love to snip in fps i see the kill cam usefull and a hinderace so take my wisdom as you see as a fellow sniper.
  7. Jbeasty

    It ruins a lot more than just sniping. I almost never snipe, having played this game since the beginning I can be fairly certain I have less than 1k kills with sniper rifles (aside from the SASR types). But this is the worst thing they could have done for any class with a flanking playstyle, especially when sticking to medium range. Think about stalker infils lolololol. I am glad I never play that either. The least they could do is negate the death cam if you killed with a suppressor.

    I am so over the heavy meta of grabbing the orion/anchor/NS15/etc. and doing the crouch dance playing counter strike in buildings. that sort of mundane gameplay is all this death cam encourages and is NOT why I have played PS2 all these years.

    Auto bounties just add insult to injury and are penalties for playing well. If it were up to me, I'd remove them too or reintroduce the old system for them, but if they must remain as yet another way to bridge the skill gap unsuccessfully...At least make it one life, instead of ******* five...

    Now, as a vehicle driver, it makes more sense for me to just run in and die 5 times before pulling another vehicle, so I am not a big blotch on everyones screen to swarm. With the original bounties, at least it was 3 lives and the person putting them on me had to shed some skin. Those felt good to me.
  8. Campagne

    In here lies the problem with the killcam in my opinion. Not everyone will learn. Sometimes it seems not everyone can learn.

    I cannot even remember how many times I've shot the same sniper in the face multiple times after sending the idiot a /tell suggesting he use his cloak while aiming. I imagine many new players will suddenly find themselves getting revenge killed very frequently once they finally do manage to get a kill and they will have no idea how or why. The killcam is linked to death, not kills, so a new player with a lot going on is most likely going to be thinking immediate concerns and only about the fact they just killed someone from "super far away."

    Veterans don't need or in some cases even want the killcam and most new players won't ever be in a position to benefit from it. They won't be able to travel long distances safely or identify the position of their killer based on the brief look of the surroundings well enough to find it from a safer angle.
  9. MonnyMoony

    I don't see how the kill cam will help all that much with cheaters since it doesn't show how they killed you - just what they are up to afterwards.

    Unless they are parked inside a wall or under terrain, it'd still be pretty difficult to make that call.
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  10. Tumdaydar

    This is easy if you die from like 300m or 200m and the use a smg or something that is inacurat you can see that distance is highly inacurate so they cheating it also should let you see if thare movements are for the time you see then witch you can tell if they cheating or exploiting. Most of the time its just telling you miner info.
  11. GotBuds

    I have to agree with the kill cam ruining the point of infil/snipers. Let me get this straight....A stalker infil kills you from 100m away, cloaks and moves but the STUPID kill cam follows them and shows the dead person where an invisible person not only was but is moving to? So now we give a god like benefit to the dead that the living characters don't even get a morsel of a chance at (seeing a cloaker move?)

    And in what realm of stupid did anyone at DBG think this would be a good idea? The entire premise of an infil, whether they move after each kill or not was to be..I don't know, stealthy?? Kill cam negates the entire premise of that.

    Why not just change an infils cloak to big bright neon arrows pointing down on them that flash "Hey NOOB player, the guy you can't see because he is cloaked is right here, You are a NEW Player and we want you to feel special"

    Here is an idea to help new players, let them enjoy the same learning curve the rest of us had to engage in. It will make them better players in the long run and less of the pre-pubescent Fortnite need a hug players you seem to want to attract.
  12. Commandoo

    We all knew the kill cam would mess up the game for those trying to be sneaky. Kind of funny because every youtuber I watch is like " well new players won't be able to see where they got shot from" or some bull and play off the kill cam as if it's needed. I'm sure we don't need it!

    Had one youtuber saying that call of duty has it so we long overdue. Call of duty is nothing like planetside.