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  1. Netjunky123

    Please remove killcam or make it for players 1-10 who need to learn the game and such. what good is being a sniper if your position is given away everytime you kill someone or light assault in a nice spot and first kills gives you away. May as well forget silencers your position is gone first kill.
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  2. DamageDone

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    The fact is that before we could only guess whether the victim would know about our position or not and it was not always obvious whether it would look for us.This often dulled our situational awareness. Now we 100% know what gonna happen, we can use this knowledge to our advantage. You can make certain attempts/shots from one position in a short amount of time and then just change your position, so your pursuers will always be fooled and check wrong spots, spots what they seen in kill cam. It especially obvious while you play stalker, cause you can just watch how bunch of dumbasses poke their pesky little flashlights in area where they saw you in their post death screen.

    On the first glance i thought what kill cam is pure nerf for infils. But now i realise what it makes me even more elusive than before.

    Man up. And deal with it.
  4. Liewec123

    No it doesnt.

    I was playing yesterday, had a perfect spot, ridiculously high up and out of the way, i'd never be spotted...
    I killed ONE dude from a big outfit and suddenly I'm taking fire like it's Normandy.
    (Because the stupid cam showed him exactly where I am, and he told his zerglings.)
    This "killcam" is BS and you know it.

    You say "deal with it.", no.
    we've been "dealing with it" every time they Fk up the game,
    Its about time they started listening to us and stop ***** it up.
    And "man up"? Seriously?
    This is one of their biggest recent blunders, and your mentality is to roll over and accept it?
    Who is really the man here? The one who accepts bad things happening to things he loves?
    or the one who fights for them?.
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  5. adamts01

    The killcam really is BS. I mostly gave up on flanking and have been working on my squad stuff, so I'm not really hurt by the kill cam. But I can't count how many times someone's spot has been ruined after they kill me. Maybe some people always knew where they got shot from, but some really sneaky guys would still get me if it weren't for that camera, and while I'm not great, I'm also no noon. That stupid thing really should go.
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  6. DarkStarAnubis

    At the very least, the Kill Cam should NOT provide any detail if a silenced weapon has been used.

    But in general it does not fit ps2 design (with complex weapons, vehicles, territory,...): it would be appropriate for quick online match/restricted bases.

    It feels out of place in ps2.
  7. Leidz

    I'm the first using it as counter attack thing, but the death cam have no place in this game. It ruin everything. Dev bring us something no one wanted. Nobody have asked for it. (Or maybe Call of duty players idk)
    I hope new dev team and his new directives will get rid of this mistake.

    Main reason why killcam is useful is tracking ammout of 'underground warriors' by using player report system. Unfortinately devs can't stop hacking, so it is just a tool in order to involve the players resource.
    I mean we have to deal with it. There is no way back, just stop playing passive.

    This is always be the most disgusting and pussiest way of playing. I figure out the rule: "The farther you go from the battle, the lower the sniper skills you will find, at some point they stop strafe between shots, some of them not even use cloak". My hobby is hunting down such bad players, because it's easy and makes my Epeen grow when i look at my KDR after couple hours of doing this.

    Long range snipers is such an easy targets, just sitting ducks, waiting to be farmed one headshot from my blackhand and they are done.

    If you use railjack, phaseshift, obelisk, ammo printer implant or x12 optics you not necessarily but most probably just one of them.

    Bad for you then...
  9. AbsinthSvK

    when i remember correctly it was implant for that. No kill cam.
  10. That_One_Kane_Guy

    In my personal opinion the only killcam worth having it the COD-style camera that shows your death from the killer's perspective. Showing where your killer was and how he shot you is far more helpful than simply pointing the camera at where your killer is, which comes off as rather lazy.
    Honestly though the only times it really is a problem is when your flank gets ruined prematurely (like in Liewec's example) by enemies using VC, but that is pretty situational and even before the killcam a squad with communication could usually deal with a flanker. I definitely wouldn't be sad to see it go, but in most scenarios I don't think it really makes much of a difference.
  11. Truzen

    Is there anybody who likes it? Daybreak won't really listen to anyone?
  12. Tunashamed

    I like it, although in this thread it seems a very unpopular opinion. For a FPS Planetside 2 has a million nooks for people to hide in. Without a kill cam 80% of the deaths experienced by a new player would be confusing and it'd take them much longer to figure the game out.

    It seems like yall want to have your cake and eat it too. Its not that hard to reposition to one of the many other spots and then, like someone above mentioned, kill the light assault or smg infiltrator who's hunting you at your old spot.
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  13. Truzen

    Then activate that feature only for new players. That's simple.

    And the number of availabe spots to long range scope (>200m range) isn't that big as you say. The field is full of tanks protecting the flanks, with rocks and trees blocking the vision. It's very hard to find one. When one spot is found, the reward had to be more than score just one kill.

    I am a new player and instead of stopping because I die a lot without knowing where the shots comes from, I am thinking in stopping playing because snipers can't long range snipe.
  14. Tunashamed

    When looking for a spot, landscape is a secondary concern. With light assaults in the game, you're never more than 20 seconds away from shotgun distance. What you need is a big fight where ally infantry/vehicles provide a buffer for you. Sniper tracers are huge and the minimap lights up as well. When I play smg infiltrator I spend half my time in the hills looking for free kills.

    Long range sniping is a situational role, just like LA shotgunner. You're not going to be able to focus only that. On the bright side, Indar just got its best sniping hex back in the game, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to get your fix there.
  15. MonnyMoony

    Move - or use the kill cam to your advantage.
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  16. LordAnnihilator

    Amen. The kill cam has been in the game for ages, and is not going anywhere. If you don't like it, tough luck, put up with it or give up. Furthermore, can you SERIOUSLY imagine how much more VITRIOLIC the Infiltrator hate would be on this sub if you couldn't tell from where you got shot in the face by a clientsided invisible sniper? No, I feel Kill Cam is the best. Infils need a nerf, not a straight up undeniable buff.
  17. Scroffel5

    I mean, if they were at range, it didn't matter if they were invisible on your screen because you couldn't see them anyways and if they were close and actually did uncloak when they did on their screen, then they would still have gotten you due to your reaction time not being faster than ping and theirs, so you still would have died, but I definitely see your point. But I think it would be better to have a cam where it showed the shot taking place too. Its more cinematic. Then for everyone who is complaining, at the very least the enemy won't be getting real time information other than the location of where you were at the beginning of the shot.
  18. Demigan

    Ok two things:

    - killcam should work when you are below BR30 or when the kuller has been Q-Spotted for everyone else.
    - snipers (and LA) who suffer from this deserve to suffer. Fire and move is the best solution. For gods sake its not hard to find the "good" spots. 95% of the snipers end up at the nearest high spot where everyone and their dog can counternsipe them or stab them in the back by looping around.
  19. Pandora's Lunchbox

    Actually had a couple of angry tells from people whining about me using kill-cams. They even went as far as accusing me of cheating because of it. Honestly, this:
    And this:
    The most memorable set of tells was from a clearly already agitated nab who was otherwise running behind a large force on my side anyway (without a silencer) and who wasn't only being pursued by me. He killed me from <50m completely out of cover and then proceeded to run for the next fifteen seconds completely out of cover in one direction, past a few vehicles and more players. On Hossin. Between urban settings. Treeworld. Absolute mess of a cluttered map with more places to hide than others. You shouldn't automatically get rid of something when your killstreak ended because someone decided to honour-kill you with it. Shouldn't just delete things because of your ignorance—there's a bigger picture.
  20. Pandora's Lunchbox

    I actually even have a suggestion for the whiney bunch that I think perhaps works more in their favour: kill-cams only show on players who have bounties when they kill. That way, you absolutely know the guy who got you is on a streak and isn't just some poor sod getting lucky for once. Might help the unskilled get better at (and more aware of) the game and the already-skilled might have a better challenge than an ego-trip on slaughtering noobs who haven't a chance against them.