Kill cam should be limited to new players

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GoriLoco, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. Towie sitting under the floor - or - sitting inside a box ! (both of which have happened to myself)

    Besides that, I still quite like it, and am perplexed as to why some others hate it so much. But hey - each to their own.
  2. Liewec123

    that is absolute BS and you know it.

    previously i could kill someone from a hidden spot repeatedly,
    now you get a single kill and DBG show them EXACTLY where you are.
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  3. Naskoni

    If you are above BR30 and need the deathcam to play this game you are a noobtard, sorry to have to say it. Veterans dont need it to do well, quite a few years without it seem to prove my point.

    And ironically noobtards pretending to be veterans seem to whine the most when removing it is even suggested, so yes, whine, whine, whine it is, just by you and your kind...
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  4. Skraggz

    I dont like it as it gives away locations but gives new players minimal feed back. The intent was to help them, it doesnt do that well. All it does is help vet fight vet or vet fight newbs. Also with ps2 being a mmofps it's just another feature to bring this game further in line with the run of the mill run and gun fps.

    It's ok to like a feature it is also ok to dislike it.
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  5. Fisheyed

    I agree with the op.
    First of all, I don't want to see people in a red outline through walls.
    Secondly; Uunless voice chat is disabled when dead, one can direct their teammates directly to the player who killed them.

    Some of the buildings and capture-points are very small.
    To me, it's like rewarding people for dieing
    and dumbing down planetside so that it's more arcade-like.
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  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    This was something I suggested before I'd even got in-game and tried it. However, since playing the game for a while now after its implementation, I feel it does the exact opposite of what the developers intended.

    I've had countless rage tells and hackusations over the course of my time playing this game, but since the implementation of the death cam, it's actually got worse. Normally I'd get the odd one or two a month, maybe none at all, now I'm getting 2+ per week. Already this week I had another yesterday. My friend, who considers himself to be a dreadfully bad player, has also started getting them and also received one yesterday.

    Normally when I'd get rage tells/hackusations, they're usually from 'those' people who are renown for such behaviour.. but lately, veteran players who I've seen multiple times but never heard a peep from, suddenly start messaging me with all sorts. Even a couple of brand new players (who likely don't understand the game's mechanics more than anything) have messaged with some unsavoury things (because somehow scoring a kill by hipfiring your cycler into MAX butt whilst 3 teammates are also firing at said MAX is aimbot these days...).

    When my friend received a tell yesterday that said 'report' after killing someone, he was quite surprised because he seldom gets messages at all. He knew the player was there not because of some magical cheat, but because he has scout radar on his flash. He waited for the player to approach, then took him out. A new player doesn't get to see this, nor understand. They instantly think it was a cheat and they make a report. The death cam doesn't help them understand this aspect at all.

    In terms of the death cam removing the stealth aspect, I've certainly killed a fair few more Infiltrators faster than I normally would because of it. In one instance last week I was killed by a stalker Infitlrator. I had no idea where they were until the death cam showed me him crouch cloaked in a bunch of barrels in a room. Since they decided to sit parked and not move, when I got revived, I simply ran up to that spot, hipfired in the spot I saw them last at in the death cam, and ended up killing them. A few moments later I receive a tell claiming I wallhack.

    Overall, from my experience, the deathcam is having the complete opposite effect of what it was intended to do. Maybe it has reduced the number of hacking reports...but my number of rage tells/hackusations has risen drastically because of it. All people are seeing is the end result of my actions, and given a combination of connection speeds, player distance, and so on, it only ends up looking shifty when it's not meant to be.

    If they want to improve this system, make the death cam similar to CoD and show how the player died and not where their killer is. This is what will help reduce the number of hackusations/cheater reports. Understandably it takes resources, and maybe implementing such a feature would take a longer time, but showing what a player died from the perspective of their killer is a much better option than what we currently have.
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  7. T-G-K

    I think the kill cam is a good thing in every way but the highlighting aspect.. it gives the dead player a pretty good amount of time to see exactly where the shooter went after the kill and an experienced player can use it to let squadmates know where he went after the kill. Good snipers and light assualt players who actually relocate after a kill can usually be tracked straight to their next spot this way. I don't main these two but I certainly have used it to give me a pretty good idea where these stalkers went next and net a few vengeance kills I might have otherwise not gotten. As well as coordinating with my squadmates to do it for me rather quickly. I can see this feature of the kill cam hurting the stealth game far more than the kill cam itself
  8. Badman76

    I think the kill cam is pointless, Don't decent players just relocate after getting 1 or 2 kills anyway?

    Also isn't everyone marked on the map now with the new bounty system! lol
  9. Lalatina

    Rip supressor,Rip Snipers,Rip Stealth game play...
    this is just childish ...
    It spoiled the game.
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  10. FateJH

    The other two are done to death already so I'll tackle the former since it's novel as far as I peruse these topics.
    Suppressors still are useful. You won't show up on other players' minimaps while you're killing somebody else.
  11. TheZetifate1745

    Killcam is for people to learn they can learn in their first 30 levels and then find out where the person is theirself. People who find a good spot and like to use it are disadvantaged now. I know the guy you killed is gonna come back after a whole 30 seconds once he respawns but its still annoying.
  12. Badman76

    The new bounty system killed suppressors and playing stealthily
  13. Scatterblak

    Settle down, pumpkin. Killcam needs to be for BR 30 and lower. It completely obviates inf and LA strategies and eliminates the tactical advantage of gaining higher/hidden ground. Do you really need that much more advantage against infs and LA's?
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  14. MonnyMoony

    Those things don't happen all that often in my experience. For the vast majority of engagements, what I said is true.

    To reveal most real hackers and cheats, kill cam would need to show how you were killed, not what the killer is doing after the fact.

    Also - I don't hate it, I just think there are so many more things that could be fixed in the game to make it less frustrating for new players. There are so many bugs and game play exploits that even as a BR 112, I often feel cheated out of kills. I'd hate to think how i'd feel as a new player coming into this game green. Those things should be fixed first.
  15. MonnyMoony

    I think the kill cam actually works against new players to a certain degree. I was killed by a low BR stalker a few days back and by watching the kill cam, I saw where he went to hide after the kill.

    I immediately pulled by shotgun LA, went straight to the location I saw him hide in and instagibbed him.

    The kill cam gives vets yet another tool to use against inexperienced players.
  16. Zagareth

    All of you who still need killcams to get the spot of a camper - you deserve to die dumb as a rock.
    There are already a lot of indicators in the game to give away the spot of a camper. If you still dont know them after a few days of gameplay, then you better delete the game from your harddrive, because you'll never become a good player - instead you'll become the hardcore forum whiner, who cries for every help that a dev can give you.

    I feel sorry for you... but you aint a worthy enemy, that I would respect for his skills.
  17. Lalatina

    Nothing yet ...
  18. AntDX316

    Killcam exist?? This sucks for cloakers.
  19. Scatterblak

    Dude, they know this. The only folks who support this sort of BS are the people who get killed by infiltrators because they want to stand someplace and just spew bullets and not have to think about moving around or anything.

    Supporting the KillCam = Not very good at infantry combat, waa waa waa, I need a crutch. It's that simple.
  20. Lalatina

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