Kill cam should be limited to new players

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GoriLoco, Aug 31, 2019.

  1. GoriLoco

    You should limit killcam to <BR30 or so.
    Just my opinion. Other ppl just gave all the reasons, another reason: a kill cam that reveal enemy position is for kids games or human vs computer game.
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  2. DemonicTreerat

    Whine whine whine.

    Sounds like a lot of cheaters complaining and one-trick ******** ponies throwing a tantrum because the only ways to know how to play (glitch into terrain and camp one spot indefinetly) don't work every time now.

    Go do us all a favor. Uninstall. Everything.
  3. TomoB

    Be careful what you wish for. I'm not a cheater or one trick pony but I hated killcam and shield flash so much that I didn't play much during whole weekend like I normally do because infantry play didn't feel good anymore and it was like I was playing whole another game.
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  4. chamks

    "a kill cam that reveal enemy position is for kids games or human vs computer game." not in a sandbox shooter game, were the only parameter that changes is K/D. in counter-strike sure it will be dumb to do that, it will ruin a large portion of the game. but in a game where there is no objective, no progression, no reason to sacrifice toward any cause other than your own selfish K/D or a childish weapon directive - it's good
  5. Skraggz

    Do you subjectively a"favor". I don't like the death cam neither. Every person that dislikes that is not a cheater or hacker, they are not exploiting or anything you wish to deem them to belittle their reasoning, take you mouth breathing nonsense else where.
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  6. Crash Bandicoot

    What makes you think PS2 has no objective, no progression and no reason to sacrifice but Counter-Strike has?? I don't agree at all. But still all these don't matter because at the end of the day everyone wants to stay alive, sacrifice when he pleases and do what he plans to do without having the enemy know or given information that he shouldn't have in the first place about where he is and how he did something etc.

    This is not good for any game if you ask me (well, you didn't but I'm still gonna tell ya).
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  7. Tovarisch Maxim

    Who the hell says this in a non-ironic way? Someone needs to get out to breathe some fresh air.
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  8. chamks

    1. name me one objective in this game other than what i mentioned.
    2. in counter strike there is an objective, with an average time for one of the sides to accomplish it of 1:30 min. if you make a sick move or a sick play, like a shadow, they enemy team should not know from you shot or where you are to secure the victory.

    you know what let me save you trouble. i know what you gonna say: "but bases, they are the objective". well, no. an objective is a goal, something to work hard for its reward. bases dont give reward. they do not benefit your faction by any way. they are places to fight in, a physical territory for the sides to engage. it doesnt matter if one side captures the whole map and the fight is in the base touching the other side warpgate, or the other side captured the the whole map and the fight is in the base touching the one side warpgate. its the same fight, same rules, same arsenal, same snipers, same heshers, same same same, same people who dont care and taking advantage of the situation for their own personal accomplishments, same people who storm the house as infantry, same people who want to sit and roam with a stalker. it doesnt matter what color the base is currently.
    the only base that has an objective reference is Tech Plant - for allowing the faction who holds it to pull mbt and lib outside of the warpgate.
  9. chamks

    competitive sandbox - everything is approachable, victory is achieved by kill. not by the color of the latice base. thats why this deathcam is good.
  10. Crash Bandicoot

    Again, if you consider that Counter-Strike has an objective why would PS2 be any different?? Why capturing a base and trying to lock a map for your faction is not an objective to you but trying to win a round by securing bomb sites at Counter-Strike is?? Where's the logic in that?? The only difference is that in PS2 it happens on a bigger scale, different context and there are more things and ways to do it due to the nature of the game. The objective is there in both cases whether you like it or not. If anything PS2 has many more "objectives" in order to achieve the main one and that is locking a continent for your team. If there is a platoon and randoms blocking the way with a lot of armor, it's your objective to find ways to get rid of them to proceed...a player made base also that might be reinforced with armor...the base that is doing orbital strikes and prevents you from capturing/defending a base or you creating a base like that to help...aicraft harassing you and stopping your team from moving further or do whatever there is to do depending on the situation etc.

    If not for the win itself, what is the reward you get in Counter-Strike that you don't get in PS2? Still, there are rewards. Same fight, same rules, same everything for PS2 but it's exactly the same for Counter-Strike as well...what do you mean by that? Don't you know what game you're playing? Of course, you're gonna see the same things over and over again in any game.

    Sorry but you didn't save me trouble...quite the opposite. What you say makes no sense and you just refuse to see the reality of things.

    False once again! Victory is not just achieved by kills alone and the colour of the lattice does matter. And how would you came to the conclusion that deathcam is good after what you said? Flawed logic that is.
  11. chamks

    bro you are wright i love you
  12. Tr34

    No, it's fine now please leave the killcam as it is. I found one cheater who shoots through terrain/walls and reported them.
    Now we can see who is a legit player or a cheater.
  13. Campagne

    Provided he is cheating in a single specific way.
  14. Skraggz

    Hardly, it doesn't show their perspective of the kill, only what they do after the kill.
  15. Vladimirez

    Agreed. Stealth play is about 60% of my preferred game play. Most multiplayer games ruin this with kill cams, and stealth play against AI in single player is not as satisfying for many reasons. I can tolerate the use of this feature for new players BR 25ish or less but otherwise this feature severely hamstrings one play style over others, my favored play style which is aggravating.

    My vote is to remove kill cams. For whatever the purpose it was put in, propose other alternatives to resolve them.
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  16. Kalabaster1

    I play stealth but in plain sight i.e. I like being in the building being attacked with enemy literally running around me. I can't just flit out to another location as, cloaked or not, I can be seen immediately by anyone less than 10 yards away which ceases then to be a stealth attack. Death cam gives me up with no way of avoiding being killed as I have no armour or other protection… my stealth is supposed to provide the protection if I do it correctly!!
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  17. TomoB

    Yeah and now dozens of vision impaired players are reporting their killers because killcam only shows their outlines through the wall. Because that must of course mean that they are killing me through the wall (and not that they ran behind the wall after killing me)!
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  18. Liewec123

    Sounds like a mindless frontal HA zerglings who's never found an epic spot or flanked, ever...
    Because for everyone who isn't mindlessly attacking from the front, THIS IS A NERF.
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  19. TRspy007

    dude by that time the players already know how the game works.

    I just want to have a toggle option at least so I can turn it off. It is annoying.
  20. DemonicTreerat

    Actually hardly get to play HA. Medic at first, then engineer, infiltrator when bored and sometimes light assault. Mostly a tanker these days.

    And yes its whining. Because all you people are doing is complaining about how you can't camp in the same place out of fear that the moment you kill one player they and 11 of their friends will come after you. Something that doesn't happen any more than it did before, if it ever did. Why? Its because human nature doesn't change. If you're in a place that is a pain to reach or moving about where the imaginary "revenge squad" has to spend 10 minutes just trying to find you they aren't going to bother unless you are really making a royal pain out of yourself. And if you are doing that then they will hunt you down just as easily as before thanks to tracers, Counter Intelligence, etc.

    In other words this "flanking is gone becaues of the kil cam!" is all in your damn head. Get over yourselves because most of us are sick to death of your "whine whine whine" when you don't have anything but "I feel" to back it up.
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