Kill Cam, Not Good

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  1. Mechwolf

    I think there should be an implant that disables the death cam, maybe that could be the level 5 assassin reward instead of autospotting, leave that on the implant that shows health bars
  2. Truzen

    You say it as if the map had infinite sniping spots with 200m range. It's impossiple to long range snipe if the only one spot was reavealed.
  3. Truzen

    Sniprs don't move. They hide. That's the basic principle of the class
  4. Twin Suns

    Wrong. You just described the stalker class and Assault’s that hide on roofs.

    The real basic principle in sniping is force projection from a distance.

    I move my position after 2 kills and I never have a problem with the baby sitter cam.

  5. Truzen

    Sniper: "a rifleman who fires from a concealed place, esp a military marksman who fires from cover usually at long ranges at individual enemy soldiers" (

    Snipers don't need to move in a war unless they are spotted. Their job is to hide, and the equipments and abilities that the game offers have that purpose. But with kill cam nothing of this makes sense. A war game thet forces snipers to move from the position and to shoot from short distances is wrong.
  6. Twin Suns

    “You’ve been spotted $@?!ing move or die!” - “TOP”, U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper School.

    BTW, LOL That civilian definition is hilarious. Any rifleman hiding in a bush is a sniper? Bullshevik!!!

  7. Demigan

    Real snipers will move after just a couple of shots as their position is likely compromized. 99% of their concealment happens on the move to their destination/target. And unlike marksmen the sniper's task is to hold fire for anyone except targets of interest like officers or heavy weapons users. This means that any shot will usually attract the attention of said person's friends and will force the sniper to move.

    There is no sniper that will stay on his spot after a successful hit.
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  8. Tunashamed

    Let's do some math. Roughly 18% of people play infiltrator. Lets guess and say 8% of those are SMG or stalker. That leaves 10% of the player base sniping. Most snipers don't go hunting that oh-so-special hiding spot, but we'll be generous and say 4% of the player base go to hilltops or hossin trees or whatever.

    Most people quit this game for one of two reasons. They can't get good fights or the players are just too sweaty. The latter has a direct impact on the former. I constantly have to remind myself that I'm not "bad at fps." If I play a Battlefield game I get a little salty I'm not top ranked on kills or k/d. On this game I'm a 1.5 soft kdr bad. Kill Cam invariably helps the loser of the fight, the less sweaty player.

    Also I have a feeling that everyone complaining in this thread is also bad. Otherwise you wouldn't be looking to hide from all the sweaty players, or you'd be laughing at them coming to find you, padding out your commissioner kills.

    Also you're not as sneaky as you think you are. We see your 6 inch diameter bullet tracer. We see you lighting up the mini-map. You're just not always a priority.
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  9. YellowJacketXV

    Oh no, I have to play like an actual battlefield sniper and be a mobile source of damage instead of sitting back and farming for a few days.
  10. Blue_Lion

    Wrong SoP for US is they move after shooting because the sight is considered compromised. If they try to sit and bait the odds are the enemy will find them. Basic training for snipers is the shoot and scoot.
  11. Blue_Lion

    I would admen that to no smart sniper.

    You described a smart sniper, but the term is also used for people that take pot shots from hiding. These poorly trained snipers usually get found and killed, in their first engagement. A smart sniper often come home safe, a dumb sniper that camps does not.