[Suggestion] Kill 20 masked people with NC Candy Cannon

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Meshblorg, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Meshblorg

    It should be kill anyone with the NC CandyCannon 3000 that I paid money for

    Hardly any of the players are wearing masks so I'm very frustrated with this directive. I have to pretty much see the mask, switch to the cannon, and then I die because they're a Heavy class and have enough armor to survive my attack.
  2. LibertyRevolution

    I am probably not the only one that strait up refuses to wear a mask just to prevent the enemy from completing the directives...
    Since I know I am not going to complete the directives, why should I enable you to?? You are my enemy, I'm not helping you.

    Currently seeds: 86
    Current masks: 0

  3. Meshblorg

    You're a bad person
  4. LibertyRevolution

    I feel bad now.. :(
    I thought everyone else was doing the same thing..
  5. Meshblorg


    People like you ruin PlanetSide, this is a community. We're not meant to screw one another over.
  6. EzJustCorry

    I feel your pain.
    Auraxium directive requires 50 masked enemy candy crush kills.

    2 hours of stalker cloak and I've got 3 towards the directive.
    The gun itself is not fun to use and doesn't feel satisfying getting kills with.

    What the directive needs is to be the opposite - kill non-masked enemies while wearing a mask with the candy cannon. To treat the players who haven't yet found the joys of Halloween.
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  7. The Rogue Wolf

    Kill masked people with a weird-looking weapon with strange flashy effects?

    I thought I was on Auraxis, not Pandora.
  8. Swooped

    I'm not wearing the mask cuz cowboyhat swag is to strong
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  9. Meshblorg


    I would be down for that. Murdering non-masked party poopers
  10. Kalamyty

    I agree! Kill the party poopers!