[Suggestion] Keep Sunderer ejection seat as a feature.

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  1. Leftconsin

    Suggestion: Add a key binding to get out of the game via ejection seat. Add a timed fall damage protection after leaving Sunderers. Add a cert line for it in the utility slot that adds distance to the ejection.

    Why is this useful? It allows troops to scale walls and land in bases that otherwise require getting through choke points to enter. This would be especially useful on Wallamir and Amp Stations. You can also launch C4 troops behind enemy tank lines, attack towers, and get on cliffs, mountains, and rocks for sniping/AV turret action that would have been difficult to approach from the other side.

    Why is this fun? Jumping into battle is wonderful fun as any light assault will testify.

    How can you implement this? Have seat 4 in the Sunderer be the designated ejection seat. Additional seats can be gained with certing into the ability. You can press a key other than the defaut leave vehicle key and it launches you away from the vehicle, say, 90 degrees to the left. Other occupants who wish to eject then have to move to an ejection seat to be launched from the vehicle.
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  2. starlinvf

    I believe they are considering turning this into a Sunderer utility. Its been talked about non-stop since it showed up on the test server.
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  3. Pikachu

    I keep getting splattered against cliffs and roofs when I exit a sunderer.
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  4. Kanil

    Battlefield 2142 says hi.

    Do it!
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  5. HadesR

    LA say's hello ..

    Last thing the game needs is all classes able to pole vault over what little defenses the game has ..
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  6. Lightwolf

  7. Leftconsin

    How about this? The cert line reduces the cooldown for using the ability. To start one person can eject from the sunderer every 16 seconds and reduce by 3 seconds every rank. This makes it so a limited number of people can jump in any given time span, requires more sunderers to move more people, and still gives an incentive to bust down that front door because you can move a lot more people through the front door as opposed to sundy launching.
  8. Tuco

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee splat
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  9. RaiMarie

    Many would argue that it would make defending bases that much more difficult. I agree with them for that reason only though. Other than that, it's a silly feature lol. I was launched out yesterday and got ran over by a friendly vanguard. It was like... "weeeeeeee... splat" and vanguard just keeps rolling through like nothing happened lol.
  10. Vixxing

    Had quite a flight with my VS max the other night exiting a sundy,,, whent:"yay VS finally got jetpacks instead of Zo..." *splat*
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  11. Ash87

    Yessssssss... Keep it.

    Better: The ejection seat feature should be upgradable to allow you to eject people from your vehicle

    I'm sorry, but I am totally out of ***** to give about balance, if I can shoot people out of the back of my sunderer after saying: "Can you Flyyyyyyy Bobby"
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  12. GaBeRock

    Four changes need to be made, and it would be cool: no fall damage, arc is constant across all seats and sunderers, left side seats shoot to the left of tje sundy, and right side seats shoot to the right of the sundy.
  13. Wyll

    If this happens, I want tuxedo camo so I can complete my super spy fantasy in game.
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  14. hostilechild

    LA drifter jets, sundy at an angle. Goodby tanks. Much faster to get to them than usual ways.
  15. ColonelChingles

    I was thinking the Red Alert Bullfrog:


    That stubby little cannon in the back is to shoot your passengers at the enemy. :D
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  16. starlinvf

    Titan mode...... PS2 almost had one.

  17. MorganM

    Yeah please give the one class specific thing the LA has left to everyone. o_O
  18. Leftconsin

    That is so Orky.
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  19. Boildown

  20. \m/SLAYER\m/

    its funny bug feature, but i was smashed into wall, anyway, if you want bail out for repairing, you could find yourself far away from sundy.