Keep losing access to spawn tube?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Sky_collapsed BL, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Sky_collapsed BL

    Well it doesn't happen ALL the time but sometimes when I deploy a spawn tube, go off and deploy a reaver and do some fighting I can't deploy using the spawn tube and the cort silo is still there just like the spawn tube.

    I deconstructed the spawn tube and re-constructed it thinking maybe there's some sort of bug went off and shot some rockets around from the reaver, died, went to re-deploy at the base but once more I couldn't.

    Is there an actual reason for this or is the spawn tube bugged?
  2. Pacster3

    The spawn tubes behave a bit odd there. But you can bind to a spawn tube by pressing "E"...then you can spawn there from anywhere on the continent. Hardly anyone seems to know that...
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  3. Sky_collapsed BL

    Not sure I understand. Isn't E what you use to deploy them anyway? Why would I lose access to it?
  4. PlanetBound

    While facing a spawn tube and at the same distance you would be for any type of terminal interaction press the E key. You will receive a message stating you can spawn there from anywhere on the continent. Pressing E binds you to the spawn tube. You can be bound to only one spawn tube at a time.

    If you are not bound to any spawn tube, the closest spawn tube to you will show on the map. If you do not bind to your spawn tube and are out of range, your spawn tube will not show on the map. I don't remember what the range is so if you plan on using your own spawn tube, bind it.
  5. Sky_collapsed BL

    Ahhhhhh I see so I have to manually bind my player to the spawn tube. I always assumed it was always automatic.
  6. Talthos

    Correct, it is most decidedly not automatic. And I would agree if you say that it's odd (and illogical) that you don't get auto-bound to a Spawn Tube that you build yourself.

    Then again, I suppose it would be a hassle if it auto-bound you, in the event that you were merely adding a Spawn Tube to help out your squad/platoon, while you still wanted to retain your binding to a different Spawn Tube elsewhere.

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