Keep Indar open to test water!!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Terrince, Nov 24, 2021.

  1. Terrince


    We can't test the water mechanics because people are locking Indar!
    Please, please, please make Indar stay open!

    Actually, it be great if all the continents would be left open with stable warpgates on the test server.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving all!
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  2. IzumoKousa

    I agree. I saw the post yesterday and downloaded the PTS update. I logged in literally like 10 minutes ago and Indar is locked.
  3. Tormentos

    You know, if you guys can't keep conquer discipline on a test server, you have to go the long route and conquer the other continents before further testing can occur.
  4. Ledess31

    We can't, nc have all base on esamir since this morning, and their is no alert.
  5. Tormentos

    Well, if no alert comes, no continent change can occur from the doing of players. But how was Indar locked then in the first place if no alert can take place?
  6. Terrince

    Probably enough players were on testing that the continent stabilized, then some player(s) captured enough to start an alert? I wasn't there so Idk.

    Everytime I try to get on Indar it is locked. Sometimes it is locked for the whole day! I had tried to start an alert on Hossin the other day, the pop dropped so it went unstable for the last 40mins and I capped all but Amp stations. Amerish was next, then Esamire. But it stayed on Unstable Amerish (captured well over the required percentage to start an alert) for over 12hrs!! Can't start alerts when continents are Unstable.
  7. Terrince

    The water appears to have been removed... Was finally able to get on the test server and no water anywhere
    Odd that they would offer a play test right at Thanksgiving. Wonder how many got to test it.
  8. AgentCyper

    I think this underwater update going to be a nightmare, walk super slow, cant use any weapons besides a knife and i love this one if you pull a vehicle it floats to the top of the garage and you get stuck ... this map is not impressive so far .... it need ALOT of work, i hope this will get fixed or you well see alot of cancel memberships