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  1. Mahou3

    New weapon idea that uses infiltrators primary slot
    The idea of this weapon is that infiltrators cant escape when caught, this will allow them to attempt 2v1
    The Katana has longer slashing range than a knife
    when right clicking you can deflect a few shots before blocking the rest until eventually you break stance and take damage.

    The NC katana is made of hardened steel that allows to block more bullets before breaking your stance.
    The TR katana is made of a Carbon material that allows the user to slash faster but block and deflect for a shorter time.
    The VS use new technological advances that allow the user to deflect a substantial amount of bullets however deflecting too many bullets will over heat the weapon and disable the weapon for a short period of time.
  2. JKomm

    No... this isn't Overwatch, Infiltrator is not Genji.
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  3. Gundem

    Oh yey, more weebs obsessed with their "grorius Nippon steel, forlded 10,000 times"

    No swords, let alone the thin and brittle Katana, are capable of blocking bullets, regardless of what anime you watch.
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  4. Pat22

    I don't think there's any lore or reasoning behind infiltrators being able to block bullets with swords.
    That, and gameplay wise it sounds stupid.
  5. Sinful Raevyn

    No thank you. >.>

    I would like a little longer range with knives (because having to touch people's butts to get hit register is...odd) but being able to block bullets? Nuuuupe.

    That's why we have cloak and deep cloak. Just need to learn when to use it. :p
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  6. JKomm

    Longer range, or simply faster movement speed while equipped... both would be great, the latter may be the better choice as it benefits all classes and becomes more realistic with how humans move.
  7. DrPapaPenguin

    Katanas? Where's me warhammer, the perfect backstabbing tool?
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  8. TheMish

    The only thing worse than a weeaboo with a boner for Katanas is a Koreaboo who starts singing k-pop and dancing.
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  9. cobaltlightning

    Block All Damage? No.
    Mitigate Some? Maybe.

    IRL, a 5.56 NATO Rounds destroys sharped Carbon Steel. Maybe not enough to break it, but damages it enough to make it rather unusable.
    For more comparison, a 150mm Tank Shell will straight up shatter the same piece of metal into little tiny bits. Would rip straight through it, and the resulting force would shatter the blade even further because that's how Physics work.

    I would understand the whole 'Nanites' type of argument for blocking damage, but having it straight up negate an AP Round from a Vanguard is on the Bull **** side of OP; Nothing short of some pretty thick steel Layer of Nanites should be able to stop a solid 150mm piece of metal going near 300 meters per second.

    Instead of a 'Deflect' type, could instead use your own type of Overshield to mitigate maybe 10% of all direct damage taken for 2 seconds at most. Even then, said AP Round would still kill you, and you can't block violent sound waves. Hell, even the super BASRs would still kill you on a headshot.

    I'm all for more Melee weapons with extra variety, Or even using a Melee as a primary because it can be kinda fun. But y'ain't Mr. Ninja able to deflect something that would rip your head clean off like a stump, or blow the insides of your brains all over 4 continents.
  10. Shadowomega

    Actually Katanas, Warhammers, and Brass Knuckles have models within the game files, at least for the Maxs.


    Also for a select few in planetside 1 that went to SOE Live in Las Vegas one year they got granted access to a Katana.

    While it would be nice to see one in game, I wouldn't go with bullet deflection.
  11. cobaltlightning

    's why I suggested the short and weak Mitigation instead, because Nanites.
  12. Pat22

    Adrenaline Pump is available to infiltrators, if I recall correctly.
  13. FateJH

    In its last few days of the Subscription model, some CSR was supposedly handing out the Fusion Blade like candy at Halloween.
  14. JKomm

    Yes but I mean a standard increase to all classes while equipping a melee weapon, which would stack with Adrenaline Pump, it wouldn't be too massive but would benefit the other classes as well(Combat Medic, Engineer, and Heavy Assault) which don't use knives as often or efficiently.
  15. MuNrOe

  16. Steza

    I'm down for more melee weapons, just give them a little longer range and make them have a sound effect so you can hear it. Could even make them work similar to the one hit kill knives.

    Give the NC a Sledgehammer or something along the lines with the mag cutter like asthetically so random parts move has a big red button etc etc.

    TR can have a chain blade officer sword? you know for military reasons and a backup career in horror movies.

    VS can have a scythe that glows blue (didn't want to go with the easy answer of light saber lol).
  17. ColonelChingles

    So a single hit with a blade will kill you, but a single hit with a 40mm shell will not.

    OHK blades should only be implemented if everything that is a Basilisk and above also kills in a single hit.
  18. Steza

    They are already in the game you got the NC Carver, TR Ripper and VS Lumine Edge can equip them in the knife slot hold the knife button which allows you to pull it out then press the "select fire" button to turn it into a OHK blade. :)
  19. ColonelChingles

    Which is why everything 20mm and up needs to be a OHK against squishy infantry.

    If this can kill someone in one hit:

    Then this should most definitely kill in one hit:

    Heck, a 20mm shell is probably the same size as the knife! And in PS2 it can somehow penetrate MBT armour.
  20. ColonelChingles


    Let's not turn PS2 into that game.
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