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  1. omfgweeee

    This is very bad solution to spawn warriors OP.

    Here is mine.

    1. After spawn you have 45 seconds to stay in spawn room, if u stay longer you die by same pain field that protects you from enemy.

    2. To reset the times you must leave the pain field area that surrounds the spawn room.

    3. If you redeploy (i guess a lot of ppls will try to redeploy to avoid gettion out of the spawn) you cant deploy in same base in next 1 min.
  2. Jawarisin

    Because the number of players like that is such a small percentage, that the continent would be nearly empty. But we already have something kind of like that: the air game.
    That's for experienced players to master and enjoy. Casuals can enjoy it, but they don't have the time/will to master it.
  3. \m/SLAYER\m/

    you think that more than half players has KDR > 2 ?
  4. Jawarisin

    ? way less, that's what I'm saying.
  5. \m/SLAYER\m/

    well, personally, i wont miss those 10 KDR farmers, but they will have option to come back, by lowering their KDR:D
  6. Jawarisin

    that would be punishing players for being good....
    Your idea is not just bad, it's plain dumb and would kill the game.
  7. \m/SLAYER\m/

    no, good farmers players will just play against players with same skill level. if you are really good, challenge yourself with best players
  8. ronjahn

    Worst suggestion ever. So you literally want to punish players for having a good KD?

    Players should never have control over another players stats which is exactly what this would do. All we would see would be the same derpy zergs running around doing the same derpy things, except because they are bad to begin with they will have this silly toggle turned off. So huge zergs of people that you as a player have absolutely no incentive statsw-ise, cert-wise, directive-wise, or objective-wise(because bases are meaningless in this game) to take out.

    Keep in mind that majority of spawn campers are in there because their spawn is camped and going out means sure death. You may not mind dieing over and over to explosive spam, but there are plenty of players who would prefer not to. Stop trying to tell people how to play. If you want people not to be in a spawn, start a platoon or start an outfit of like minded people. Don't ask to NERF skill and peoples playstyles.
  9. customer548

    So, if i understood the whole thing :

    - Players are farmed by better players than they are, by vehicules and prefer to hide behind an invulnerability field because they are too scared of fighting on a FPS.

    - So, Devs have to work hard in order to change the game rules in order to make happy new players, cowards and people who do not care about what's happening around them .

    - And skilled players have to move from the game to another aera.

    - And K/D has to disappear ASAP, because it hurts to see that you're not good at this game (not talkig about the OP).

    Ok :)

    I learned to play this game "in the hard way". There was no tutorial and Trs were destroying every single thing while sitting in their tanks. I died a lot, some lvl 100 farmed me often. But it made me learn about my errors, i tried to understand why i died. I talked to some of those guys for tips, had a look at some videos, tried to improve my gameplay. Now with a lvl 25-30, i can farm lvl 100 HA for many/ most of them, and i'm no more silly enough to die because of vehicules shooting 100000 rounds per second (open your eyes and ears).

    Devs or skilled players may do whatever they can, they'll never be able to change cowards in heros, or lazy people in skilled players.

    You should train, guys. This game is easy to play,really ^^.
  10. Crowne

    don't mean to thread hijack or anything, but had to say I had forgotten how hilarious that video is :)

    "I get, uhm, 32.33..... repeating of course" :D:D

    Good times.

    1) I get the sense sometimes people just need to get the ball rolling. If I go infil, sneak to the point and get it flashing, sometimes that encourages more people to make a run for it.
    2) Also, use recon darts so people aren't running out blind. There's so much spawn-camping (not pejorative, just saying) that there's an expectation the boogie man is just over the hill.
    3) If you can, try to offer them an alternate spawnpoint away from the base spawn. A well placed sunderer so you can hit from another direction and spread out the enemy a bit more. People won't necessarily use it, but worth a shot.

    Only times I don't exit is if there's a massive overpop. If they're throwing 96+ at our 1-12, then no way am I giving them any certs.
    Do what I can to inflict some damage, then bug out.
  11. BuzzStar

    I'm guessing your somebody who really cares about their KD, why else would you respond so passionately but you seemed to like many others on this thread to focus only on my one example of Camping / farming when I stated many other example that were not that ( farming in a tank on a hill, waiting just outside the point and not capping it with 12 guys and some maxes, ect).

    Mainly I created this thread out of frustration during my last Alert. I was playing as TR and the entire session had no order to it. NC had a clear grasp on Indar. Neither TR or VS made any real move to win the Alert. Instead the entire map was filled with one sided battles between the VS and NC ( I know that stuff happens). Imagine playing another one of your favorite FPS like BF or whatever. You go in a match and then you see there is a 60 to 5 team imbalance. Would you enjoy that match?imagine every match was like that for three hours... You would quit playing right. That's PS2!! I get it it happens In alerts or faction imbalance but there needs to be a mechanic that makes it not worth wild to farm in a 96 to 12 setting. A mechanic that gives more certs or rewards for doing object missions rather then farming or camping. In an alert numbers matter and waisted numbers mean stale mates or camping.

    My thread was about trying to find a solution to this or at least name some things that cause this. There isn't a ton of new players is PS2 everyday or week for that matter, most people know how to redeploy and grab a lib/tank yet the issue persists. I don't know if a concept like this would solve the problem but then neither does anybody know what would fix it till they try implementation of their ideas on Test Server.

    Lastly how successful the toggle idea would be depends on how many people care about KD. If he majority of players toggled it off then the cert issue wouldn't be a problem.
  12. Jawarisin

    we already do.... I'll stop replying here because it doesn't seem like you have a clue about what you're saying.
  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    no, we just want to have fun, hardcore games punishing new players, but we need more players.
    overall, game needs performance improvement, and anti-aircraft weapons improvement, than it will be fine
  14. Unsp0kn

    Who cares if people stay in spawn? Does it really affect your gameplay? If yes, join a squad and roll with them, don't worry about the scrubs camping in the spawn rooms. If that's how they want to play all the time, fine by me. It's different when you get zerg rolled and backed clear into the spawn, then why not pop all the idiots that give you basically free certs because they think rocketing the shields is going to gain them anything? Play your own game, that's the beauty of PS2 is there are many different ways for people to enjoy it.
  15. MAXArmar

    Why not just remove ALL stats then, along with the whole stats page? You don't care about my KDR, I don't care about your SPM or accuracy.
  16. ronjahn

    My KD is 2.07 and has never had a role in how I play. I lead an outfit who's only requirements are a positive attitude, a desire to have fun, and teamwork. When it comes to gameplay we strive to use our small numbers to make an impact and do what we feel will help our team the most in any given situation. I couldn't tell you a single member's KD. In fact, I would agree that at the end of the day, KD is pretty pointless when it come to success in this game. However, I spend loads of time looking at my in game stats page because I simply enjoy absorbing that information; after putting so much time into the game its nice to see what I've done, how well I am doing, and looking for areas to improve. There's nothing wrong with that, I'm not alone in that, and I shouldn't be punished for it.

    I responded the way I did because you proposed punishing anyone who wants to be able to look at and have their KD tracked(me) by reducing their cert gain and kill count(and by proxy, directive progress). That's a very selfish suggestion , unfair to a large portion of the player-base, and you will be hard pressed to find more than a handful of people who would support this type of punishment.

    I highlighted a portion of your post that I totally agree with. That is what the devs should be focusing on; meaningful objectives and fun mechanics. Not systems that punish people who wants to look at their KD.
  17. ronjahn

    I'm guessing the guy with a 498kdr is using sarcasm here :confused:
  18. MAXArmar

    Well, not really, it's just that I am quite against excluding certain specific stats from being tracked for no real reason at all. In that case just throw the whole stats thing overboard, imho.
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  19. customer548

    I'm curious about your BR, and the time you spent on the game.

    - "we just want to have fun" : Fun is everywhere. Even if you're a BR100, you can get killed and being farmed by a lower BR guy who plays better than you do. BR100 can be farmed by lower levels . The only thing is to choose the right weapons and the right class to use at the right moment. The Certs gain is slow at the start, and you are starting the game ? You should know that trying things while being alone is not a good thing on any FPS. Devs brought you tools to join a squad / platoon and find more experienced players who will help you to get Certs. Have a look at what they do, how they move, the classes/weapons/vehicules they choosed to go to victory.

    You're still being farmed and you do not accept it ?...Asking for skilled players to move, for a major nerf of your opponents' faction ? Don't blame others, Devs, opponents, game balance... Sorry to say that but you are the problem. What to do when you're being farmed and you do not accept it ? Check forums,have a quick look at videos in order to improve your own gameplay. Check you computer : check Graph details in order to get more FPS, make shortcuts, try different classes and weapons in order to find the ones which will suit you the better and which will bring you the more fun. Learn bases architecture : places where opponents have to go through, where you can get cover, where you can place anti-vehicules mines...And many other questions you have to ask to yourself...and that's why this game is really cool and always bring new shirmishes. Fun is everywhere !

    - " hardcore games punishing new playersé" : Do you realize what kind of game you're playing at ? You're playing at a FPS. FPs means destroying the opponent or being destroyed. My own opinion is that "Punishment" is a word that has strictly no sense in this kind of game. You play this kind of game if you can handle the fact of being destroyed by other people. Your goal should be to find the right way to kill those guys the next time you'll meet them, while learning from your own mistakes . That's what makes PS
    2 a great game : you have the tools to deafeat most of opponents, you just have to practice, try things and improve.

    - "overall, game needs performance improvement, and anti-aircraft weapons improvement, than it will be fine" :
    Devs worked hard on it. My own computer would be, i guess, considered as an 'average old" one. I had to decrease Graph details to improve my FPS. My fps are now way enough to shoot people. Did you even get an eye about your graph settings ?

    Aircrafts can be avoided easily if you're aware at sounds and with looking at your mini map. An aicraft is firing at your vehicule ? You can fire/snipe from your own vehicule at it or just simply run back to the nearest vehicules spawn. Or get a MAX with the right weapons. Or simply have a look at your own weapons and get cover while firing,or redeploy when at cover. You still die ? Well, that's the game, just redeploy and try someting else.

    Just train, try to improve your own gameplay, learn of your own mistakes. But do not complain about dying often while playing at any FPS, and do not try to find ways to reject players who spent time on it. Those people were also BR1 when they started to play PS2, but they were perhaps a bit more curious about this awesome game than you are now.
  20. TheShrapnelKing

    I unbound the tab screen, so I can't look at it anymore. I have no idea how I'm doing on any given day. I recommend it.