K/D All servers all factions.(repost from reddit)

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  1. Konstantinn

    I beg to differ. Tactics and strategy matter, I know from experience.

    Run around as lone wolf, odds are pretty good you'll run into more losing fights than winning. Then run with a good organized outfit that has 50+ people during operations, only play during operations, suddenly you run into a lot more winning situations (and higher KD). Difference between the 2? One has more organization and strategy (and friendly population in every grid you fight) than the other.

    Remember we're talking about big picture averages, your personal experience may differ, for all I know you always play with your outfit and don't remember what it was like on your own or joining pick up squads. Or you're just that good that you still kill more as lone wolf (adapted to that playstyle over the years) and know no other way. Or you suck in every situation (nothing personal to you, I didn't look up your KD, just going through all possibilities). Odds are pretty good if you're a good lone wolf you'll adapt quickly and see improvements if you play in a good team. You can't argue with that, especially for average player, which is majority. There may be outliers that don't conform to that rule, but they're extreme minority.

    You also may play on different server, I was talking about Emerald from experience (BR 100TR 95NC), I don't have explanation for other servers.
  2. JonboyX

    Well :) - that's not quite what I said. I didn't say it was easy, just that I thought that your average player gets more out of the weapons. I have done, and still do, play with some of the top players in the game, and they can reliably hit headshots 30% of the time off a base accuracy of 27-30%. If you can do that, then I'm thinking NC weapons (EM6/Anchor/SAW/GodSAW) are going to really favour them. But then, your average Joe isn't doing that, and that's where I think there may be the difference. I know I do better on my new VS alt than my long term NC character even now, switching between the two: my stats not being in the 20%s ;)


    I wouldn't be surprised if it's just colour vs colour vs colour
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  3. Badname1886

    lol, look at the ******* alert statistics.
    This issue is beyond ********.

    It's obvious vs faction has a ridiculously evident technical advantage over the other factions.
    Still id' like to see some per-weapon ttk charts. Anybody knows if any exist somewhere, to perform cross-empire stat checks?
  4. Fleech

    its pretty simple really:

    Heavy assualt is the best class

    60% of players use HA

    VS has best HA

    gaus saw is ****

    therefor people come on to the forum to complain about NC's lackluster LMG selection and gloss over the fact that the rest of the NC guns range from good to suberb. this is a broader issue that HA makes every other class irrelevent and VS has the easiest to use best HA hands down.

    everything else boils down to lack of coordination and awareness on NC's part.
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  5. MAXArmar

    Actually NC has the best HA. Cyclone = best CQC, Gauss SAW is argueably the best long(er) range LMG. Anchor is great for everything inbetween.
  6. H0urg1ass

    I lone wolf all the time and I don't do too bad. In fact, the worst times I've ever had in PS2 were when I was in an outfit.

    Sure it limits me. I won't be ultra padding my KDR in a libby any time soon, and I have to pray and hope when I pull a max that there's a competent and willing engie nearby. I also have to pretty much play as infantry all the time.

    On the other hand, when I see we're losing a fight, then I can leave early and pre mine the likely sunderer spots, and claymore the bushes they'll run past to get to the generator. I can do that without some pimply face teenager raging about why I'm not holding the line in a losing battle.

    The last outfit I joined the guy was running around jumping up and down on the exact spots we had to defend and telling me I couldn't look the other way. Really dude? How about you pay my sub and then you can tell me where the **** to stand. Deuces.
  7. Fleech

    and the orion is better at all ranges.
  8. Konstantinn

    So you joined a bad outfit... congrats..

    Here's why lone wolfing sucks:
    1) Can't do solo gal drops on top of enemy sunderers, devastating to enemy advance
    2) No lib runs (like you mentioned)
    3) When you fly mosquito you have no backup most of the time
    4) You can't choose which base to start attacking, alone you will fail 99.99% of the time.
    5) In a 2 man ground vehicle you rarely get a gunner, on rare occasion that you do you will either have no comms with your gunner, or they will simply be bad. They most likely won't gun for you or you for them again after first death.
    6) Every time you get into vehicle you don't know if you'll have friendly support such as repair/rearm sunderer nearby, or any friendly armor (meaning you run into a lot more 2vs1 losing fights)
    7) You try to defend/attack a base with 50/50 pop, you feel you're doing ok, suddenly out of nowhere friendly pop in your grid drops to 10%, takes you a minute to realize this (a minute where you constantly die). Turns out friendly outfit pulled out, you don't know why or where.

    There are a lot more. All of these will impact your K/D negatively. All of these will cause more frustration for you. All of these make you less useful to your faction. You could probably say "Who cares, I'm having fun", and if anti-social type of losing more often than you have to is your thing, more power to you.

    I see your logic about joining outfit, it can be summed up in "If you try something once and fail, stop trying". As you might guess, most people consider this approach, to pretty much anything, to be less than optimal.
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  9. H0urg1ass

  10. St0mpy

    Server merge, Miller was the home of the TR before then with Woodman a VS overpop.
  11. Badname1886

    There's no such thing as strategy in a game with so many cheaters as this.
    It's obvious it all boils down to weaponry.

    Anybody has a ttk chart per gun per empire?
  12. Badname1886

    I visited a few stats sites, but apart from per-player weapon stats, there does not seem to be an 'official' wiki or something that allows weapon comparison.
    Maybe that's what everything boils down to?
  13. customer548

    Stop whining, finding ridiculous excuses like " Omg, game iz full of ChEaTeRz !! oO " // " Omg,can't aim 'cause no balance, others too OP, crap game !! oO ".

    Stop whining and train more.
    ( BR 100 Nc and BR70 Vanu here ).
  14. 13arracuda

    Although data in the original post may have been old, the pattern was confirmed to still exist by post-balancing data a few posts later. Like OP said, it's fairly obvious the mechanical imbalance exists, and NC is on the wrong side of it.

    The point about newer players starting on NC was a good one, and may have accounted for the difference, if it was at 2-3%, but 10%? Not likely.

    The point about good players leaving NC and going to VS because of the faction stupidity is, of course, stupid in itself. Nor do they leave because of fashion. The only valid reason for gravitating in such a way is to be on the winning side. But why is the side winning? Maybe it's because there are more good organized outfits on VS than on NC? But why are there more of them surviving on VS, while the strong NC outfits fade away? Could it be that there's a mechanical imbalance, with NC on the wrong side of it?

    What else can affect the numbers? Maybe the KDR is higher because TR and VS use vehicles more. Why do they, though? Is it because the NC pilots don't know how to drive? Could it be that Vanguard and Reaver are just not holding their own against Prowlers, Mossies, Scythes and Magriders in terms of battlefield usefulness?

    What else? Maybe TR and VS play more HA overall? It certainly seems so on Emerald, but how does that fit exactly with all the good organized outfits full of support roles? Shields are the same for everyone, so could it be the weapons?

    Bottom line, though, does it really matter? Numbers show, it's been like this for as long as the game's been live. NC has always been on the bottom of the charts, even back when all the "Good" people were still around. Personally, I don't really care about it when I play. What I care about is people coming up with this nonsense like "NC just naturally attracts all the noobs" to explain away a clearly present mechanical imbalance, however insignificant it may be.
  15. Takara

    You know....if the data was there a year ago, it's still reading those characters K/D yea? I mean If I've played this game for...say 6 months. And have a K/D of 2.1....do you have ANY idea how hard it would be for my K/D to go up or down? I would suddenly have to start killing people at a rate of 5 to 8 per death on just about every life to get my over all K/D to go up. And god forbid you die three or four times in a row. Just remember...a character that is 2 years old, still has the K/D ratio effect from what ever massively OP weapons were in the game during all that time. My K/D may fluctuate .05 on a weekly status and I generally log off with a K/D above 2 per play period. *Shrugs* I don't even care, I odn't even try to change it. I just play the game.

    K/D really doesn't mean garbage in this game. It's more important to change the game around you.....capping points or being the guy that repairs or brings that ammo sundy. It doesn't give you a high K/D but it gives you a great SPM an helps your team which is the real goal....worrying about K/D is like being the guy who is poor but drives a Lexus....it just makes you appear cool to the quick glance.

    The only way to effectively change your long term K/D that is to just make a new Character.
  16. Hatesphere

    just for fun


    TR wolrd average = 0.9165


    VS world average = 0.94


    NC world average = 0.86375

    or so now percent difference.

    TR vs VS

    percent difference between TR and VS = 2.35 not really statistically significant

    NC vs VS

    precent difference between VS and NC 8.5%. might be a slight issue. but still vary close to insignificant.

    I highly doubt its just a "vs is op" thing. there has to be other factors. sadly this data isn't the best to really use.
  17. Goretzu

    Alerts are quite interesting, the % win pattern has barely changed in months now, basically: VS>>>>TR>>NC.
  18. Badname1886

    Hm. It does matter, and certainly not to me alone.
    The point is, I know I'm a good player, yet when I face VS, there's kill trading right and left, and steamrolling on a daily basis, while the whole idea of the ******* game is having fun.

    Of course you can't have fun when you know your side is getting shafted because some piece of **** designer doesn't realize there's an issue with numbers.

    PLUS lolling @ the stupid ***** that 'statistically irrelevant' the obvious percent difference, since they're reading it wrong.
    Of course you don't compare the WHOLE. you SUBTRACT the common base.
    With that in mind, above average vs players have 70% better kdr than nc, while above average tr players have 50% better kdr than nc.
    This somewhat means that above average vs survive 70 more seconds for every 100 nc survived seconds, while above average tr survive 50 seconds more per every 100 nc seconds.
    It sucks absolute major dick.
    I don't give about kills, but being sent to the spawn tube because the game is balanced by ****tards is ridiculous.
  19. Badname1886

    Anybody can pull some actual weapon stats from somewhere? It'd be good to be able to calculate weapon ttk times on paper.
  20. Corezer

    NC do in fact TK more, and generally suck more...

    All the advertising is NC themed, right down to the loading screen you get upon startup. NC are the "freedom fighters" which is popular. Their bright cartoony colors are also something loved by younger folk.

    So they have the biggest influx of new players, and new players are quitters, old blood like me got good at cod4 and world at war before a friend even told them that dashboarding was a thing. There were 5 ****ing endings to contra hard corps, there was no choice but to get good, even with the contra code for a new player that **** was no joke. Getting the true ending in shattered soldier? your options are "get gud, son!" or hang yourself. I think there was a debug code in sonic, but I sure as hell didn't know about that when I was like 6. Playing until I wanted to pull my hair out and coming back for more is just a product of being an 80s kid. Nowadays new players come in, roll NC, or if the music and "loyalty until death" themes catch them they roll TR, or if they're... odd, they roll VS, but that's the order of likelihood for a new player, and when they get finished getting their ***** pounded by purple sex toys, they either are loyal until they get good, quit, or reroll vs, in order of likelihood.

    so NC has constant turnover, TR has better retention, and VS is as eccentric as most people who actually take a video game seriously

    And there you have it, the reason the order is typically how it is.

    On emerald it's even worse, because you have AC/DA (c wut I did thar) on infantry, with ground vehicles you've got Vulcan harassers and an outfit practically dedicated to pulling them, and on NC we have... does prey and qry still play? even Klypto/Alarox is only one or two tanks, and air doesn't even make as big of an impact anyway because of all the flak and stuff, unless someone is smart/experienced/non-NC enough to know to pull a burster
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