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  2. Campagne

    It also shows NC do suspiciously well. Over 50% victories on Soltech? That should be ringing some bells.

    Don't put too much faith in these numbers just yet, they're not seemingly too accurate.
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  3. Campagne

  4. RabidIBM

    The thing is, these don't mean much if a large ratio of players aren't really playing the alert. If Connery NC even pay attention to the alert at all they typically don't play to win, they play to make one faction lose. I say if because more commonly they push to the most accessible bio lab and ignore the alert entirely.
  5. Bonemiser

    Maybe they should fix the fact that your weapon DPS actively sinks the lower your FPS is if you haven't enabled Smoothing? I get around 120 without it and even that was actively hindering myself for the first few months of my playtime, because I had no idea about the jank game coding. TR weapons naturally get screwed over harder because they were designed to fire faster.
  6. MonnyMoony

    So they win fewer alerts? What does that imply?
  7. Demigan

    I'm missing things like the actual population. You can see that the TR scores a lower amount of kills and deaths at the same time having a similar drop in suicides, so it makes sense that the TR has had a lower population during that time.

    Although I'm interested: The NC has been in a worse situation for literal years before they started gaining on the other two factions. How come right now it's suddenly a problem for the TR while it wasn't one before for the NC?

    Another point of contention: On Miller, Cobalt and Emerald the NS-66 Punisher has almost the exact same kills, Headshots etc despite the population being much more varied between these 3 servers (checked that through Fisu). That speaks to something being amiss with the statistics or a very strange coincidence, you can see that among those same servers the Gauss SAW is miles and miles apart in kills and headshots. Similarly the Orion is virtually the same on Miller and Cobalt but the Emerald version is suddenly miles apart again.
  8. Zipr

    All about having FUN (imho) It appears at times that TR on Emerald may be more likely to enjoy harassing ANT's an such in Liberators OR floating about in some armor like column Such numbers may show up and have some effect on other factions choices in both attacking/defending Seems obvious that at some bases having folks in such vehicles may not be the most productive Kills yeah sure But, taking and retaking a point maybe not so much

    In Fantasy Football some like to state you can make stats say just about anything It is somewhat true based on how one chooses criteria Time spent not entirely focused on any/all threats especially at the beginning of an alert should probably be stats not included for action during the last 30 min's or sometimes even the last ten minutes