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  1. Zherot

    I was just thinking after a game of Dota 2 about PlanetSide 2, yeah, i know that sounds weird but let me explain, i just uninstalled Dota 2 from my system this is like the fifth time i uninstall that game i keep comming back because that game is an addicition to me but is a trash game to be honest and i was thinking about PlanetSide 2 because i was comparing them:

    When i play PlanetSide 2 i can log in and log out whenever i feel like it, no one is pressuring me to invest more than i want to invest, i can log in for 10 minutes to 3 hours if i want to and at any point log out no problems, in Dota 2 i have to expend at least 40 minutes in a game and if i decide to abandon a match because i got ******** team mates then i get punished for it, someone can say that Dota 2 is "truly free to play" meaning there are no upgrades and stuff to buy that make you better at the game or give you any advantage, the problem is even if PlanetSide 2 has those kind of upgrades it is still more fair than Dota 2, because that game actually makes expenders (people that buy ****) win more games than they should why?, well because they need to keep the people that is expending money on the game from a bussiness perspective, they dont care about players that are good players but dont expend money and thus they keep putting us on the loosing side and also the people that expends more in that game are usually the people that is more trash at the game, so if we could just abandon games with no penalty, those people would stop playing the game because everyone would be dodging them because how trash they are at the game hence they would stop expending money on the game, so this is why we cant leave games and why people like me loose ridiculous games.

    Now here is the thing also, in PlanetSide 2 a single idiot is not going to loose us anything, because 1 person dosent even matter at all, even if is the most trash player out there he cant just ruin the game for everybody else because even if he kept dying the enemy gets nothing from him, sure certs but that dosent imbalance the game in any way, in Dota 2 if someone keeps dying like an idiot the enemy is going to end so ******* fed that is going to be really unfair, here no one can really loose you the game because there are no matches to begin with and like i said 1 idiot is not going to prevent you to take a base or something, also to be honest in PlanetSide 2 seems to be more inteligent people than in Dota 2 and there are no ******* peruvians here, Dota 2 seems to have a community of mental invalids.

    All in all PlanetSide 2 is a really fair game in terms of gameplay and bussiness model, yeah you can p2w in here too by buying boosters and **** etc, yeah im not going to argue about what is p2w or not for you because i dont care, for me any kind of advantage bought with money is p2w period, but the fact is, even if some people do that is still not taking away from my enjoyment of the game, Dota 2 just because some ******* ******* buys some hats the devs think they should win more than me thus i get ****** teams and games over and over again even if no one is really buying direct advantage for the game they get more ******* advantage than outright paying to win in any other free to play game.

    If you want to know more of what i think about Dota 2 and are interested here is something i wrote on reddit:


    I know this is not Dota 2 formum but i needed some venting and also i needed to express how much better Planetside 2 is in comparison with that Dota 2 game piece of cra and probably any MOBA out there.
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  2. Ronin Oni

    You might want to try Heroes of the Storm

    It's a MOBA pretty similar to DotA2, but is MUCH faster, with matches typically over in 15-20 minutes.

    It eschues items & gold in exchange for team based XP and selectable talents every 3ish levels that are unique (there are some shared) options for each hero. This lowers the amount of preknowledge going in required, and also removes any "last hitting" from the game so you can just focus on playing as a team rather than fighting your own team for gold because you need boots of speed.

    It also uses map objectives to force team fights early (first team fight is usually around 3min in) and often (roughly every 3-5 min an objective will trigger), and has more comeback potential for teams trailing even by as much as 4 levels. (though certainly less common the larger the level discrepancy. Levels typically mean less than Talent Tiers. a 1 level advantage that gives you a talent tier the enemy doesn't have is a bigger advantage than 2 levels up but in same talent tier still)

    Trash players can still cost you the game of course (each player is 20% of your team) but the game does a reasonable job of balancing player skill... usually... so if you have a **** player, the enemy probably does too. Typically the team that plays together better (and thus works cooperatively instead of downtalkiing teammates creating division), wins.
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  3. SpartanPsycho

    That was a very insightful post OP.
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  4. Ronin Oni


    It's not Pay2Win, it's Pay2SaveTime

    There is a DISTINCT difference.

    P2W allows people to buy advantages that cannot be had elsewise (think expendable powerups that cannot ever be aqcuired or maintained playing for free.)

    In PS2 you can buy a gun, saving you certs, but for the most part, you don't NEED any other weapons, and the cert costs for weapons generally pales in comparison to cert costs of upgrade slots which cannot be purchased.

    Boosts increase cert gain, but you still have to actually play.

    In both cases, you pay to get stuff FASTER, but not exclusive. More than anything it helps people who like to do some of everything, because fully certing 2 classes and 1 vehicle is entirely reasonable for a free player.
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  5. Zherot

    Sorry dude but as i stated in my post there is no point in even trying to change my mind about it., and this topic isnt about that.
  6. Scr1nRusher

    You think this game is P2W?

  7. Zherot

  8. plattner

    this game just plain sucks any more
  9. Taemien

    PS2 is filled with double edged swords. Its why it works the way it does, its also where many of the complaints come from.

    For example...

    Like... the OP said, one person can't screw up a team making a push.
    But.. one person can't make a difference in alot of fights.
    And.. this gets players upset at things like Libs, MBTs, and Harassers that are manned by multiple players.

    Like... you can fight anywhere you want.
    But... you get everyone fighting at the same place.
    And.. this is where the complaints of zergs being the be all end all.

    Like.. you have hundreds of different weapons to choose from for a variety of roles.
    But.. you get into trouble when in a role its not designed for, or its a jack of all trades against something specialized.
    And... you get calls for nerfs and comparisons between weapons that don't make sense.

    And I could go on all day. For every good thing in PS2, there's a bad thing. And players' perception of those bad things clouds their judgements. Personally I love the fact that everything has an up side and a downside. It keeps battles fresh, there's variety, but at the same time your choices matter. Choice are available, and choices have consequences, both good and bad.

    All of the changes I see players proposing for balance and nerfing purposes is in actuality an attempt (whether they know it or not) to reduce the amount of choices so there isn't any consequences. That's not a game I'd want to play. I want more of it, more choice, and more consequences.

    For example, why was ZOE OP? In all honesty why was it OP? There's a ton of various reasons players can explain this. But it can EASILY be summed up in one way. That it was a straight upgrade to Charge. Its first rank was the seventh rank of Charge. Think about it for a minute. Imagine if Charge was changed so that original ZOE was NOT a straight upgrade but a sidegrade. ZOE would no longer been as OP as it was considered to the NC/TR MAXes.

    Now you can see how to balance something. Give and Take. Choice and Consequence. That's how you make something fair for all. That's how you make something balanced. You measure it on itself and everything else in the slot.

    Of course as I've said multiple times. For everything that's good, there's a bad side and a perception of things being something else. In this care, players will misuse a benefit, face the consequences, and cry foul. It happens all the time.

    Look at the thread that just popped up about VS weapons. The guy is clearly misusing the weapons. And hence thinks all VS weapons are garbage. I dunno, when I play NC, I die as much to VS as I do TR. When I play TR I die as much to VS as I do NC. They have their weaknesses for sure. But they've got their strengths. All factions, all equipment, and all weapons do.

    Just got to play to your strengths and minimize the weaknesses. That's how you play PS2.
  10. FieldMarshall

    I think dont p2w means what you think it means.
    Sadly, people dont really seem to care what p2w really means nowdays, just "interpreting" it for whatever purpose suits them at the time.
    (Sort of like religion)

    Anyway, i know you didnt want anyone to mention it, but you brought it up as an argument.
  11. Poppington

    At launch, when you could buy new and superior items (such as launch version lolpods which were OP before their first nerf), when almost no one had access to those pieces of gear - or more importantly, their counters (such as lock-ons)- the game was arguably pay to win.

    We're years into the game now. It's pay-to-save-time. Now, gear and their counters saturate the game.
  12. Zherot

    Its not "interpreting" it is what it is and still not going to change my mind to it, so stop..

    Stop already people, seriously stop, this is not a topic about that, do you realize that im saying something good about this game here and all you care to come is to throw your garbage fanboy BS in here?... im starting to regret saying PS2 community is more inteligent.
  13. Zherot

    Talking about choices well i mosstly play as an infiltrator because i can stay in very long range and pick my targets or i can go close combat with an SMG, i like the versatility of the class, i think they need kind of buff some of the other choices or rather make those other scenarios where you decide to change for example your "stealth cloack" useful, for example the best cloacking is the one that dosent allow you to have a primary weapon and i can see why they did it that way but there kinda should be more scenarios where people pick more that type of camo instead of the standard, so yeah probably thats the reason to make people want to switch to the other classes options, make more scenerios where the other choices are far more useful.

    Ans im VS so i dont know what that dude is talking about, my sniper oneshots like any other and my Sirius is a mother ****** in close combat but i rather admit im pretty bad at close combat, im very good at sniping people though.
  14. Cirena

    Maybe people would make more thought out responses if your topic wasn't a dumb rant with an idiotic headline and you didn't have a stupid and wrong opinion about what p2w is.

    Hope that helps.
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  15. Poppington

    Discussions evolve. I wasn't disagreeing, I was commenting on the new direction the discussion was going in.

    That being said, your original post, while positive, was kind of all over the place. This is also why the comments are all over the place. If you really want discussions to stay on your original topic - then make sure your topic is actually clear.

    That being said - Hurrah Planetside 2, it's the game I always return to as well!
  16. Zherot

    Thank you.
  17. Jubikus

    The game can be categorized as P2W. Pay to win is any advantage a player that uses real money can gain over a player without it and tho many people forget it because its not too big it does exist in planetside. Now most people think about weapons and boosts as simple pay to skip but this only applys to boost that dont have an effect on gameplay. Now a normal player against someone with membership or a resource boost is at a strict disadvantage because they are going to run out of C4 grenades and other consumables faster and be able to pull things like maxes and vehicles less than the paying person. Granted this is the only thing planetside has that puts it in the P2W category and it is very small it still exists and still counts.
  18. Zherot

    Since moderators allow this kind of behavior then go **** yourself.

    Dont bother, you are on my ignored list now *****, enjoy.
  19. Crator

    Not P2W.
  20. Savadrin

    Wanting your opinion rant heard but immediately dismissing someone else's opinion out of hand, even admittedly, is the hallmark of a scrub.

    I'll give you 6/10 for the bait and switch. I might up my rating depending on how far it goes.