JUST IN: PPA nerfed!

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  1. Maelthra

    I will never forget you, PPA. Even when you are completely absent from the battlefield, I will remember!
  2. Ixidron

    You are probably the only guy who considered that patch a nerf to vanu weapons, that "extra" damage at mid range was not significant, it took VS the same amount of bullets to kill than TR/NC at <70m and 1 more bullet at >70m.

    That's because how damage tiers work, those are 250 (4 bullets), 249-200 (5), 199-167 (6), 166-143 (7), 142-125 (8) and 124-112 (9).

    Pre-GU7 VS performed the same at <70m thanks to those damage tiers, but worse at >70m because TR/NC weapons have a cap to damage falloff, that cap being the next lower tier, but VS weapons had that cap 2 tiers lower, for example, 143 damage NC, TR and VS weapons would kill in 7 shots at <10m, 8 shots at 10-70m, at >70m VS weapons would get one damage tier lower and kill at 9 shots.

    Here is a graph:


    As you can see, that "extra" damage between 10-70m was not significant, it was less than 1 damage difference, being about 2 extra damage points at 65m.
  3. Flag

    Let's all remember the truly glorious days of PPA spam.

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  4. gartho33

    well I'm back after my personal testing... (for all thats worth) .... but in my opinion *(TR main NC upriser) there are a few things that went overboard... at least in combination.

    if the CoF of this iteration is to remain... give it back its splash. their is no reason to keep it so small with that CoF. it even puts the old T7 to shame... and I was runnin with an extended mag...

    If the splash is to remain... cut the CoF to 1/2 to 2/3 what it is now... if a direct hit is needed then you should be able to semi reliably land more than 2 shots within 5m of something.

    other than that... the damage feels good, though i think it could use a small buff against maxes... but by only 1 or 2 rounds...
  5. NoctD

    They will not be. The Scythe still has the same old PPA - that will not be touched it looks like.

    This is a GROUND PPA nerf only!

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed/posted that, but that makes sense given the Marauder/Canister don't have much range on them either.
  6. BadAsElite

    The funny thing about the PPA nerf is, that a few months ago I suggested here in this same forum it gets a magazine reduction to 12. Now it has gone right into effect on PTS,

    When you know you have a point and it's right you kinda feel good.

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  7. vanu123

    Meanwhile ZOE is still garbage, we don't have a pistol except the commissioner/underboss, no faction trait, the one thing that people said when commenting on the magrider "at least you still have the PPA" is now gone, etc.
    What exactly is the mag supposed to be good at because it sure as heck aint killing armor and after the PPA nerf it isn't infantry?
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  8. DxAdder

    The VS will still be #1 after the nerf.

    So what next on the Nerf list ?
  9. Yeahy

    Not really man.
    Now Kobalt is better at anti infantry at any range, its only worse against light armor, which I find is stupid.
  10. Yeahy

    New PPA will kill a harasser faster than anything else.
    Mag confirmed anti armor tank.
  11. Syphers

    "VS nuuu pistols nuuuu" VS got a mix of everything, The emperor with +50 rof and -4 ammo -Beamer, the Manticore = Magshot and the Cerberus is a better Rebel. The only difference is their lower bullet velocity which result in slightly decreased damage at 20~ meters, unnoticeable difference unless using a suppresor at that range. And the spiker is getting reworked. VS pistols aren't weak they just feel weak to shoot.

    And no fac triats? What about the best camo coverage? No drop silenced weapons, slender max with the best AI, sneakiest mines, awesome mobile tank when certed, pancake hitbox esf, a good weapon mix: Orion (best lmg),SVA,Pulsar,Serpent,VX6,Lancer,Eridani,Blueshift.. ZOE may be borderline crap for now but if you truly analyze things VS aren't unfavored at all much the opposite.
  12. radrussian2

    it wont stop the VS from having superior teamwork and owning and it wont stop the tr from crying.
  13. Zapon

    This is a massive overnerf- they're hitting every aspect of it .
    actually, the others are UP
  14. vanu123

    I doubt that will make it to live.
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  15. Nehlis

    PPA is trading long range effectiveness for close range effectiveness. If you've used it in PTS it's now much more potent at killing infantry in close range. Extremely so.
    The power per shot is staying essentially the same, the fire rate is being DOUBLED.
    CoF blooming, lower velocity and lower mag mean that you have to burst fire at long range in order to maintain accuracy. Interestingly enough it seems like due to the CoF reset, this is approximately almost the same fire rate as the old PPA, only now you can't hold full auto.
  16. vanu123

    Repeater&Desperado> every pistol we have besides at range the comissioner and underboss are better anyway.
    Every faction has access to black camo, we have drop on several weapons, TR have the best AI and while their ability is situational at least it doesnt kill themselves faster, blinds them, and makes them a bullseye. NC mines are identical except the VS mines have glowing lights on them. Magrider loses to prowler and vanguard in AV and equals and might even be worse than vanguard AI after the PPA hammer nerf. The scythe is a magnet for AA and the mossie is still king. Orion is what we have, the rest are avg-mediocre except the thanatos and sirius which are copies of the other empire weapons anyway. ZOE isnt borderline crap, it is. It is the most useless, pointless thing in teh game outside of possibly the crappy spiker which even after the rework will still be garbage.
  17. vanu123

    At close range Id rather use the saron or halberd. You cant even burst fire at range you have to tap fire it.
  18. vanu123

    THIS DAY SHALL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. BobSanders123

    Flanking and obliterating everything. Oh wait, thats my prowlers job.
  20. Nehlis

    Tapfire essentially brings it to almost the same fire rate as the unnerfed PPA...
    The change is honestly not so bad...