Just how bad is the client side issue?

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  1. Towie

    Yes very true - if they were utilizing a lag switch, they'd best be stationary and hidden otherwise they will reconnect and most likely die instantly.

    It must be a nightmare identifying these folks - BE or filecheck thread or any of the other anti-cheat measures mean nothing as it's literally impossible to identify accidental vs deliberate lag. You can take an educated guess but that's it.

    A possible solution is to just ignore any shots that come in over a certain threshold of non-communication - but that will penalize those who are accidentally lagging, it's a bit of a conundrum. They did implement something a little more sophisticated in H1Z1 (same engine) so they are aware of the issue.
  2. JibbaJabba

    It requires telemetry from the client and (optionally) and out of band channel. It can be done though.

    We do it with realtime media all the time. RTP protocol for example with some codec as a payload. It maintains an RTP stream of UDP packets. Each packet is sequenced but the transport is UDP and the media is realtime so there is no retransmit or anything. But, it allows each endpoint to measure latency *per leg* by sending telemetry reports over the accompanying RTCP channel.

    Very possible to tell if someone is altering their network asymmetrically which is something a cheater would do.
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  3. JustGotSuspended

    thanks for relaying me lol

    also about the death cam showing that sniper outside the biolab. The deathcam is broken lol, and follows the same clientside rules. If the dude kills you then runs behind cover, the deathcam will make it look like the dude killed you through a wall. Not to mention the times where it renders the player as a ghost, if it even renders at all. Not the most reliable thing to watch
  4. Johannes Kaiser

    Well, depending on the position of the wall and the killer behind the wall it can still be easy enough to tell if the person just ran behind it.
  5. Clone117

    I guess everyone has there own definition of cheat.. Lump the exploit /glitch abusers in too.
  6. JustGotSuspended

    we were discussing "hackers", or people artificially manipulating the game through third parties or scripts.

    Exploits/glitch are cheaters too, but it's a different issue. It's not a hack or anything, it's someone abusing a known flaw in the game. They should and do get banned as well, but it requires a different handling than "hackers".

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