Just found this on the PTS patch notes.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Nyscha, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. MajiinBuu

    If enemies are not actively looking for you, you will probably not be seen. This will ruin that.
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  2. EvilMindedSquirrel

    This idea is truly horrible. Mind you, i am a sniper and as such i am very much affected by this.
    Why on earth would they do this? You already see from which direction you got shot at; with even a remote level of skill you will know where about the shot came from.

    I see a number of possible out comes:
    - they implemented it as said, causing about half of the sniper population to quit or play classes they do not like (and then quit)
    - will not show with silencer, other wise why on earth would you get one now?
    - they make a change so that you only get the a cone-like indicator, that way you know from which direction the shot came, but not pin pint it exactly. (still stupid, but better)
    - you will only get the location if the shot came from within 40m (just as if you heard an enemy shot fired)
    - they will sell an implant that will null the effect. ( about 10.000 certs or 1000SC, of course)

    Come on soe, what are you guys thinking? first all the infiltrator loot and then you change the game so that none of them matter and other advantages fall away too?
    That is lame.

    You obviously have not found good enough sniper positions. The biggest part of being a good sniper is positioning. If i get out of my way to walk 15 minutes around a flank, climb up a mountain and end up being completely surrounded by enemies that have no idea i am there (as was my intent). Then this IS good game play as a sniper and should be rewarded and not made completely null and void.
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  3. MarkAntony

    everybody go to the test server forums and argue against this. and not just from a snipers point of view either.
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  4. SkepticJerry

    So you have to move after shooting? Big deal.
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  5. MarkAntony

    You have no idea what you are talking about. This affects the entire playstyle of flanking.
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  6. LordDethir

    So, there is no use in flanking because when you do, the first kill will alert everyone of your presence and will start hunting you.
  7. Akashar

    So you want to be able to take out a whole squad of noobs without sweat. Cool story bro. A good player will quickly know where you shoot from, even without the killcam, if you don't move (though, he still has to die at least once...) So you can kill a good player the same number of times, do we agree?
    Now, you're telling me that you want to be able to kill lots of guys that are learning to play and don't have situational awareness?
    Right now, with the time I have already put in this game, snipers are never a bother. If they hit, i'm dead, fair, I'll be careful. If they miss, I know where they are, i get them, fair. Now I have played more than I would like to admit, which is not the case when oyu start playing.

    Essentially, by disliking this mechanic, you refuse new players tools to learn how to get better. Old vets don't care about it. You just want to farm IMO.
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  8. Vaphell

    A good player might 'know' that, but that's not a guarantee. He can make an educated guess at most. He knows general direction but he can't tell if he got sniped from 30m or 230 and has investigate. This ******** crutch tells a guy who respawns in 5 seconds where his killer is, which leaves the killer with almost no time to escape.
    'Dead men tell no tales' should be a given in a game with emphasis on tactics, otherwise you get a game where flanking is a waste of time and where braindead meatgrinding is the only valid way to play.

    These dudes are not going to learn situational awareness if they don't have to use their brains - learning requires using brains by definition. Saying the info given on a silver plater teaches awareness is like saying that using calculators makes one proficient in mental arithmetic or using GPS teaches one the spatial awareness and topology.

    If I put a 5 minutes to get into a favorable location to have all the effort undone by the first kill, I have a right to be upset. The risk+investment/reward ratio goes out of whack.
    Do you have similar objections against people who pull mlg ready viper lightnings and farm noob infantry to their heart's content? What crutch are you going to give noobs against that threat?
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  9. Benevon

    There is a fine line between providing teaching aids and holding someones hand. Far too often in life I have seen the detriments of this. People who can barely function in life because they were constantly guided rather than being left to make their own mistakes and learn from them.

    I know a guy, whose job involves lots of driving, who gets lost in his own town without a GPS. Rather than building the memory of where places are, he relied too much on an outside source to constantly tell him where to go. I think we see too much of that in our society as a whole, and I'm a firm believer that some things just have to be learned the hard way and a greater sense of pride will come of it.

    I'm not saying that the new players shouldn't be presented with learning aids (so glad they added a tutorial), and there are a lot of great youtube channels that cover a lot (check out Wrel or DrankTheKoolaid). But there is a lot of other issues that may turn new players off of the game besides not knowing where they were shot from. The lattice system, in particular, which was supposed to promote a better sense of battle progression really just promotes zerging. Which is even worse for an under populated faction (TR on Mattherson for example), which is something else that should be addressed. It's not fun being zerged, nor is it all that fun being the faction doing the zerging.
  10. EvilMindedSquirrel

    On the contrary! This new mechanic makes good tactics (like flanking and positioning) obsolete; will prevent new players from becoming better (why learn new skills when you can just wait for the kill screen); and will backfire and harm those new players that it is supposed to help, because all players are getting the same advantage and make the life of new players even harder (especially if they play infiltrator, light assault, or do any flanking).
    It strengthens the monotonous and mindless force-on-force without tactics or strategy.

    What is the point of sneaking out of a besieged spawnroom with a small group or alone to flank around and destroy the enemy sunderer when after the first kill your whole plan is null?
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  11. Akashar

    You need your job to live. If a game is not appealing, yuo just quit it. I just hope sometimes to play with people like you, when a sniper gets me, if he doesn't move, he's dead. With or without a killcam. Positionning is good, repositionning is better. Having good tactics won't change because of that. If you sneak upon a squad and start killing, it's true that most of the time you get away with it. The problem is more of situational awareness for remaining people than for the dead one. The whole "spawn 5 seconds after without a chance to relocate" is no relevant, already because it's always more of 5 seconds, and more because you should always move. A game where the sitting sniper killing people from afar is easier, more rewarding than being the running guy shot, is not a good game. It's all abaout balance. You want people to learn every camping zone of every map, at every place, in a 300 meter radius, and call the ones who don't "lacking situational awareness"? Like they are some sort of underdeveloped people who don't have memory? Sneaking a sunderer is good, ok, the first thing you have to do is blow it up, not farming people around. If you are 4 HA, rockets to the sundy, not lmg on the people around to cert. You get less certs, true, but you were not trying to farm, were you? This debate, like KDR hate, is futile, I hope this new killcam come, haters gonna hate, leave, and more people will enjoy their stay.
  12. lNeBl

    Ah! Nothing like having everyone you kill come hunting for you 15 seconds later. Welcome to the new age of FPS.
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  13. SkepticJerry

    How? If I get shot from a direction now, not from the main attack, I can cell by the hit indicator on my screen which direction I was shot from. I call out on Squad/Platoon chat, "Shot from the NW!" A few quick Q spams by my team mates find you and we adjust. This has no bearing on being sneaky except from the zerg and loner types. If you are constantly moving in this game, like most players do, you won't be where you where when you shot someone. That's assuming the regular Joe even has the communication ability to tell other players where you were. I think this thing is completely overblown and the information given is useless.
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  14. Lucidius134

    They should only draw the line if the enemy was q spotted already or if they shot a weapon within auto-minimap range. (As in the range you create a minimap dot by shooting an unsuppressed weapon).

    That would make:

    Flash Suppressors more viable than no barrel option
    Suppressed weapons have more reward for using
    Not destroy stalker cloak
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  15. Benevon

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "people like me". If you are implying that I am somehow promoting camping, farming or sitting in the same spot sniping from afar then I don't think you are getting the point I am trying to make here. In fact, it feels like you are putting words in my mouth as your reply really had nothing to do with what I said. I'm simply making a counter point to your previous statements, with little to no mention of actual sniping.

    About needing a job to live versus quitting a game you don't enjoy, well there are a lot of games I tried and quit because I didn't enjoy them. That doesn't make them bad games or un friendly to new players. They didn't fit my style. As I'm sure is the case with this game for many people who have tried it. Adding this feature isn't exactly going to change that, and like I said, there are many other large things to look at in the game to make it more appealing.
  16. Rohxer

    The problem with this is that I see it as eerily similar to the universal dislike of the NC infiltrator camo revamp. Not a single positive comment about that, but all their art director could say was roughly "just because you don't like it doesn't mean everyone else doesn't" (paraphrased). Basically refused to even acknowledge the fact that they clearly made an error.

    This seems much the same to me. Pretty much no one likes it (although in this case I have actually seen a (very) few posts otherwise), and yet it keeps coming up. And it has now even made it to the Test server, as posted by no less than his Higbyness. This tells me that it's coming no matter what the players want. And if I want to be more cynical, we can probably anticipate implants in the future to counter it...
  17. CuteBeaver

    Just got back from testing:

    The red line has absolutely no ambiguity. I had a friend shoot and kill me at various ranges with his sniper rifle, and it went directly to his location each and every time. Even 300 meters the line went to the very edge of the mini map. I think the 300 meter test might have had a suppressor.


    On another interesting note Knifing, or at least knifing animations have also changed. Not sure if there is a delay on knifing now or not. Your sprint speed does instantly drop back to normal like it usually does when you hit the knife key. Jumping still works to keep you moving at sprint speed while knifing in mid air. The animation being slower might just be messing with mah mind., but its worth mentioning.

    I was really hoping they would go the 15 degree cone route regarding the death screen. This is rather telling.
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  18. KoS-1

    *facepalm* Why? Is it necessary for the game? NO!!

    SoE, keep ruining the game. Just keeps confirming my opinion of the current crop of devs. Hope this crap doesn't bleed over into EQN. A slow, tearing apart of a once great game. It has it moments of grandeur, but crap like this ******* the shine.

    Btw, does this work with vehicles? I like to run stealth with mine.
  19. MrMurdok

    Well, I've never been much of a sniper until now, guess I won't have to work on it as well.
  20. WyrdHarper

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