Just for fun: Best overall gun (carbine/LMG/Assault/SMG only)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phrygen, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Phrygen


    Edit: My vote would go to SVA-88.
  2. Evil Messiah

    The newest one you pay for until the next one comes out and the one you have gets nerfed
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  3. Kociboss

  4. Sen7rygun

    Pre nerf Carv.
  5. hawken is better

    Best overall gun would probably be the SVA-88. Pre-nerf CARV is a close second.
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  6. TheShrapnelKing

    I haven't used other factions weapons enough to make a judgement but for me?

  7. Goolloom

    In good hand, it's the Gauss-Saw (AKA God-Saw)
    Pre-nerf CRAV was beast too
  8. Rogueghost

  9. Aristel25

    CQC = GD-7F
    Medium = Pre-Nerf Carv
    Longer Range = Pre-Compensator Nerf Gauss Saw
    Extreme Range = The gorgeous L8

    (Obviously a mostly NC perspective here)
  10. repairtool6

    AR: T1B - undisputed
    Carbine: Jaguar - undisputed
    LMG:Actually in contrast to the other categories there is no factually 'BEST OVERALL' LMG in this game. Straight Fact. Good job devs.
    SMG: they all suck equally ;p
  11. LowTechKiller

    I dispute that. The Jaguar is inferior to the GD-7F as well as the VX6-7.
  12. AMARDA

    Jaguar is the best. So nice and controllable!
  13. Torok

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  14. LowTechKiller

    Good info, thanks.:)

    Be careful with those Carbine numbers though. They're a bit deceiving because, if I'm not mistaken, the S/SF models include numbers for the UBGL's of doom, right?
  15. Torok

    Yes it does, otherwise the stats would be similar to the standard weapon, which altough is usually only played by early players if you check the Q*KPU stat you can understand they are too different for it to not count the UBGL kills
  16. Stromberg

    best overall gun for VS is the SVA-88
  17. blackboemmel

    hmm, watched your statistics and it looks like you haven't used any other LMG but the G-SAW...
    i would say that the EM6 is still the better OVERALL weapon.
  18. Dagonlives

  19. Mxiter

  20. Chrotenise

    Em6 is best LMG for NC due to the best control and ammo.
    TR....I'd go with the Armistice. The ROF of that gun is just insane. (CQC)
    Vanu...meh. I'd almost say their shotguns due to the control and precision in combination with their firepower. SVA-88 is quite decent too.