Just another weekend on Miller

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zombe, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Shinrah

    Heh, isn´t higher ping better? :eek: Moar´s always better!?o_O And the long login times are only there to give players extra time to brew a cup of coffee , tea or get something else to drink or snack on. SOE just wants to keep european players healthy and well hydrated.
    And if you can´t login it at all, well, thats because SOE noticed you´ve spent too much time infront of your PC and wants you to do something else.

    That said, I don´t understand all the fuss, SOE just cares about us players, that´s all!;)
  2. Eternaloptimist

    Same on Cobalt. Managed to log in twice since Wednesday. Great game, terrible service.
  3. r4zor

    Try to log in to Emerald: Works on first try.
    Try to log in to Cobalt: NOPE
    Try to log in to Miller (the character my boost is currently active on): NOPE even after third client-restart... Still says "logging in" after 10 minutes of waiting -.-

    Edit: Now the client crashed when I alt-tabbed. Great. Fourth attempt: Still no log in for me :mad:
  4. BloodMonarch

    On 3rd attempt here...client keeps crashing. I've played countless MMO's since 1999 and never have I come across a game where login issues go unresolved for weeks!!!!!! That's what we appear to be heading towards...just like last time!!!!!!! What a joke!
  5. Alchemist44

    When Im in and am getting 10k ms pings at least it looks hilarious. Prowlers drifting/side strafing like crazy, Sunderers spinning semi-underground, soldiers walking in air, ESFs standing still for a second and then turn on their hyperdrives and launch off with nearly light-speed etc. Its really fun :p
  6. Zombe

    I wonder why though. Looking at the pop graphs for the last week, Emerald peaks even higher than Miller. I assume all servers are running the same software, so does this mean Europe servers are just slower?

    I'm also curious as to why SOE isn't using cloud computing? It would be as easy as allocating more resources to specific servers instead of buying whole new more powerful hardware or desperately trying to squeeze all possible optimizations for weeks.
  7. Larolyn

    My weekend so far - 30 minutes logging in. 20 minutes of ping / hit detection issues. Rage quit. Do something else for 4 or 5 hours. Try logging in again. Repeat same process all weekend.
  8. Zombe

    Also I must add that looking at pre-merge populations, Miller peaking at ~1300 and Woodman peaking at ~1100 combined populations should be at around 2400, which is almost indentical to Emerald, peaking at ~2500 that time.

    After the merge, Miller had a whopping 2800 peak on the first few days, because a lot of people came back for the merge and/or directives. Now daily peaks are all over the place, but averages at about 2300.

    SOE lost ~500 players in less than two weeks from Miller alone. Some may come back after login and ping issues are fixed, some won't.
  9. TheScavenger101

    I can't say I feel I'm getting the full value from my membership at the moment.
  10. Perasma18

    Who's great idea was it to merge servers? Fail to login and when I do on the off chance get to login I join one of these massive battles which the server merge should have promoted any my ping is way over 400

    Worst decision ever I used to play PS2 a lot, now I barely play it because I'm so annoyed at this server merge that was forced on me hell my frigging character on the Briggs server that is based in Australia which is 9000 miles on the other side of the world has a better ping than my EU character right now. I mean its not much better but you know at least I can login and shoot stuff
  11. r4zor

    I still can't log in to Miller... And Emerald is no good solution for me due to "bad" connection, 180ms ping and, as stated above, my booster being active on Miller.

    Edit: Yay, after 1 hour of waiting it finally worked. Good that my evening is almost over :rolleyes:
  12. Spoof

    For three hours I've been trying to login. Whenever I do (stat tracker confirms this) the client immediately closes with no error.

    And so I've got a little story for you.

    The second day this game launched there were major desync issues on Miller. When players complained they were told emphatically that "Miller is fine" by John Smedley in a tweet. Eventually the problem was traced to bad hardware and he was proven wrong.

    But the memory of that arrogance left an indelible mark on my opinion of your service, especially in regard of the EU. We're the first to incur disruption when something goes wrong, but play second fiddle to the 'home country'. Call me cynical but, I sometimes wonder if our timezone is really just a bonus to test the stability of a patch before US primetime rolls around.

    I was keeping a sense of humour in my first reply, but patience has worn thin Mr Smedley. Start thinking of compensation for the disruption, because nobody should be paying for this.
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  13. Firejack

    I miss Woodman :(

    I know the current problems with Miller aren't going to last forever. That said, whatever issues with low population Woodman apparently had. At least I could login and play when I wanted.
  14. Zombe

    RIP in peace Woodman, i cri evry tim :'(
  15. Lazaruz

    I got in after 30+ mins, "suicided" on my first couple drops out of a galaxy and found out that med kits wouldn't work half the time.

    Sadly I think these problems will only become worse when the cold and dark nights start rolling in. With more people usually playing during winter time, plus the added publicity boost even for the PC version when the PS4 version launches.
  16. Goretzu

    That's just plain annoying then, I assumed Millers problem was it had the highest pops and the servers where just maxing out, but looking at that it does look like however the US servers are run there are just plain better than the EU servers (for which there is no excuse).
  17. Wecomeinpeace

    No worries guys, if these shenanigans continue just a bit longer the pops on the EU servers will plummet enough so that the remaining population, allthough probably lower then on pre-merge miller, can log in without problems. Problem solves itself!

    And yes, sarcasm is my last resort here, haven't been able to log in AT ALL for the past five days, stopped trying at friday though.
    Loginside with 500ms ping is simply not worth wasting my time, sorry.
  18. vsae

    Miller cant be worse than Briggs dude.

    Anyway this weekend the lags were really salty. I could unload an entire magazine of the SAW before people started shooting me back and then I die instantly. That sweet 700 ms ping.