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  1. JGood

    Status: In Progress

    Rolling with an outfit in PlanetSide 2 is really making the most of what the game has to offer in a number of different ways, so we want to make the process of finding an outfit and finding new recruits easier for everyone involved.
    • We're still working out the kinks, but the basic rough outline currently looks like this:
      1. A leader of an outfit wants to gain more members. They will modify an outfit description to let prospective members know what kind of Outfit it is. The leader can then toggle on a Looking for Members option.
      2. A player looking to join an outfit will click on a Join Outfit button. This will bring up a list of all outfits that are looking for members. The player will be able to see the description of the outfit which will be informative enough for him to decide if it is the type of outfit he wants to join.
      3. The player finds an outfit they like and will see a button next to the outfits listing that lets them send an application to join to the outfit.
      4. The outfit management page will have an area with open applications in it. Players in the outfit that can see and modify the outfit management page will be able to see those applications and click through to their profile page to see more information about the applicants. If the player’s stats look sufficient then their application can be accepted and the player will be added to the outfit. If a player tries to join an outfit when they already have an application outstanding, they'd receive a notification along the lines of:
        • “You have already applied to the Outfit “OutfitNameHere” would you like to withdraw this application and apply to a new outfit?”
        • If the player chooses to withdraw the application, a notification will be sent to the previously applied guild to let them know the player withdrew their application.
    Here's an early mockup:

    Outfit Leader Management page mockup:
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  2. Fethrion

    Yes, this one will be wonderful. In fact you should be able to freely view the list of all the outfits on your server (with details like members count) - perhaps restricted to the ones in your faction.
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  3. kymcman

    Love this. I think it would really help some of the smaller outfits as well.
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  4. KiddParK

    If there was the ability to have a LINK in game that opened a browser up to the clan's website that would be really boss as we've been recruiting for this game since before the game was out and doing a decent job at it. Any way we can get players to our websites, then we're good from there. It's just getting them there that's the problem sometimes.
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  5. Akrasjel

    Hell yea, nice stuff ;)
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  6. Trof

    Yes please!
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  7. Ryekir

    It would also be nice to have an API for this so that it can be integrated into the outfit's existing website and application process.
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  8. Fotosynthese

    It should be nice if you could add the outfit website to it to place an apply there.
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  9. MCKhaos

    You could also consider following Guild Wars 2's example and allowing characters to be in multiple outfits, while only representing one at a time. This would tie in nicely with your plans for Outfit Progression as you would only provide outfit experience to the outfit you are currently representing.
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  10. MasterChief096

    This needs to be combined with serious game changes that make small outfits actually have significant roles, otherwise people will filter their outfit choices to the largest outfits and ignore the littler ones that only operate on a 5-20 guy basis.
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  11. JarJar2

    I think allowing multiple applications would be key. Otherwise you're tying up a person looking for an outfit based on whether or not the outfit they applied to will respond within a day or will take a week.
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  12. robo

    I've got to argue against this. Outfit loyalty means a lot to most outfits - we want you to be a member of our outfit, not all of the outfits. Even if you only "represented" one at a time, being able to be a member of more than one on a single character destroys a lot of the loyalty that outfits rely on. We want you to join us and play with us a large percentage of the time - a majority of your playtime. Otherwise, don't join the outfit. I don't want you to be able to say "well, I'm going to go play with Sturmgrenadier now and shoot you guys, was nice playing with you today". That kills not only outfit loyalty, but faction loyalty, which we need more of.

    EDIT: weird double post. Multiple applications is fine, but once you join an outfit, that's your outfit unless you decide to leave and apply elsewhere. I don't want my members jumping ship whenever they want.
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  13. scalesscales

    Move this to march or feb.
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  14. Ratsle

    I like it, very much like the EQ2 system
  15. ChrisLand

    What he said.

    Overall I like this change though.
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  16. Dkamanus

    Yes please, it'll ease up all the people joining my friends list but not contacting me EVER!
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  17. cassan0va

    Just add a terminal where it lists all Outfits for your faction on the specific server you're on.
    Maybe even have it as a part of the Tutorial you're thinking about, it doesnt mean they have to join one in the tutorial just showing them where it is.
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  18. Codek

    Can't this be moved up to earlier? My Outfit on Miller needs this feature badly.
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  19. Reoh.

    As someone who runs in what is quite a large outfit, this is sorely needed.
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  20. Rolfski

    • Give new players the option to experience what it's like to be in an outfit without having to make a decision about it yet.
    • Give outfits the option for new players to have them experience what it's like to be in their outfit
    If you combine these two, consider facilitating an "Eve University" -like platform that helps new players learn the game and deciding which outfits to join and gives outfits an excellent recruiting ground: Planetside Military Academy
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