June - New Continent: Hossin

Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. JGood

    Adding a brand new continent: Hossin
    • Hossin is a swamp covered continent. Bask in the glow of some sweet concept art.
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  2. Rak

    We need new continents sooner than this!

    Hossin looks amazing by the way, and it was my favorite from PS1
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  3. Noktdaz

    I hope it actually looks that gloomy and dark in game, too.
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  4. MeowMix986367

    How do we upvote this to the #1 spot above everything else?
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  5. KaMiKaZePiG

    yes yes yes yes yes.

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  6. pnkdth

    This looks absolutely amazing.
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  7. Eugenitor

    This and a server merge.
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  8. Keelin

    A new continent is nice provided the servers have the population to support it.
    Right now some servers definitely don't - please make sure this doesn't become a problem.
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    hell yes.make the water deep so i sometimes have to swim or lurk through it. give me some night vision goggles and id never leave this place.
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  10. Antivide

    I hope this isn't another square.
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  11. Jackalmaster

    The art work looks amazing. I was wishing this could be done a little sooner.

    And please dont make the map a square
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  12. rocqua

    Would the swamps slow down vehicles? Could be an awesome way to direct the flow through a map.
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  13. Assist

    Where is Searhus? Why is it not in the plan? It was supposed to be out before Hossin.
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  14. the pestimist

    oh yeah baby.
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  15. gudman591

    This looks amazing.
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  16. rocqua

    Server merges could really work here. And if they add capturable warpgates, it might naturally restrict the amount of continents being fought on.
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  17. the pestimist

    they cant do that magrider will have advantage.
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  18. Salutem

    There was an idea I read somewhere to have things hurt you like plants etc. that would be clever
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  19. rocqua

    "the swamp's water has very strong minerals dissolved in them, these disrupt the magnetic fields that allow a magrider to hover, slowing them down" Might work lore wise?
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  20. Sturmhardt

    This is really important for the metagame, do this as fast as you can.
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