Jump Jets for Infiltrators?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Wizlawz, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. thingymajigy

    lol typical noob :rolleyes:. Always thinking higher magnification = better. And NO for OP suggestion

    Edit: oh and the + scope is called crosshair
  2. Wizlawz

    of course higher magnification is better for sniping.....why wouldn't i think that?

    ye i know it's called a crosshair but you failed to say the correct name of the 4x scope with the red crosshair as i failed to rem the name...that is why to mentioned the "RED +"..... typical noob.

    ye i pretty much figured it wasn't something new, just new to me.

    ahh good to know i will not be alone out there.

    ye i know neither will happen and both make sense
  3. Redwave

    Curse you
  4. Wizlawz

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  5. Nehlis

    cloaks on LAs. without losing 100 on shields.
  6. Wizlawz

    elaborate a bit more plz?

    i don't get it....
  7. Exonis

    Just give everyone jump jets, problem solved, game funner.
    Just look at these games for examples.
    • Tribes
    • Section 8
    • FireFall
    1. Light Assault = Best Jump Jets ( 1.0 )
    2. Infiltrator = 2nd best, but 2/3 of light assault. ( 0.66 )
    3. Medic = 3rd, half of Infiltrator ( 0.33 )
    4. Engineer = 4th, 3/4ths of Medic ( 0.25 )
    5. Heavy Assault = 5th, half of Engineer ( 0.125 )
  8. Wizlawz

    hmmm and what of MAX?

    can not forget about poor old MAX
  9. Nehlis

    If infiltrators get jumpjets, Light Assaults should get cloaks.
  10. Siilk

    Max should be able to fly. Or teleport. Or both. ;)
  11. Wizlawz

    LA gets Hunter cloak while Infil keeps stalker cloak.

    LA keeps drifter jets while Infil gets Jump Jets.



    but at what speed? and for how long? would there be a cool down timer or would it be a one time use per victory or defeat?

    actually the teleporting wouldn't be OP IF a MAX could TP to a weapon terminal to switch out AA / AT weps as per the situation would need and teleport back to previous location SO LONG as the MAX doesn't leave the building in which the wep terminal is located; but ONLY if there is a weapons terminal nearby or simply within the same compound....i guess depending upon the size of it though?

    maybe in the larger ones it could be a halfway teleport both ways? what i mean by that is teleport from orig location to halfway to wep term in large compounds, MAX would have to foot it the rest of the way; BUT at no time could the MAX re-teleport back to prev location without first interacting with the wep terminal.

    now once the MAX reaches the wep terminal and interacts with it, the MAX could decide on teleporting back to the halfway point of 1st teleport and footing it from there OR just foot it to the halfway point and then teleport back to prev original position.

    now this wouldn't be available to the MAX once and if the MAX is so many #meters away from the compound as the generators are what would power the MAXs' teleportation module; so then a MAX than can teleport in this way of this mechanic would ONLY be for compound defense....of course that range could be extended with an implant...but extended by how much? and how much energy would that implant use?
  12. thingymajigy

    In that case let's just give everyone everything. I wonder how that would work out.
  13. Wizlawz

    Typical noob. You can't snipe with LA. 4x barely helps because full-auto recoil is too high for the scope. Bursts and single shots also normally won't kill enemies because the bullets do little damage at that range.

    Typical Noob, i just pick out enemies according the how low the health bar is if i want LA Sniper kills....otherwise they either think they are getting sniped and relocate {that is if they didn't pay attention to the health bar} or they can stand there and let me chip away at them, in any case the point is the advantage of height and spotting, LA has the capabilities as Infil does not...this you know.

    At closer ranges the magnification will be too high to keep enemies in the scope. Therefore, with the standard carbine you have right now, 4x will disadvantage you.

    meh, i haven't had any issues as i typical put it on single shot.....only go full auto cqc hipfire and be fodder and a moment for my m8's; hopefully giving them those split second advantages a little more time.

    " Typical noob. All people (and maybe you as well) thinks of "plus" when they see +. "crosshair" is much less vague so you should have said "4x crosshair"
    Noobs thinking they know everything...

    Typical Noob, you are right i should have said it in the first place, really was not thinking of this as a fire arms learning tool but i guess it can be even though it is "just a game", but i know that is no excuse.
    i mean can you imagine teaching someone about firearms and using the "plus" word instead of crosshair?...so i hear ya.

    Typical Noob, thinking Noobs thinking they know everything.
  14. Moz

    This thread is incredible.

    Infiltrator with a jump jet, 1. it makes no sense for the class and 2. why on gods green earth would you even need it?

    The infiltrator is about FLANKING and has the ability to let him flank. The Light is about opening up new fire angles, and has the ability to let him do this.

    There is just no conceivable reason for Infil to have a jump pack..... EVER!

    This is not Tribes, its Planetside if you want jump pack on everything go play a game like tribes that revolves around jump packs.
  15. DHT#

    I don't think infils need jump jets, but I could see some sort of assisted jump so they could get slightly more places than others.
  16. Wizlawz

    ye that is exactly where i was trying to get at with this thread...i just did not know the correct words to use.

    thank you very much for that.
  17. Moonheart

    It's a weird idea.... weirdest I readed since the idea of the teleportation nades for infiltrators.

    But copying another class ability doesn't feel right to me.
  18. Wizlawz

    ye i hear ya.

    but i am learning to fly so.... this thread can be buried / deleted / whatever.....don't really care...never did...was just trying to bring some more versatility to infils..but whatever....aerials are becoming this infils #1 best friend.

    i can go higher, faster, longer...im all good.
  19. Moonheart

    More versality would be good, but I'd like something more unique.
  20. Wizlawz

    could you elaborate on that a bit more plz? define "unique".