Jump Jets as an Alternative to ZOE

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Quiiliitiila, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Quiiliitiila

    I guess I'm necroing a previously necroed thread, but I just wanted to point some stuff out.

    I wrote my OP three years ago when these forums were rife with threads about how awful ZOE was and how it was ruining the game, ect. Had you read the thread when I first made it, you wouldn't have needed sources or proof, it was literally everywhere.

    Again, back when this was written the only solutions posed were straight downgrades and the Devs had said they weren't sure what to do. As we can see now, ZOE is (in this writer's opinion at least) useless and of all three ES MAX abilities it's clearly the worst. The nerf that was handed down by the Devs to balance it was waaaay over the top and heavy handed, essentially making it into a suicide button with little to no benefit. At least the other two abilities have uses, even if they require planning (lockdown especially).

    But this is all moot, discussion from a thread made three years ago. :p
  2. BattleDroids

    I recall vanu maxes having jet packs in ps1. Silimar uplift as the drifter for light assault class. Even if it worked well in planetside 1 doesn't mean it will in planetside 2. If a vanu max was gonna use this to get on the upper levels of a building he could not simply enter that building because he would need someone to hack/open the doors leading in to the building. In planetside 2 the buildings are built differently.
  3. WhiteWolf

    I remember popping MAXRun in a base, and as I reached the destination base, I'd jump jet over the walls and either land behind the defenders watching the gates :B
    Always disengaged MAXRun at the perfect distance so weapons would come online as I landed. I miss MAXRun. And my jumpjets.
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  4. Tattoon

    JJ MAX wouldnt break the game. Didnt break PS1, Wont break PS2. There are so many ways to remove people from strategic positions. VS MAX needs a niché and JJ would be good thing to replace the most nerfed thing in the games history (ZoE). Dunno why so many are anti-JJ MAX. Did you even play PS1? Dont say nay until you've acctaully experianced it.
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  5. Tattoon

    Couldnt edit but forgot to say that, VS MAX in PS1 were lot more effective AA in PS1. The aircrafts in PS2 are too stronk and and the only good way to remove them is by air. Or if they are foolish enough to fly into fullclip of burster. PS1 MAX had a very effective and fun lock-on projectiles. Which was lot more effective removing air. But noone complained then. Here in PS2 the fanbois and metawarriors whine so much that no change happens. Hense the game is where it is atm. Ppl dont like changes that makes them have to adapt to new playstyles. If they cant farm less skillful players that dont spend 1000000 hours in air for example. A skilled pilot kills a skilled MAX very easely, which isnt fair when the MAX cost 100 more. And yes, you can res a MAX. But MAX cant escape like a aircraft can. And you dont exactly have a pocket medic or someone nearby to toss you a res either.

    Noy sure how i got into that.... But i was just making a long example. And JJ MAX wont make the game less enjoyable for either the airfarmers or tankers, or infantry.
  6. LordKrelas

    PS1 didn't care about height differences, and had Doors everywhere.
    Ps2 has no Doors, Max units are powerful.
    And VS doesn't need to be the only side that can have MAX units get onto Roofs, jet away from C-4, and avoid entire stairways with Jets without any need for help doing it: IE Galaxies.

    VS would have AI Maxes, AV Maxes, and LA's on Roof tops without any planning.
    While NC & TR could only have LA's.
    NC & TR's Maxes would be through doorways & stairways, and be vulnerable to C-4.
    VS could jet through balconies , over roofs, and jet away from C-4 - Elevation is a Defense.

    One side having an incredible mobility advantage, when height is an advantage in of itself, is murderous.

    And in PS2, no one has effective AA.
    If VS's Jump jets would make them have effective AA, VS again would have another advantage due to Jump Jets.

    Aircraft are BS, when it gets to Liberators.
    However, a MAX able to get everywhere but only for one side is Hellish.

    It'd be hell for NC & TR to handle.
    And hellish easy for VS to handle other enemy Maxes - Hell, VS maxes could entirely avoid chokepoints & NC\TR Maxes.
    Or do you not understand what Jump jets provide to Light Assaults?
  7. Tattoon

    Cant avoid at all time going indoor and be in chokepoints where NC and TR MAXes CRUSH VS MAX.

    Air is not ******** at all. unless you sit in one and farming away on infantry trying to capture a base. And that is made only with a 350 investment.

    Obviously the JJ wouldnt be like a maxed out JJ as for LA. It would be slow and wouldnt boost you as high. 2 rockets in face ur still dead. Like i said, Dont say nay before we tried it out. Atleast its an idea that could work and be balanced with boost adjustments. VS > Mobility, TR > Raw damage, NC > Survivability. So it would fit perfectly as a niché for VS as in PS1. Sure PS1 had door. But you wouldnt be able to Jump as high as you could in PS1.
  8. LordKrelas

    NC's require RNG to be in their favor with shotguns, and an incredibly close-range.
    TR is nearly in line with VS's.
    As well, being able to avoid infantry, use LA mobility as a heavily armored combat suit, and only for one-side is ******* insane.

    You ever face a Liberator?
    Try facing one without a Legion, you'll die regardless unless the pilot is ****.
    As you need numerous lightning tanks, which all need skyguard, and the total cost in nanites exceeds the liberator.
    And you'll lose tanks to the singular Liberator, which can do this Solo. 1 Man.

    Being the sole Max capable of reaching any balcony, Cliffside, entering towers from the exterior, getting onto roof tops alone is still bringing Max suit power past any practical Tank-mine defense or similar.
    While NC & TR only have the same paths to go, VS can avoid nearly all such identifiable paths.

    I do not want to see a Max flying up a tower, to see if it is insane.
    NC Survivability? Not in max units.
    The shield is directional, doesn't block Archer rounds, prevents firing, and the Max is the same speed.
    Add in the weapons for AI, which is RNG shotguns requiring close-range, and the Max is required to be inside the range of all Anti-max weapons.
    For AV, LOS to every enemy target, with slow reloads.
    Did I mention the AI weapons, have the smallest clips, longest reloads, and need RNGesus?

    A jumping Max, can avoid C-4.
    A jumping Max can scale what NC & TR can not.
    A jumping Max can reach places inside & outside, only LA's can.
    Unless it barely functions at all. Which defeats the point.

    You do not need a flying max unit.

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