Jump Jet certs broken?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Dakkin, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Pugzii

    yep its broken, along with 90% of all the other class certs.
  2. JoCool

    "Ready for release" the birds were singing :)
  3. Xaielao

    I'm sticking with Tier 3 until they fix Tier 4 (and tier 5? Anyone tested it?). T3 is very noticeable over T2 so I know it's not bugged.
  4. Hammos

    I do believe the cert is only half broken.

    With each upgrade I did test vertical height and never really saw a boost after cert 2. Which implies the fuel is not increasing.

    However, you can definitely fly longer if you burst your jets. Implying that the regen is increased.
  5. Steppa

    Regen testing would seem to be pretty straightforward. Exhaust your jets and record the time it takes to get back to 100% full.
  6. Wildclaw

    As it was difficult to get good measurements from that method, I instead choose to measure how long it took to recharge 10 out of the 13 ticks.

    T2: 7.4-7.8s
    T5: 6.6-6.8s

    There is definitely a difference, but it doesn't match the description. If T2 gave 12% and T5 gave 48%, we would be seing closer to 5.8s for T5. At least it should give some comfort to those of us who have invested points already, knowing that it isn't totally useless.
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  7. Krona

    Doesn't work.
  8. Marchzilla

    +1, just tested my rank 5 with a friends rank 2 and there was no difference.
  9. Zache

    I know for a fact that most of these people don't know they have to equip the cert.
  10. Winterspawn

    Your class power auto-equips, you can't unequip or change it.
  11. XANi

    Unless you have more than one to choose from... I miss my Icarus jumpjets from beta :(
  12. Winterspawn

    This is about the regular JJ's not the drifters, those are another subject.
  13. Trenyt

    Who uses Drifter jets anyway, I find their lack of combat ability crippling. I have to say I honestly never even noticed my 'Rank 2's' were not working better then the default setting. I have Rank 3 at the moment and now I'm wondering where I should even upgrade further at the moment.
  14. Achmed20

    just tested with rank 3 and sadly confirm that its not working.
  15. Mogi67

    Drifter jets are also bugged. I got the upgrade to level 2 and the burn duration is shorter than the stock drifters...
  16. ozziewolf

    I notice a big difference with rank IV. However that could be from the regen and feathering. I want to say height as well but I'm not as certain about that part.

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