Jump Jet certs broken?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Dakkin, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Dakkin

    Tested with a friend, my level 4 jump jets vs his level 2, and we have the same fly height and duration.

    Also not really noticing an increase in sprint speed from the adrenaline cert.
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  2. Achmed20

    Sprint definatly works.

    can say anything on the jetpack.
  3. NukeTheWhales

    I just upgraded from 2 to 4 and i noticed the difference immediately. You jump faster, regen faster and it lasts a little bit longer.
  4. sscarr

    Did you test to see the difference straight after you upgraded? I've noticed some upgrades don't take affect until you've switched class or re logged.
  5. lonesome killer

    I too don't notice a difference. I had enough Certs to go from Level 2 to Level 4. I tested Level 2 out first. I went outside the spawn of the warp gate. A full charge took me just a little above the helipads. Then it took about 9 seconds to refill to a full charge. I upgraded to Level 4 jets. Tried again. Same height and same recharge time. I tried logging out and even restarting the game to make sure no settings were saved in the game. It's still going the same height and same recharge rate as far as I can see.
  6. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    Yep exactly what i did as well and same result! I wasnt happy especially after i smashed all my certs onto it, i thought it would have been way more noticing! but failed, now im sceptic to upgrade it again :(
    Is there a bug or something??
  7. Wildclaw

    Yup. Most definitely bugged. Both tier 2 and tier 4 give the exact same boost (enough to make you hit the ground with 2 health bars left). Tier 1 gives you less.
  8. lonesome killer

    Anyone know about level 5? I plan on upgrading, but it's 500 certs away
  9. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    I'd hold off until they fix this ****, you wouldnt want to be dissapointed smashing 500 certs on something thats the same as a tier 2, thats why im neglected to get it!
  10. Wildclaw

    And just to clarify, Tier 1 in the above would be the one you start out with by default.

    Anyway, I hope they fix this quickly. It is a rather huge class effecting bug. I also remember someone commenting that the Drifter jets didn't seem to last longer with upgrades either in another thread.
  11. Swiffle

    Interesting. I knew these were acting a bit wonky, but didn't nail it down. Good find.
  12. MilkMan

    I'm glad this was noticed. I unfortunately dumped all of my certs into it as well and am at the second to last level. Disappointing.
  13. Eyeklops

    Yea...I guess if they are not going to give the Icarus back to us they could at least make the regular JJ's work properly...

  14. MilkMan

    I just logged on my VS character which has all upgrades except for 1, walked out the right door of my spawn, and flew as high as I could. I exceeded the height of the building and almost surpassed the weird things that are jutting out of the top of the building.

    Then I logged on my NC which has 0 upgrades whatsoever and exited the same door and attempted to gain the same altitude. I could only just reach the top of the building, as apposed to the top of the weird structure sticking out. Now while that doesn't seem like a 32% boost in fuel (I imagine 32% would be at least 1/3 of my jump and it instead only seems like two feet), it does seem like some sort of boost.
  15. Wildclaw

    Please read the whole thread. The first upgrade does give you a boost. No upgrades after that gives you any boost.
  16. Wildclaw

    I already responded to this, but I'll respond with the math this time around to highlight how much we are getting screwed currently. Constant acceleration turns into a squared formula. That means that 32% fuel should give you 74% (1.32*1.32) extra jump height. Instead all you get is ~17% (1.08*1.08).

    That means that you are losing out on a massive 49% (1.74/1.17) jump height. If you bought the final upgrade, you would lose out on a massive 68% jump height.
  17. Purple

    i would have to agree with op it doesent seem like when you upgrade you get any more out of it.
  18. Scurge

    At about the 3rd tier you notice a bit. But you also need to log out and back in when you upgrade your jets to avoide a bug which can make them look like they dont work or even disable them
  19. Wildclaw

    No you don't. I have had three upgrades for days on my main. That still doesn't make me fly any higher than someone who spends a single cert point for the first upgrade (which is the only one that does work).
  20. Redcleoud

    I didn't think it was just me noticing. There's definitely something not working with the jump jets. With this and C4 cert costs so high, I put LA on the backburner until some things get fixed.

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