July - Esamir Battle Flow Improvements

Discussion in 'Archived Features' started by JGood, May 16, 2013.

  1. JGood

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  2. ChrisLand

    Since Indar is getting the battle flow treatment it only makes sense for Esamir and Amerish to get it as well.

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  3. Jac70

    No no no, making things more predictable is not going to improve the game. It's not as if forces have the ability to just go wherever they want now - they still need adjacency so you can already predict where people will likely go. This corridor shooter thing is lame and I hope you get to see why when it goes onto live.

    Just be ready to revert when it turns into the grinding 24/7 stalemate huge zerg no variety borefest.
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  4. MrDerpAssault

    Looking foward for it. Keep up the good job, SOE :).
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  5. Ravenorth

    Great to see its on the way to the other continents also!
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  6. Ascent

    Looks good. So glad to see the lattice is being added. Will finally end the game of ghost-capping whack-a-mole.
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  7. Frosth

    Exactly this. Please consider the feedback given about the rush lanes before wasting more time on it.
    Unschedule these and wait to see how it works out for Indar.
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  8. Wineclaw

    And Ghostcapside 2 is so much better.
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  9. Frosth

    You're acting like the rush lanes are the only way to remove ghost capping.
    Rush lanes aren't even intended to do that, it would just be potential a side effect.
    Which isn't even guaranteed, from what I've heard, there was ghost capping in ps1 as well.

    There are so many easier and far more effective way of dealing with ghost capping:
    - rewards for recaptures,
    - points that revert if no attackers are there,
    - need for more attackers to start flipping a point.

    No need to kill a mosquito with a rocket launcher.
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  10. OldMaster80

    Right. Letting people swarm around like locust leaping from a base to another to cap as many structures as possible, nullifying every strategy, mortifying every attempt to defend, forcing people to redeploy all the time, preventing players from defending what they conquered... This is so much better. o_O

    /sacrasm off
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  11. OldMaster80

    Ghost capping will still be possible, what it's going to be something players can keep somehow under control since every territory is going to border 3 territories, not 6.
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  12. Netsurfer733

    I actually have to say that I disagree with the lattice link system being Indar-only. Not only will that get confusing with Alerts, but it may give some the impression that you guys are unconfident about your decisions, perhaps costing you guys some faith points with those that don't care to think enough about it to come to the conclusion that that isn't true.
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  13. Skypebble

    WOOT! Front page! :D

    New Esamir lattice link system FTW!
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  14. Coolitic

    Bad idea, esamir is special exception due to its spread out nature and the new battle flow "improvements" doesn't work on esamir.
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  15. Backf1re

    The current problem with Esamir right now is the continent geometry does not fit the warp gate placements. Typically what you find is that the north west gate and surroundings are the focus point of all the fighting, and facilities such as Ymir Bio-Lab are ghost towns because they are in the south east corner.

    Please make it so the lattice spreads out the fighting, creating opportunities in the south east for action, as this part of Esamir is hardly busy with anything at all.
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  16. NovaAustralis

  17. Chemicalnurd

    Now all we need are bases that can be defended and a mechanic to tell you when to defend them.
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  18. meetjack

    It all comes down to what the game is going to be about, and I think this should have guidance from the developers more than influence from the players. A lot of the time players do have ideas that seem good, but for one reason or another, don't work in reality. Be it that they help that individual players agenda to the way they like to play the game and not everyone, or that they haven't thought of many of the side effects of the wanted change.

    So, what is planetside 2 supposed to be about? Big battles. Lots of tanks and aircraft and troops working together to achieve domination. Lets not beat about the bush.

    Having semi-forced direction of flow creates big confrontations. A lot of the time, I've seen big zergs that just go from base to base with ease, and eventually splinter when they get near the enemy warpgate, before an enemy zerg comes in and repeats the cycle.

    Epic struggles for a biolab with slow changes in the strategy over time as other platoons come to the position and change the dynamic are what this game is all about. Not having one or two sneak to frostfall overlook and start a ghost cap just because you own grey heron shipping.

    The way the hex system is set up, large platoons are less likely to meet each other, because they can simply crush in a less defended direction easier. And positions are less likely to be defended with any conviction because hey, we can just pick one of the other 4 bases the hex touches to go and cap instead of being run over by the slightly bigger platoon.

    So lets get the lattice system happening on all continents, and get on with whats more important :
    1. Getting the meta game happening with warp-gate captures
    2. Improving the game so plebs like me who can't afford expensive processors can actually fight in these awesome big battles.
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  19. MadMaukh

    Planetside 2 is not a game for platoons. Platoons add to the game and make it exciting but at the end of the day, there are still millions of individual players who will want to feel that they make a difference in the game. The lattice system takes away that ability, and reduces the contributions that individuals make to the game. It also defeats, almost entirely, the purpose of having a squad. The best thing about planetside 2 is knowing that your small squad is making a difference, whether it be capping adjacent sectors or keeping forward spawns secure, you make friends that way, and it fosters co-operation between individuals.
    But with the lattice system, no matter who you are or what you're doing, you have no choice in where to go. Battles are not organic, and are merely forced. Squads are useless. Your friend who you've fought with for the last 3 sectors is indistinguishable in the massive zerg that is your faction. All individual contribution is lost.

    Implementing it on Esamir is a bad idea, because at least when it was on Indar, the ones who disagree with the lattice system could go fight on Esamir or Amerish. Esamir is also a lot more open continent than Indar, that is where it has its appeal, and removing that fluidity by adding this system will reduce the appeal of fighting there.
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  20. Vashyo

    I just can't go to esamir or amerish to play anymore because I absolutely abhor the lack of focus randomness of the old system. Upvote
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