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  1. PS2_Luke Lead Designer

    Status: Being Designed

    We will be adding one new pistol per empire that reinforce the different characteristics of each empire's weapons. Here is the initial high level plan:

    • NC
      • High damaging shotgun that equips in the sidearm slot
    • TR
      • Fast firing machine pistol
    • VS
      • Can be rapid fired or overcharged to deal explosive damage
      • Burst-fire pistol that can be rapid fired or overcharged to fire an even higher-damaging burst.
    As we get further along in the design we will be updating with more details.

    What are your thoughts?
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  2. BoomBoom4You

    Anything empire-specific I'm a fan of, I'd just caution you that the NC always feel cheated with their shotgun weapons, since for whatever reason shotguns get nerfed a lot -- they buy a bunch of NC-specific weapons and then shotguns get a blanket nerf and they (rightly or wrongly) feel cheated.

    Otherwise, sounds cool.
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  3. Wasdie

    As long as the NC's is a double barreled shotgun that takes both rounds to kill a full health enemy I'm ok with it. In fact that would be badass.
  4. Pikachu

    How will TR pistol differ from anything else they have? A small magazine SMG will it be?
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  5. DurandaI

    Please no charge mechanic for a pistol, the entire point of a sidearm is to whip it out when you are reloading in a fight, and a charge mechanic there makes no sense, just front-load the damage and give it a long reload/rechamber time, maybe make it like a single comet or something, but for the love of god please FRONTLOAD the damage, a charge mechanic is great for some things but not for pistols!
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  6. Caserion

    The TR one seems to be the only good idea.

    I'm not a NC or a VS player myself, but it's been voiced pretty regular that they're sick of shotguns and sick of charge-up weapons.

    The NC shotgun pistol needs to become more like something with slugs, actual range. I don't want the NC to get more shotguns which will get nerfed anyway and the NC are begging for something else than a shotty (it's a miracle thier empire specific sniper rifle wasn't a shotgun :p). Make it a really slow firing, 2-3 shot to kill pistol. Maybe even pump action.

    The vanu, give them a real laser pistol. pin-point accurate, high velocity and by the love of god no charge up mechanic. Pistols are used as weapons you grab to finish of a enemy quickly, not stare them to death with the charge up sound... if you really want another charge up pistol, fine, but make not charging up viable enough.
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  7. DurandaI

    Hey man the ability to pull out a small SMG in the middle of a firefight while their real smg is reloading sounds really strong, plus stalker cloak and it seems like a fun combo
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  8. VSDerp

    so tired of having charge up stuff on vs just give us a rapid fire pistol
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  9. Ronin Oni


    Charge up is useless on a pistol. Sure, it worked for Lancer and Vortex...

    but a pistol??

    Stalker can't use it. You need to use the element of surprise and decloak unload, recloak. Uncloaking to charge up ruins that.

    And any other class only uses pistol as a quick swap to finish off enemies, again, where charge up utterly fails.

    PLEASE rethink the charge up mechanic.
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  10. Pikachu

    Yeah charge up is no good in emergency. Ain't nobody got time for that. Ain't nobody got time for that. Ain't nobody got time, ain't nobody got time, ain't nobody got time for that.
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  11. Ronin Oni

    Shotgun on a pistol is great... pistols are for close range, "crap I need to reload but he's not dead yet" finishers... and a shotgun fit's that niche perfectly.

    So does high RoF bullet hoses.

    CHARGE UP, however, does NOT at ALL.

    The only time you primary a pistol is as a Stalker, and then the charge up sucks because you have to decloak for it >.<


    VS will continue to primarily use NS pistols.
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  12. Javelin6

    Where is a VS burst pistol? NC & TR have at least one, so why not VS?
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  13. Harvuster

    For anyone who played PS1 as NC. I WANT MY SCAT PISTOL! God I've waited so long for it!
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  14. Larington

    I can get behind the idea of a VS orb launching sidearm that splashes to hit people hiding behind cover. I would however much prefer it NOT be charge up though.
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  15. MrJoske

    Shotgun infil? What could go wrong, remember beta...
    Also for the love of Vanu, stop with the dam charge mechanic. It's not fun. Specially for a pistol which is a cqc weapon...

    On a second thought, maybe it could be semi useful if it works like the plasma pistol in halo, still I would rather NOT see charge mechanic used (again).
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  16. Tommyp2006

    If the NC do get a shotgun pistol, please make sure it's a PS1 mag-scatter. It was an iconic weapon of the original game.

    And I've been waiting for TR to get a full auto pistol, sounds good
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  17. Nepau

    The only way I could see the VS using that Pistol is ether the Explosive shot does a ton of damage ( which would be OP), or have a reverse to the usual charge mechanic.

    What I mean by this is that the pistol starts with the fully charged shot, and then you can ether wait between shots to let it recharge, or continue to rapid fire, Giving it that Initial Burst of damage, rather then having to sit and wait to do that extra damage.
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  18. latere

    giving all faction infils access to shotguns seemed like a bad idea but giving A SINGLE faction's infils access to a shotgun is a good idea?
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  19. Shanther


    Please god no shotgun pistols.
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  20. Jaedrik

    Key word, guys: Explosive damage.
    Hell, I want an explosive sidearm to shoot things with that's not the sucky crossbow.
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