July 7, 2023 - PTS Update

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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    The following are changes and additions to the latest PTS build that is available for download now.

    Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies:https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/read-first-test-server-policies-download-link.114038/

    Target Laser Changes
    • Fixed issue where targeting laser could not evaluate its target after interacting with a terminal.
    • No deploy zones are now displayed when wielding a targeting laser.
    • Glaive IPC will now stop firing after each volley.
    • Added warning text to indicate a Glaive artillery strike for players in the area.
    • Adjusted the Flail's smoke indicator to red smoke to reduce confusion with squad smoke.
    • Added warning text to indicate a Flail artillery strike for players in the area.
    Updated Implants
    Outmaneuver/Rally Mechanic
    • These implants have been removed from the game.
    Dev Note: We liked the idea of incentivizing vehicle interactions, but further rewarding players for doing the things they should already be doing was perhaps misguided. That said we now have these mechanics at our disposal (reacting to directional vehicle damage, reacting to players exiting vehicles) so that they can potentially be used by designers for other abilities or objectives.
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  2. EWanderer

    Thank you very much.

    So when are Glaive IPC gonna disable skyshields again properly? Or is that no longer their intended design? Please clarify maybe.

    Very much appreciated.

    Also very lovely, no add minimum and maximum fire range indicator in white like with routers and it becomes even more user friendly.
  3. Dooh

    I think the implants were a good addition to the MBT/Lightning players. I would have just revisited a few numbers about them.
    I don't agree with "but further rewarding players for doing the things they should already be doing was perhaps misguided"

    As far as I know, I still see a lot of 14-18 tranchee fights between tanks during peak hours (where prowlers are usually/*ironic*surprisingly*ironic* the best for).

    Since the different addition to MBT abilities I don't see many player running stealth exept vanguards maybe?
    I used to play stealth all the time which was my favorite playstyle but since MBT changes and probably also because players became better, I find it harder to use the stealth properly.

    It would be interesting to check what are the % of win/higher kda/ability to survive between stealth of the ability that 'boost' the MBT main ability.

    It's just a thought, so there is probably a lot of things to consider but I still think these implants could change the way players are playing.
    As someone said, it would naturally 'push' players for this implant which would make them 'easier' for mine kills ))
  4. Walking Shark

    These seem like healthy changes. The glaive still feels like it has no real role other than looking cool, but at least now it will be working properly. Wish it did the havoc effect on top of the emp.

    It's still early days but this incarnation of the dev team is more responsive to player feedback than any that ever worked on the game in the three eras I played (beta-about a year in, then back in 2018, and now). It feels great to know that PTS updates will no longer just be for stress/crash test purposes with no feedback considered at all.

    I've thought for a while that PTS should have more experimental builds, or there should be an experimental build server where the devs can just throw out random ideas or prototype gameplay changes and let people try them out. After testing some of these implants the other day it's nice to see them getting tweaked (or removed when it becomes apparent they won't work).

    Anyone who can see my posting history can see that I've been highly critical of the dev team more than once (to put it lightly), but I never took joy in it. It is refreshing and fueling my optimism to see how much things are changing for the better, and I'm actually getting excited to see what kinds of changes are coming.
  5. Walking Shark

    Every time I drive without sweeper hud I am reminded within less than two minutes why I never drive without sweeper hud lol. Which is fine, it's a choice I make to support my playstyle as I hate dying to mines, other people prefer the ammo security from ammo printer or whatever. I'd love to see more choices for great veh based implants, but I don't think these two were it. Maybe a nanite siphon implant that converts part of a killed vehicle's nanite cost into nanites you get back, so if you wreck a bunch of tanks fast your vehicle pull is refunded. Might have unintended consequences with light assault/c4 but could be worth the risk.
  6. KhlorosTesero

    For Rally mechanic, I would suggest that rather then increasing your repair speed, it should do either one of the following or possibly a combination of these.

    - Increase your weapon equip speed by 50% for 5 seconds: The idea here is to play in combination with specifically the punisher repair grenade to be able to jump out, switch to the repair grenade launcher, shoot it, swap to the repair tool and be able to get repairing quicker.

    -When repairing a vehicle you also repair other vehicles around it at a rate of 50% of your normal repair rate

    - Upon exiting a vehicle for the next 5 seconds you resupply those around you at the same rate as if you had placed a resupply kit, and reloads all weapons

    - Upon exiting a Vehicle for the next 5 seconds your repair tool gains no heat.

    I think ideally the way rally mechanic should work is that a skilled player will be able to jump out of his vehicle, get a resupply tick to everyone around him, and himself, be able to super quick swap to his punisher repair grenade, fire, swap to repair, and then jump back in. By doing this you are not increasing their repair speed, but giving them a way to be rewarded for swapping and playing with given combos of equipment, and provide a way to help other players.
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