July 30, 2018 - PTS Update

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    Performance Changes
    Over the weekend, we had let some code changes soak that should remedy some of the performance issues introduced in the last major update. We believe we’ve identified and addressed where UI components were building up “garbage” data that should have been disposed of when not in use. This was causing performance to degrade throughout a play session, and created noticeable hitching as time went by.

    New Directive
    We’ve added a construction directive, complete with rewards, to the PTS server. This directive line can be found under the “Strategic” Directive Category.

    Tier 2 Reward
    Solid Wall schematic – A schematic for a “Solid” variant of the Rampart Wall.

    Tier 3 Reward
    Blueprint Banner – A faction colored “blueprint” banner to display on your enemy’s death screen.

    Tier 4 Reward
    Auraxium Mandibles – A faction colored auraxium variant of the default Mandible ANT weapon.
    “Builder” title – A title to show off your dedication to construction.

    The Flail
    This construction artillery piece has received an entirely new look. This is still a work in progress.

    Added Ransack and Failsafe to the Test Server Implant Bundle.

    Experimental Stims – Exceptional
    When using a Medical Kit or Restoration Kit, you receive a random increase to sprint speed, reload speed, or small arms resistance for a short time. These visuals are still a work in progress.

    HMG resistance from 67% to 75%
    Dev Note: This change reduces how quickly a Galaxy can be destroyed by weapons like the Liberator's Vektor or Valkyrie's Wyvern.

    Lightning and Main Battle Tank main cannons
    We've moved away from HESH allowing for one-shot kills indirectly, and instead have increased the consistency of its blast damage in an area. At the same time we've rebalanced the direct damage output and reloads of certain weapons to bring their damage output to a level where they’ll feel like more viable options.

    L100 Python HEAT
    Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

    L100 Python AP
    Direct damage from 650 to 700

    L100 Python HESH
    Direct damage from 575 to 600
    Indirect damage from 1050 to 800
    Reload speed from 3sec. to 3.25sec.
    Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

    Titan-150 HEAT
    Reload speed from 3sec. to 2.5sec.
    Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

    Titan-150 AP
    Reload speed from 4sec. to 3.75sec.

    Titan-150 HESH
    Indirect damage from 1050 to 850
    Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

    Supernova PC
    Reload speed from 2.75sec. to 2.25sec.
    Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

    Supernova VPC
    Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

    P2-120 HEAT
    Outer blast radius from 5m to 4m

    P2-120 HESH
    Inner blast radius from 1m to 2m

    Misc. Vehicle Changes
    IR Smoke should no longer blind like the sun during certain times of day.

    Flak Armor
    Removed the Tank Shell resistance given at rank 3 and above.
    Removed description’s mention of C4 and Tank Mine resistance prior to rank 5, as these resistances were never actually given at earlier ranks.

    Dev Note: In conjunction with the tank cannon changes mentioned earlier, this means that Lightning, Magrider, and Vanguard HESH, as well as Magrider and Vanguard AP can now one-shot Flak Armor infantry on a direct hit.

    Swarm (Rocket Launcher)
    Lockon Distance from 400 to 800.
    Lockon Lifespan from 5 to 12.

    Dev Note: This adjustment does not change the Swarm’s initial lockon distance, but only the distance (and duration) at which launched rockets will follow their target.

    Masamune (Rocket Launcher)
    Gravity from 2 to 1.5

    Fujin (Grenade)
    Default amount from 1 to 2
    Grenade Bandolier increases amount equipped by 2 per rank
    Projectile model updated

    1x IRNV optics
    Sway removed from all 1x IRNV optics.
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