July 21, 2021 - PC Hotfix

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    All PC servers will come down for the following hotfix on Wednesday, July 21, at 8:00am PT (5:00pm CEST). Downtime for this update is expected to last up to 2 hours.

    Infantry Weapons
    • NSX Yumi minimum damage from 125 to 143.
    • NSX Masamune and NSX Muramasa ammo capacity from 36 to 44.

    • Weapon reticles updated to use normal more standard NSO vehicle versions.
    • Strafe acceleration increased by 33%.

    JVN-50 Celeste (Javelin Weapon)
    • Pitch-up camera angle doubled in first and third person.

    JVN-X3 Hydra (Javelin Weapon)
    • Decreased the overall spread of the fan slightly.
    • Increased variance of spread of outer projectiles slightly.
    • Magazine size from 72 to 81.
    • Ammunition capacity from 432 to 486.
    • Phased Dispersion Amplifier no longer penalizes mag size and cone of fire, and instead reduces refire rate by 50% while adding another pellet.

    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • Nameplates of important NPCs now appear in Sanctuary.
    • Earning player titles now shows a reward notification on the HUD.
    • Weapon Ribbons collected no longer cut off the third digit in the loadout screen.
    • Outfits that do not qualify to use War Assets can no longer bypass the UI blocker.
    • Squad Finder no longer shows squads with only one player in them.
    • Single-member squads can no longer activate enlistment in the Squad Finder.
    • Squad Finder is now default sorted by squad size.
    • Pressing "Continue Playing" while in queue no longer hides the queue window while on the World Map screen.
    • The Tactical slot is no longer accessible unless you own at least one Tactical Slot item.
    • The Defector's weaponry now have new or updated FX.
    • Chimera has received new chassis light cosmetic options that change color based on the faction you're aligned with.
    • Chimera and Colossus death explosions no longer follow and rotate around the vehicle when it dies while moving.
    • Being healed by a medical applicator no longer obscures vision while aiming.
    • Getting headshot as an NSO character will now play a headshot audio notification at all times.
    • Getting shot in the face as an NSO character will no longer show sparks bouncing off you in first person.
    • Chimera has received new audio for each of its main cannons.
    • Added another music piece to the NSO travel audio ambience.
    • Defector's Hummingbird now has explosion audio.
    • NSO default sidearm no longer audio primarily from the left ear while firing in first person.
    • NSO Auraxium Carbine now uses the correct field of view.
    • NSO Auraxium Carbine no longer has a pulsing reticle while running with the weapon.
    • NSO scout rifles no longer have a piece of the weapon detached and floating.
    • Reloading NSO SMGs while riding in a vehicle now plays the correct animation.
    • Fixed the Vandal's short reload animations.
    • Outfit Merit purchases no longer charge players multiple times.
    • Skyfire mission now expires after 12 hours as intended.
    • NSO infantry weapon attachment pricing has been updated to standards.
    • NSO Auraxium Lumifibers now change colors based on assigned faction, Javelin still needs this treatment.
    • Sanctuary Enforcers received a slight art tweak to their holo visors.
    • Using a quick-melee attack while Decloak on Fire is checked will now decloak you.
    • Dervish now has an altimeter that shows height from sea level.
    • Dervish Top Armor cert line armor benefit from 5/7.5/9/10% armor to 10/12.5/14/15% armor.
    • NSO Fully Loaded bundles have received new icons.
    • Prevented campaign daily missions from showing up in the daily mission pool, as the campaign has ended.
    • Fixed an error with low level ASP players being unable to take on certain missions. This update didn't make it in the last hotfix.
    • All NSO auraxium trim now reflect assigned faction colors.
    • Updated Hardlight Barrier icon in the Engineer Passive cert screen.
    • Updated NSO's F.U.S.E. icon in the Engineer/Infiltrator Passive cert screens.
    • Fixed a couple of gate shield issues on Amerish.
    • NS Scorpion's charge-up mechanic can no longer... infect other weapons with shaky visuals.

    Player Studio
    • Binarycoder's Holomat infantry helmet can now be found in the Depot for NSO characters.
    • Fuzzbuket's Rift Knight infantry armors and helmet can now also be found in a discounted bundle in the Depot for VS characters.
    • Walrus' Sergeant Lumifiber for the Lightning can now be found in the Depot for all factions.


    Picture of Binarycoder's Holomat helmet for NSO infantry classes.
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