July 08, 2022 - PTS Update (Surf and Storm - Round Two)

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  1. RPG_Wrel Lead Designer

    Hey everyone. Test server has been updated with the following changes, and will be coming up in time for the 4pm PT playtest today. The entire testing schedule can be found below.

    Download the Test Server client from this thread after reading the Test Server Policies: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...st-test-server-policies-download-link.114038/

    Community Playtest Schedule:
    • Friday - July 08 at 4pm PT / 11pm UTC
    • Saturday - July 09 at 11am PT / 6pm UTC
    Each test is expected to last roughly an hour and a half.


    • Top speed increased roughly by 30kph.
    • No longer "skips" out of the water at high speeds.
    • Modified handling and reverse speeds slightly.
    • Now unlocks first rank of Nanite Auto-Repair by default.
    • This vehicle is now visible from further distances.
    • Catapult now has firing audio and FX.
    • HUD "roll bar" now remains level with the horizon.
    • Fixed cameras on certain Corsair weapons.
    • Codex entry has been added for this vehicle.
    • Tank Mines now trigger when a Corsair passes over them.
    • Fixed an incorrect skill line description in the Corsair's Speed Chassis.
    • Equipping the front and rear C2-20 HCG no longer conflicts.
    Underwater Combat Updates
    • Decreased the drag on non-amphibious weapons, increasing their overall range and flattening their trajectory a noticeable amount.
    • Shields generated by the Galaxy's Lodestar Module no longer do so while deployed underwater.
    • The Minor Cloak implant no longer works while underwater.
    • Tank Mines, Proximity Mines, and Tactical Mines can now all be deployed while underwater.
    • ARX C4 can now be used underwater, which is in parity with the normal C4.
    • Diver Propulsion Device now displays a fuel gauge.
    • Diver Propulsion Device no longer causes the player to sink like a rock when mouse-1 is held.
    • Removed teardrop tracer models that would appear when certain weapons were fired underwater.
    • Fixed an issue preventing vehicles from playing underwater destruction visuals.
    HMS Technologies
    • New base added to northwestern Oshur, between Meridian Listening Post and Imbanon Interlink.
    Genudine Coral Nursery
    • Renamed to Bathala Nursery.
    • Fixed a location that could let you clip under the ground.
    Centri Mining Operation
    • Added Lattice link from Centri Mining Operation to Seapost I11 - Stones.
    • Replaced one of the northern entrances with a Sunderer garage and more open entrance into the base.
    Sage R&D
    • Added lattice link from Seapost D8 - Collapse to Sage R&D.
    Mirror Bay Watchtower
    • Capture points A and C have been moved further from the tower, and converted to open-field points.
    • Changes have been made to the tower that B point lives in to create a more interesting playspace.
    • Cleaned up certain buildings that were floating slightly off the terrain.
    • Flotillas have been updated again to bring them closer to the shoreline, and have received new lattice connections that are less oppressive to the larger islands.
    Dev Note: The main goal was to make more of Oshur into playable space, and it didn't seem like first setup iteration would realistically do that. So we've updated the Flotilla locations again, and had to restrict some of the overall access to bases right from the Warpgate. The biggest concern here is campability, but having less defensible entry points is a double edge that should work against attackers more often than defenders in that case. Worst case scenario is that more of the map will be playable, and we'll see the same amount of Warpgate camping that can occur on Oshur as is. Best case scenario is that the longer lanes, additional lattice junctures, and more bases to fight at altogether cut down on the Warpgate camping altogether.

    • Raised or removed certain bridges that would prevent Corsairs from making their way inland.
    • Fixed issues relating to certain Seaposts not having Equipment Terminals, functioning vehicle terminals, and some showing spawns in the wrong locations.
    • Eliminated two of the outer Seaposts that became irrelevant with the Flotilla changes.
    Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions
    • !! Loadouts will no longer enter a state that can cause certain weapons and equipment to reset itself when logging in or transferring continents.
    • !! Esamir now has functional water, and no longer kills you for dipping your toes in it. Other continents will receive these changes in the future as well.
    • MAX footsteps can once again be heard from remote clients.
    • Holographic signs have been added to the VR Training area to describe the targets in the firing lanes, instead of the floating HUD prompt.
    • Impetus now has access to a Weighted Receiver.
    • Equivalent Male and Female voice packs have been consolidated, and will now provide versions of both upon purchase/gifting. These changes are not retroactive.
    • Made adjustments to Javelin's turbo to compensate for accuracy changes made in a previous update. It should last slightly longer now.
    • Fixed an issue with the Lancer's charge-up audio not syncing correctly.
    Currently Investigating...
    • Electric black airpad decals when viewed from a vehicle.
    • Models in loadout screens don't use their high quality visuals.
    • Ambient occlusion creates visual "shadow" on weapon model.
    • Framerate impacts fall rate while underwater.
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  2. Nighda Venesis

    Overall the changes with this build are all good, though I do find it strange that the amount of seaposts by each flotilla is inconsistent. This should be made so, I think. I'm not sure how the change regarding some of the bridges will turn out. From the one I saw it's clear that only flashes and harassers will be able to jump the raised ones.

    This time I spent most of my time in my own corsair, with most of the rest in underwater combat and a very slight time on top of sirinan trident.

    The corsair seems to be in a really good state to me. Combat between boats feels different from ground and air and provides something new, another part of the game to experience. The one thing I thought felt a bit strange was the forward acceleration of the boat being very strong. I agree with the top speed, which feels good, but perhaps the acceleration should be revisited slightly to make it feel like it has some resistance from the water. Currently it feels very unhindered and immediate. I did also see that upon collision, a corsair can be submerged, and afterwards it can take a pretty unreasonably long time for them to surface again. We're talking 20-30 seconds in one instance I saw by Anlabban when a TR and NC boat collided. Aside from these, the corsair experience felt very authentic and engaging. I can't comment on the infantry cannoneering since I used it a grand total of once for a short distance as I was mostly piloting.

    Aesthetically, the presence of boats made the Tridents themselves feel like proper lookout towers, being able to observe the combat on the surface of the waves from the railing and airpads with the distant sounds was very nice. I saw some providing support with AMRs from sirinan trident. This interaction from trident to surrounding areas, although slight, was nice to see.

    Regarding the underwater combat, the changes improving the state of traditional weaponry are great and make them usable within good reason, especially the ones with higher velocities it seems. This has brought a good amount of life back, I believe. All of the other changes to the underwater combat are also good and make sense, and the gauge for the diver device is great to see.

    I will briefly reiterate some of the more important criticisms I raised with the previous build that remain with this one:
    • The audio underwater still needs work (audio balance, though it was hard to say whether there was an improvement this time with the diver device consistently blanketing everything else, as well as the sound palette, like some actions, for instance reloading literally having no audio underwater, and moving being close to inaudible despite soldiers being heavy enough to walk and jump on the seabed)
    • Increasing the movement speed underwater (I suggested 0.75x, this would also help slightly with hard spawned infantry defending seaposts as well, for these currently feel very attacker sided unless galaxies are brought in, next to making combat more engaging)
    • Adding more gear that is usable underwater, like amphibious alternatives to infiltrator and heavy assault abilities (that aren't bs pls), amphibious alternatives to tool slot items that can't be used underwater such as the rocklet rifle (may I perhaps suggest harpoon guns with weaker heavy armor piercing capabilities for light and heavy assault tools, perhaps engineer as well), and more amphibious weaponry (codex stuff for underwater combat would also be good, including what can / can't be used underwater if making that visible on each item itself isn't preferable)
    This test overall was much more representative of the whole update compared to the previous one I attended, which was just a bathala nursery three way with galaxies. This test showcased much better the interaction between underwater, naval, ground, and air combat, and this interaction between these types of engagements seemed good from the perspective of the corsair, certainly atmospheric.
    I hope to see a third round of tests; I still don't think underwater combat is ready, though it's getting there by the looks of it. Thank you for having this second round.
    Thank you for reading and considering.
  3. The Shozaku

    My biggest issue is the render distance bug.

    So far, Lightnings, Valks, Dervishes, and now the Corsair, all suffer from this.
  4. OpolE

    First proper testing I've played and loved it. No feedback at all.

    I wonder if there is scope for max's riding in the boat (Maybe not launching out far though. Mainly for dropping on flags.)
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