JUGGERNAUT [JUGA] - Briggs TR Outfit Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by Lessonteacher, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. TheQuestionableYarn

    Thanks so much! I will be attempting to join [JUGA] very soon!
  2. RapidShare

    I'm from VS, and i can safely say that when JUGA comes to defend a base we're attacking, odds are that unless i'm running with my outfit, a casual mixed outfit without strong coordination would be unlikely to succeed.

    You guys are good, see y'all around in game (;
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  3. meaturama

    sooooo....can I join?
  4. equinub

    I'm sure axis bond needs more dedicated snipers. Might have to step inside 30(1)m render range though. ;)

    Grab VS toon and i'll send you an invite to fattest growing vs outfit atm. :D
  5. meaturama

    Lol I'd love to join equinub cheers let me just level my vs toon but are you sure you want me in your outfit I'm probably the most hated guy on briggs lol.
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  6. MadMaukh

    Juggernaut has just passed the 75 member mark.
  7. AxisO7

    Just a heads-up that JUGA has closed recruitment again.

    We are looking to run outfit-only for a period so as to review our current applicants, and to then ensure all our newer members are completely up to scratch with our standard operating procedures and provide extra training to any of them as it is needed.

    Keep an eye out either on our forums or in this thread for when we re-open recruitment.
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  8. SpaceCommander

  9. Flickory

    Ran with some of these guys tonight on Connery. Lots of fun, know their stuff, very chill and skilled players :)
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  10. Warwalker360

    Honestly one of the best outfits to go up against always a challenging fight if you are looking for a very serious outfit that is highly skilled on the TR than this is your best bet. If was to every main on TR i would most certainly apply to JUGA first however if they would have me or not is a whole different story lol and JUGA look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield :D
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  11. AxisO7

  12. BFBirdy

  13. AxisO7


    JUGA have reopened our recruitment. If you are interested in applying, head to our forums and read the two stickied threads in the recruitment forum for information about us, and our requirements. Some of the basic information that you will need:

    Our Playstyle

    We focus on infantry combat primarily and follow a set of standard operating procedures developed through understanding the expectations of each other member and through working together closely toward combat cohesion.

    What to expect:

    ·To die if required to accomplish a goal regardless of KDR.
    ·To target spawn locations such as sunderers and beacons as a priority if spotted or notified of.
    ·To take control of key objectives prior to pushing onto capture points.
    ·To use momentum and galaxy / sunderer / beacon positioning to drive an attack forward.
    ·To learn... and to have support.

    What we are looking for:

    ·Anyone that wishes to play for the enjoyment of working with others to destroy the enemies of TR.
    ·Players who understand the need to focus on the small details to achieve the greater outcome.
    ·People that are willing to work as an effective team member.
    ·People who understand the importance of comms discipline. When we are fighting, we expect this to happen naturally without needing to be told.

    Basic Requirements for Applicants
    • Battle Rank: 30+
    • Microphone: Microphone is not mandatory, however, if you do not have one it will be extremely difficult to join. Exceptions will only be made for players with exceptional teamwork and individual ability.
    • Age: 16+ preferred. Depending on maturity, 14+
    • Certifications: Sunderer AMS, Spawn Beacon(lvl 1+)
    Detailed Requirements
    • We must be able to play with you in-game in our squads.
    • You are a TR faction player who plays this faction at least 75% of the time.
    • Teamwork is necessary and we expect you to follow and work together with the squads.
    • You must be in our TeamSpeak server as we use that for all communications.
    We are currently sitting as the #2 outfit in the world with at least 48 members according to the Planetside Universe leaderboard, ahead of the likes of DasAnfall, Future Crew and MercenaryS. Admittedly all this leaderboard measures is average xp score of the members, so you can take your own meaning from that.



    *credit goes to NomadN7 for our new logo. Good job mate.
  14. AxisO7

    Also, although we have historically been an infantry based outfit, we are interested in developing somewhat of an air wing of our own. We already have a significant portion of the better TR pilots on this server, but the majority of them prefer to spend most of their time on the ground. As such, we are interested in recruiting other pilots who spend a significant amount of their time in the air to combine with the pilots we already have.

    NC and VS have long dominated the skies on Briggs, with no real organised force on TR to combat them the majority of the time. We've long been waiting for an air outfit of our own to rise and do this, but with no sign of this happening we've decided it's time to take matters into our own hands and make it happen ourselves.

    Please note, the expectation for these pilots is that you are focused on defending the skies from enemy air. Pilots who prefer to ground pound are of only limited use to us if you can't at least hold your own against fairly good scythe and reaver pilots. We do have pilots who are happy to 'train' newer pilots to some extent, although obviously they can't be running training squads all the time.

    You will need to get on the ground and play with our normal squads enough to make sure that you know the basics. But ultimately, the main idea is that you will be in the air the majority of the time, close enough to our ground squads that you can be there fast when we need you, but not necessarily 'stuck' in the exact same hex at all times.
  15. AxisO7

    After a period where we closed recruitment again, I'm happy to announce that we have once again re-opened recruitment.

    Our forum: http://www.juggernaut-ps2.com/forum/index.php

    Or contact one of our leaders or officers to inquire.
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  16. EPIC389

    I am very interested now. But I suck as ps2 and also have the issue of occasional horrible lag and only being able to play on weekends(sometimes not even weekends).
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  17. Vectore

    Fights with JUGA are going to be extremely enjoyable AFTER I finished farming for my SVA :( (aka you guys keep interupting my farm, but thats great :D)
  18. Vectore

    Also, nice trailer, but should have more class instead of heavies :rolleyes:
  19. DarkStarII

  20. psych0tic

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