JUGGERNAUT [JUGA] - Briggs TR Outfit Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by Lessonteacher, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. MadMaukh

    Thanks man. We keep an eye out for you guys too, Especially in those tight-close quarters bases.
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  2. AxisO7

    Thanks mate. Over the last month or two D1RE have come from absolutely nowhere (seriously, I never saw you guys) to being one of our favoured opponents on the battlefield. Keep up the good work.

    We tend to fight NC more often than VS these days, as we find they provide us better fights. When we are attacking VS it tends to be ghost capping until we push far enough that they drop an entire zerg on us and outnumber us massively. In saying that, we still try to provoke a good fight against you heretics on a regular basis, and if we see the numbers on the map we'll certainly drop in to say 'hello'. :p
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  3. MightyBluJustice

    Come Baaaack! We miss you!
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  4. AxisO7

    Thought I'd bump this with a couple of videos. Once again, these aren't edited super-awesome recruitment videos (we really have to do one of them one day), they are simply unedited footage of our ops where I happen to have been recording while some good stuff happens.

    Firstly, trying to defend Mao Tech Plant with a couple of seconds left a few weeks ago. The first 60 seconds or so was actually fairly ****-poor by our standards, but then we get our stuff together:

    Secondly, a three-way at Raven Landing from a month or so ago at the start of an Amerish alert. Unfortunately by the time I started recording most of the NC had been cleared, but TCF8 put up a great fight and the NC did attempt to drop back in halfway through.

  5. AxisO7

    JUGA continue to grow with a number of new recruits and applicants, and we have started filling out two squads on a regular basis. Thought I'd post a video from Christmas night showing how we use those two squads, and the kinds of fights we do try to look for:

    Going by the Planetside Universe outfit leaderboard, JUGA is now up to #6 outfit in the world with 48+ members, and #2 TR outfit (behind only NUC themselves).


    Now, I expect to drop a few spots over the next week or two as we have a number of relatively lower level applicants (compared to our average BR82) who are impressing, so thought I'd get the plug in while it lasted :p
  6. MadMaukh

    Sex Drugs and Lazers sounds very enticing though. Might move to murica. :p
  7. equinub

    While we're on the topic of planetside2 universe stats.

    GAB offers a huge congratulations to the new number #1 vanu outfit on briggs.

    [DENT] Delitescent Few

    Made up of higher ranking former? vfd players they've kickstarted at #18 world wide.

    As we enter a transition phase into the new year.

    Look forward to you guys providing relief for gab.

  8. BlackBulletIV

    Watched half of that Christmas ops video thus far. That's some really tight stuff guys. I'm going to take notes. :p
  9. AxisO7

    *takes it down before all the secrets leak out*

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  10. MadMaukh

    My cake recipe! Now everyone knows my secret ingredient!
  11. ST4LK3R

    Thank you. I don't think we'll still be #1 VS outfit in future when I open the door and take in newer non-vfd players to [DENT]. Honestly, I'd be more than happy if we can stay in top 10 Briggs VS outfit list and still kick ****.
  12. AxisO7

    Just a heads up that JUGA is closing our recruitment for a while.

    Due to an influx of new applications and a limited capacity to review large groups of applicants, recruiting is temporarily on hold while we take the time to review the current applications.

    I or LessonTeacher will post again to inform when we are re-opening recruitment. Until then, keep up the good fight TR.
  13. JexInfinite

    I'll be happy to apply once the recruitment is back up.
    I was fighting at Quartz Ridge and saw SneakyROBB0, a previous member of IIW, had a chat with him, and decided that it's time to abandon the dead PS2 outfit and join another. Of course, I'll still be a burning native animal.
  14. meaturama

    Soooo.....Can I join?
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  15. TheQuestionableYarn

    Hello. I'm FrostyTheHunter, primarily a light assault/infiltrator class (although I play other classes when the time calls). I was wondering if I could join Juggernaut, I am incredibly excited to of FINALLY found a outfit that is mostly infantry based (I am pretty bad at flying so a bombing run for me is generally a kamikaze attack on a main battle tank) so that I can play to my strengths in this game. Just a warning, I don't have Teamspeak just yet, but I will download it as soon as I can get into an outfit I like.
  16. MadMaukh

    Hey Frosty, we might not be open-recruiting/accepting new members at the moment, but you can still join our squads in game if you're really keen, and it'll help you familiarize yourself with how we play for when you do apply. You'll need TS though.
  17. TheQuestionableYarn

    Alright, thanks! I will download teamspeak as soon as possible. Here's the thing though, I'm actually in California, U.S.A. I picked Briggs as my server by a misclick. So... Are there any squads that are running at the same time that I normally play? Because of the time difference I might not be able to find a squad (I usually play in the mornings and sometimes in the after noon)
  18. TheQuestionableYarn

    Could you announce it on the forum when you are recruiting here again? That would be really helpful.
  19. Lessonteacher

    Attention any who are interested in joining JUGA. Recruitment is once again open.

    Please head to our forums (not the website because whilst the leader boards are down the page is.... not loading temporarily) listed below and read closely the recruitment section. Take note that the requirements to join have been adjusted. The requirements exist to help align new players with the recruitment expectations. They are not there to exclude players but rather to raise the level of application acceptance by forewarning new applicants of the criteria by which they will be assessed.

    If you do not meet a specific requirement but you want to join the squad as you work to reach that then this is possible on a case by case basis, simply follow the directions to get in contact with a leader in game and you can join us to destroy the enemy.


    Good Luck, and see you on the battlefield!
  20. MadMaukh

    Our squads are primarily in Australia and/South East Asia, but during weekends, there are usually people on all hours of the day.
    One of our leaders AxisBond also intermittently works nights, so you might get lucky and find him online.

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