JUGGERNAUT [JUGA] - Briggs TR Outfit Recruitment Thread

Discussion in 'Briggs (AU)' started by Lessonteacher, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. equinub

    Imho JUGA is the number one outfit on briggs.

    There performance during FNO/SMO showed just how active and dominate a force everytime they step onto the battlefield.
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  2. Rougey

    It's a re-enactment of that time JUGA where pinned down by an NC zerg and some GAB showed up out of nowhere.
  3. Greyfrog

    And then Calo decimated me.....unfriendly fire :*(

    I have very little swagger, all you VS seem to have hips like a latina dancer, too much swagger IMO.
  4. Rougey

    You should come to one of our Latin nights, lots of spandex on spandex grinding.
  5. AxisO7

    Thanks mate.

    ps. When you're playing on your TR alt, do you just sit at the warpgate until you see a JUGA galaxy getting ready?
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  6. Rougey

    **** he's onto Equispai
  7. Bulltahr

    Hahahahahah, I konw what you mean, see his TR char plenty at the warpgate. ( Come on over to the darkside, you know you want to!)
  8. AxisO7

    JUGA continue to expand, and in fact things have really exploded over the last two months (20 good quality new members, with another 10 or so applicants atm). I'd like to give an extra-special welcome to the handful of RSTS boys who have recently joined us. You've slot right into JUGA like you should always have been here.

    If there are any other groups of people who are interested in joining the most organised, tactical and hard-hitting outfit on the server, then get in contact with us on our forum. Be warned though - we don't accept groups en masse. Each person will be judged individually to make sure they can keep up with us and can fit into our style. We will not lower our operating efficiency just to get more numbers...indeed, that is the very opposite of what Juggernaut is all about. Everything we do is for maximum efficiency and impact. Well, except for the odd hour here and there when we just goof around. :p

    Oh, and I'm happy to report that we've re-taken our rightful position as the #1 outfit on Briggs:


    In before GAB recruit a bunch of high levels/remove low levels ;)
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  9. Vrti

    If you listen to enough GAB propaganda you'll start to believe it :p (Ok, Ok;) )

    I think it's at this point JUGA are contractually obliged to arrange a custom community farm deathmatch with GAB, probably via the PSU community clash people. GAB have said they are primarily infantry and not vehicle-*****s as JUGA puts it, and are 'spec-ops' type outfit as their intro thread reads..
    • Removing the biggest crutches/farm utensils: no maxes and shotguns will allow winners to be determined by actual skill.
    • No need for libs/scythes/tanks/harrasers ..because no vehicle-*****s in either side, apparently (apart from GAB's one man air wing)
    • 3.5-4 squads vs 3.5-4 squads since the smaller outfit only has 55
    • +Masses of entertainment/hilarity for neutrals, especially if/when players use skills instead of farming utensils
    • +Neutrals get to find out whether GAB are really a small bunch of farmers who suddenly found they had a high stat and thus covet members of zergfits (massive loss to JUGA), or an exceptionally skilled deathmatch outfit (close match, displays of skill, or victory).
    • +Neutrals get to find out if JUGA have good deathmatch players outside the small core that started JUGA and dm skill levels run deep, or if the others are mostly typical players at the moment
    (only being 1/2 serious ;) )
  10. Greyfrog

    I don't understand this CoD mentality, PS2 isnt about individual skill, it's about superior teamwork and tactics. Change/restrict a bunch of the core features of PS2 to setup an artificial deathmatch and you won't have determined who is better at PS2, only who is better at deathmatch. Locking down a point with MAXs is hardly farming, nor is crashing into gen room to resecure an objective. Air cover, tank shelling, sundie placement and Gal drops, these are the things that make PS2 PS2.

    GAB and JUGA love facing off on the battlefield and then congratulating(**** talking) each other about it afterwards on www.planetside-aus.com. This game is about great battles and community, whoever wins is secondary.
  11. MykeMichail

    People have a CoD mentality because its easier to get 4-5 kills per life and say "I did great! Everyone else is the problem." than it is to actually work as a team and complete an objective.

    It's one of the strongest things about JUGA. They don't split up so they can go tower stomping for epic kill streaks. If you see only 1 JUGA member its because the rest of his squad is about to shoot you in the back.
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  12. Vrti

    So true:), in fact you players recieve xp for shooting in the direction of things, especially vehicles, as I've noted before. The vast majority of tactical things like sundy driving, infiltration, squad leading are not recognised at all.

    Statistically speaking, people who just farm can easily be seen as all their kills in players.planetside.com are in vehicles - this is in a game where base cap/defense revolves around points/gens - and for the case of farmers what passes for infantry combat is just dominated by max weapons/shotguns. The reason they use these equipment for farming is because it structurally gives the farmer a much larger TTK than their victims, either through massively high DPS or armour/immunity.

    However, my point was that if statements were made by two outfits that they were '#1' based on average XP and not 'vehicle-****s etc., then it would be utterly hilarious for them to have one of these death-matches which seem to be a trend now, what with upcoming MLG death-matches. Having death-matches without farm utensils would just lay bare any outfit that generally farmed instead of playing a military game, particularly using vehicles on Indar.

    Admittedly JUGA were just humouring GAB, as they generally don't make such claims or carry on.. but GAB does and uses it for recruitment as well as having built a recruitment policy around it. I was mainly kidding, and wondering if GAB were what they claimed to be.
  13. Blackinvictus

    Aren't they going to have something like this when/if they release Hossien for instanced 48 vs 48 battles?

    Let them both go over there and kill each other all day I say :)

    **EDIT, apologize for talking sh*t here, just realized this was your recruitment page.
  14. RipperTR


    JUGA has just edged in front on Briggs, but GAB are the clear winners at Redditside.
    Their lead has increased substantially due to a creative video about centipedes and tarantulas.
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  15. Sen7rygun

    Bump for justice. And a quick clip of what happens when Juggernaut decides it wants yous position.

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  16. MadMaukh

    As a mostly average player on JUGA, I have to say it's not the K/D that matters but knowing that someone will rez, repair, or simply warn you in battle. It's not so much the team as it is the teamwork. The certs just come naturally. I've gotten hundreds of certs simply as medic and engi alone, and others have probably recieved thousands from reviving my sorry ***.
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  17. pntballa18

    I've only played with you guys for a few nights, but it's been a great experience. The biggest difference between a NUC and JUGA squad is the server they play on :p
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  18. AxisO7

    Thanks mate. You and the other guys from NUC are welcome to jump in with us anytime you like. :cool:

    I actually have a TR alt on Waterson (BR17 or so), so may have to jump into one of your squads one day if Zoid is happy to have 'tourists'. Of course, the time difference makes it difficult.
  19. BlackBulletIV

    In my opinion, JUGA is the best outfit on Briggs; they are truly scary in action. I and the rest of D1RE have definitely had some great fights with them.
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  20. Crackulous

    Hardly see your tag, though I do only go online when it's nighttime in Australia due to me being in Canada.

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