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  1. Lessonteacher

    Unity through oppression...

    Juggernaut [JUGA] is a TR outfit with a small number of experienced active members who have been playing together since beta. Previously operating as Aurora Gaming [AUG] / Terra Aurora [TAUG], Juggernaut is the active members of that group who wanted to build a team of active players that can work together.

    Currently with a medium number of members, we generally operate with one and a half to two squads, 7 nights a week.

    Our founding members are all experienced players who have played a lot of Planetside / Planetside 2 since release and during beta / tech test. We play together daily and prioritize teamwork above individuality. http://www.planetside-universe.com/...ers&sortfield=experience_score&sortorder=desc

    Our current members are mixed with players who took the chance to team up and fight together with us to realize a different, more cohesive style of gameplay that fueled their desire for organised combat.

    We focus on infantry combat primarily and follow a set of standard operating procedures developed through understanding the expectations of each other member and through working together closely toward combat cohesion.

    What to expect:
    • To die if required to accomplish a goal regardless of KDR.
    • To target spawn locations such as Sunderers and beacons as a priority if spotted or notified of.
    • To capture satellites around an objective prior to pushing onto capture points.
    • To secure primary objectives such as generators before wasting time with capture points.
    • To use momentum and Sunderer / beacon positioning to drive an attack forward.
    • To learn... and to have support.

    What we are looking for:
    • Anyone that wishes to play for the enjoyment of working with others to destroy the enemies of TR.
    • Players who understand the need to focus on the small details to achieve the greater outcome.
    • People that are willing to work as an effective team member.
    • Patience... as we are still in the process of expanding.

    How to Join
    Please head over to our website and create a post on the forums there. Alternatively contact a JUGA member or officer(listed on the PSU link given below). We will not randomly invite players so it is a requirement that you become involved by creating a post there or contacting us in game so that we can invite you to the squad. From there we will be able to assess if you have the characteristics required of an effective and alert team member.

    We do have have open squads on occasion which can be found in the squad list. This has occurred less often lately as many people joining these open squads have had no intention of working together and rather than have those elements paint a poor picture of our squad cohesion we continue to work in our own private squad.

    See you on the front line!
  2. TheRealMetalstorm

    to all who are considering joining this outfit: These guys know their ****!
    At least, Lessonteacher does.

    I just played with him yesterday defending arroyo torre station from the NC. impromptu squad to save my MAX suit (i can't drive my sundy with a max suit on) turned into an effective sundy killer squad. neither of us had a mic, but since we both knew our ****, NC sunderers didn't stand a chance.

    Also, spawnbeacon placement + squad marker on enemy sunderers = win.
  3. AxisO7

    If you are looking for a highly skilled outfit who plays hard, plays smart, and ultimately plays to win, we might be the one for you.

    Going by the PSU leaderboard (http://www.planetside-universe.com/outfit_leaderboard.php), Juggernaut is the highest ranked outfit on Briggs and sixth highest in the entire game. And that's with only one person you'd really call a vehicle-*****, the rest of us are predominately infantry. Now, just how much meaning is in that leaderboard is questionable, but it does show we know what we are doing.

    One thing I have been asked is whether we only take other highly skilled, experienced players. And the answer to that is no. As Lesson said above, as long as you are looking to work together as a team, we have a position for you. If you've only just started playing the game, we're quite happy to help you out and explain the ins and outs of PS2. If you've been playing for a while but are struggling to be effective or can't find an outfit that you're happy with, try us out.
  4. fiqsa

    SOCA and JUGA are usually in the same locations so I know that JUGA are very organised and tactically orientated. I have also witnessed the gameplay from their members so I can say that JUGA have incredible skill.

    It's teams like JUGA that set the TR apart from the other factions in terms of domination even under overwhelming opposition.
  5. AxisO7

    Thanks fiqsa. I and a couple of the boys actually worked with SOCA and Nightrage a couple of nights ago to help capture Amerish - we locked down the NC so as your outfits could focus completely on those well defended last VS bases. Didn't want the NC getting any encouragement and you having to split your forces. The NC threw plenty of men at us, but to be honest they weren't exactly the hardest to repel.

    I was just re-reading MetalStorm's post up above and I wanted to clear something up. LessonTeacher does have a mic that he normally uses, as do all of the leaders. In fact, almost all of our members do have mics. It's something that we do prefer members to have and is one of the big reasons we are so effective.

    In saying that, we are not completely against having people who don't have mics. We recognise that some people aren't comfortable using them or can't use a mic at certain times because of family or room-mates, and we won't block an otherwise great team-player because of that. However, the 'trial' before you are actually given an outfit invite might be a little more thorough. We have no interest in becoming a zerg-like outfit, so we will be making sure you either know what you are doing or are willing to learn. Jumping in our TeamSpeak is a requirement though so you can listen to us (and then respond in squad text chat if necessary). Normally we do all our communication in TeamSpeak, the only time we actually use the in-game chat is when we open up the squad/platoon to the public.
  6. meaturama

    Are you guys all **** about recruits following orders and stuff or can a guy just join 'casually'? I'm interested but I don't want some nerd drunk on power yelling at me to keep charging a tank line so he can get 10 sundy kills or whatever.
  7. AxisO7

    We're somewhere in between, meat.

    Juggernaut isn't some hardcore mil-sim group where you call the officers 'Sir' and all that BS. We don't micromanage and issue orders covering the smallest thing and yell at people who don't do exactly what we want.

    However, we also don't want you if you are always going to be mucking around up at The Crown while the rest of the squad is moving around the continent (or continents) capturing territory and causing havoc for the enemy forces. If you join JUGA, you will be expected to work with your squad. If the leader wants everyone to go for a satellite, be at the satellite, not running around the bio dome or up in the hills sniping the spawn room trying to farm kills. If he wants your portion of the squad/platoon to split off from the main battle and go for a secondary objective, do it. You may miss out on some kills in the short-term, but we'll all be better off in the long-term. And so on. It's rare that we micro-manage to the extent that we specify what class everybody should be or what exact vehicle they should have, but if we do it'll be for a good reason and we expect that to be followed.

    If you want to spend the occasional night playing your own way, just don't join the squad/platoon that night. That's fine. But if you join the squad, work with the squad.
  8. Evil Monkey

    Have encountered them a few times when playing as NC. Definitely one of the most efficient squads I have played against. I always grimaced if I got a JUGA kill in an outpost or generator room because you'd know several of his friends were shortly about to arrive from different entrances.... :eek:

    Bump for one of the better small outfits on Briggs
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  9. Lessonteacher

    Thanks a lot for the positive comments, we are still continuing to recruit new players. We have been running a few good squads / platoons lately (thanks to a lot of great work by Axis!), jump in and fight along side us against the terrorists to see what we are about.

    Check out our forums if you are interested in joining us.(yes this is a shameless bump!)
  10. Choppy89

    Yea I am part of a NC outfit. I always like it when you guys(gals) show up at a fight. Defiantly makes this game more interesting having you guys around. You guys like to fight and you do it well which is never boring. Keep it up.
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  11. 9Fingers

    Cheers mate. Thanks for the plug.
  12. AxisO7

    We've gone through a period of opening up the platoon to the public over the last week or so, and as such we've recruited a number of players. People obviously like what we are doing. If you are interested in checking JUGA out, join one of our platoons when we are running open squads, or send myself (AxisBond) or LessonTeacher a friend request and ask to join our closed squad/s. Also join our forum (link in the OP) and introduce yourself there in the recruitment forum.

    We try to run open/closed at roughly a 50/50 ratio, where our closed squads are used to play in a more spec ops role - smaller groups of highly skilled players flanking and hurting the enemy from where they least expect it, and also giving larger platoons a helping hand when they need it. This also is used as somewhat of a natural training ground for our newer members, learning exactly how we play for maximum efficiency and the tricks of the trade. The more of the 'trained' JUGA members we have, the more effective our open platoons are also becoming. And of course, sometimes our closed squads play in a less serious manner just to blow off steam. Even we can't be super awesome all of the time. ;)
  13. Evil Monkey

    Have had a few runs with their open platoons lately.

    Playing with JUGA is even better than playing with yourself. ;)
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  14. Grumpymunky

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  15. AxisO7

    • 'Strategic gameplay combined with some fun here and there'
    • 'Tactical and intelligent'
    • 'Well organised and work with a purpose'
    • 'Gameplay a blast'
    • 'You guys are moving back, forwards, left and right to counter the enemy. Nice and fluid. Sometimes it's right to melt away leaving the enemy wondering what happened and of course at the best of times, total domination.'
    These are just some of the ways our many new recruits have been using to describe the reasons they joined JUGA. We bring a somewhat unique experience to the Briggs server, having certain 'set-plays' to maximise our effectiveness in the individual base battles while also always having one eye on the big picture.

    We expect members to follow and learn from the platoon instructions, but we also have complete faith in our members when it comes time to fight. If we ever lose a battle to equal numbers, we consider that an abject failure as it so rarely happens, and we use that as a learning experience to come back stronger next time. There is good reason JUGA have spent the majority of the last six months as the #1 ranked outfit on Briggs. Hell, two of our newest recruits have left BR 60+ characters on other factions/servers and come to Briggs TR so as to become part of JUGA. We provide them with an experience they simply couldn't find previously.

    Juggernaut's leaders inspire through actions, as well as words. Our two main platoon leaders -

    LessonTeacher - https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428010618048613393/
    AxisBond - https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428010618025174689/

    We're always the first through the door, leading the attacks. We look to inspire our troops to glory while striking fear into the hearts of our enemies. None of this sitting back, giving orders while hiding in a corner somewhere; we lead from the front.

    If you are an established player feeling like there should be something 'more', and looking to take the step up to the best, jump in our open platoons or message one of the above players for an invite into a closed JUGA platoon (most times we are happy to have potential recruits join our closed sessions, although there may be exceptions). If you are a newer player, perhaps frustrated with the lack of organisation you see in many other platoons, don't be afraid to jump in with us. As long as we know you are fairly new, we are happy to explain some of the basics and not-so-basics (depending on just how experienced you are).

    Check out our forum for more information - http://www.juggernaut-ps2.com/forum/index.php
  16. Shuay

    JUGA dudes are skilled.
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  17. AxisO7

    A video one of our members took a few days back during the end of an Esamir Capture Alert, showing how just one squad of JUGA roll. This isn't some awesome recruitment video edited for maximum impact. It's simply what we do - being where we need to be, when we need to be, and kicking a whole lot of **** while we do it. Mostly the first 2:45, after that it's just us mopping up.

    We are the hard and fast response unit of TR; always looking at the big picture and at how we can be the difference-makers. And whether we are one squad or one platoon, we know how to use our forces for maximum effectiveness.
  18. Booticus

    Free bump for a nice bunch of guys, when a base needs defending you can count on these guys to hold up the enemy zerg :D Often see them helping out at the bases most people have already given up on!
  19. Rougey

    +1 boner for JUGA, easily the hardest hitting outfit on Briggs and always a pleasure to fight.

    Their objective focus and synergy makes taking a base a nightmare with anything less than a platoon to their squad, while when they spearhead an TR zerg the bases will capture as fast as the timers will let them.

    That said, GAB are sitting on your our chair. Numba onez outfat on braggz*, thank you for keeping it warm.

    *according to a flawed and arbitrary stat system - with even numbers they are probably better.
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  20. AxisO7

    JUGA are still recruiting, and have had a number of new recruits over the last week (with a few more applications as well).

    If you want to be part of the hardest hitting outfit on Briggs (styled by Rougey from GAB ^ :p ) and like killing traitors to the republic through skill, tactics and just generally being awesome...you may just suit our style of play.

    Ultimately, we hate to lose. Our general comms and level of seriousness can change from base to base simply depending on how serious we have to take it. We can be just rolling along a lane, talking trash to each other and mucking around, but as soon as we face some organised resistance that are actually capable of giving us some competition it instantly becomes all action and hard-hitting goodness. Lock down the area, get the win, and then see where we need to be. If we are having an alert and we feel that TR as a whole need somebody redeploying all over the map to make the difference, then that is the job that we take on. If we need to just lock down one particular base (as what happened last night), then we do that until the enemy zerg moves to another lane...then we redeploy there and do it all over again.

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