Judging by the ammount of crying my phoenix left, I can foresee the nerf.

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  1. MilitiaMan

    Striker....Terrible.....You are not using the same Striker I was using....Did you pick up the Annihilator by chance?
  2. darthfate

    striker 2500 equals phoenix 1700 ??????? and you forget to mention that striker is anti air and ground phoenix is ground only
  3. XRIST0

    Its getting a buff against air targets ..

    Skip to 6:26 and check out the results ..

  4. {joer

    I'd trade the Striker for a Phoenix in a heart beat. I already have lock on launchers which are under most circumstances better to use.
  5. QuakerOatsMan

    Something that takes hours to read, yeah?

    You're assuming the striker has burst fire mode, while in fact it only has high "dps," not necessarily (guaranteed) burst—which is much more needed for experienced drivers and pilots. Its "broken" damage comes only if you can land all five shots consistently (keep in mind, 0.75s between each missile, you time that) while regular lock-ons only need to land one shot. Instead of me writing another "wall o' text," how about you read the official striker thread, or trial the striker multiple times with multiple TR characters? I'll just hint that it only shines when a vehicle is heavily exposed, just like any other lock-on. What makes you think a VS/NC pilot/driver won't run for cover/flare/smokescreen after the first several beeps?
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  6. rickampf

    Calm down guys... you dont know how the adjusted Phoenix will be.
  7. XRIST0

    Dont explain the tehcnical side of it to this kid , he will still come back with something lame to say .
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  8. UrMom306

    The striker isn't **** in a 1v1, infantry vs vehicle. It's the same result as with any other launcher, the vehicle takes damage, they have to repair. I've seen so many flyboys and tank heads thinking they don't have to repair and just trying to farm infantry, thats the issue here. Also if anything is used in mass amounts together it seems OP, hell do you member annihilator squads? they still destroyed any vehicle after the nerf. Cause you have 10+ rockets hitting you at once...yeah of course your gunna get **** on.
  9. Leo Di Caprio

    No, wall o' text is not a long post, it's just plain annoying, make shorter paragraphs.

    Since this paragraph is single, I will respond.

    The striker has more burst damage than the annihilator, someone said they shared the same lock on timer, I didn't even pay attention on the video and can no longer say they have the same DPS or TTK.

    The striker has 500 meters to lock while the annihilator has 400, this was said by someone a while back, I haven't tested it myself.

    How do we consider it better burst? the clip is what counts the burst damage, not the missile itself since it takes longer to reload than to finish firing the rest of the missiles as you step into the next phase of locking.

    19.7 seconds to kill an ESF as a striker and 18.4 as an annihilator, that is your TTK which is what I meant by DPS, since DPS can't really be used in this game.

    Anyways, it has already been cleared, someone said the striker had less lock-on than the annihilator last week, so I figured it was back to being overpowered, do not get me wrong, the burst is still strong but we will see how it plays out once people start using it in numbers.
  10. Leo Di Caprio

    Shut up, you moron.
  11. XRIST0

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  12. Mayhew

    I haven't bought neither annihilator or striker yet. Was testing them on VR and I really am not sure which one I want. Annihilator might be better in combat when targets are actually trying to avoid damage.. Didn't get the "man this one is so much better" feeling of any kind from striker eventho I was expecting it..kinda disappointed. :( Other factions actually got something new, we just got something similar that was already there so whats the point in it if it's not considerably better than the original? And considerable is something you should really feel when you use it.

    I would be up for a whole rework on Striker already as it is nothing new. Maybe if it had burstfire for the 5 rockets I'd swallow it because then you wouldn't have to maintain the lock on for several seconds.
  13. Badname0192

    Played TR all day today, got killed by the Pheonix 0 times.Granted I did see quite a few in use, but they seemed to be lacking in direction. I got killed by a Shrike and a Decimator as well as S1's. Still wondering what the big deal is with the Pheonix, it seems only as good as a Shrike and I tested the thing, yeah controlling it is kind of nice, but when you have a Decimator or some lock on rocket, it seems silly to get something that requires me to stand still, which is btw how most of the NC heavies killed today that were using the Pheonix died.
  14. Barana

    Good luck hitting air with the thing. Its maneuverability isn't bad, but hitting anything flying that isn't hovering is damn near impossible, especially right now with the camera-lag (by the time you get camera control, the missile's already gone 200m). The only ESFs I've been able to land shots on were ones that were flying right at me, hovering, or ones that had a bit of bad luck and ran into my missile by themselves.
  15. XRIST0

    I think they might increase projectile speed and make it ohk against esf .. i hope so anyway

    Anything to stop the infantry farm fest it currently is ..

    I actually shot down an esf with it today , was a fluke though lol .
  16. Metaltoys

    Will trade you the jackhammer for the lasher.
  17. Bape

    Wait the phoenix got nerfed already or there patch notes on the nerf? haven't played for 2 days and i notice something is off about the phoenix maybe it just me.
  18. Jex =TE=

    "Who's more foolish, the fool or the fool that buys things from SOE knowing they will fundamentally be broken a month later"
    -Ben Kenobi

    Why anyone buys these things to me is just weird. There is a certain percentage of the population though that love being the tool of someone else and making other people rich. Everyone should be used to the sales model now and by buying these weapons you support their actions - it's that simple.
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  19. McJackson

    I have only been on the receiving end of Striker, I admit, but judging from the videos I've seen it in proper action (as well as being killed with it multiple times on my Reaver), it is BY FAR more effective against armor than Phoenix. And people here with Strikers would trade it to Phoenix? Think about this: on the battlefield, which is more dangerous, a single infantry guy standing still on a field (those who keep moving don't get phoenix'ed), or a tank/ESF? When the infantry guy gets killed, he can just be revived or can spawn to the nearest spawn sunderer and keep going. You lose nothing. When a vehicle is destroyed, that's resource off the battlefield and can't be as easily returned to the same battlefield. And on top of that, destroying vehicles gives a lot more exp also.

    Killing infantry is more effective with traditional snipers or automatic rifles, anyone can do it. But destroying armor? Try that with an infiltrator on the field...

    Now tell me which is more useful. I can say I would rather have armor hitting capabilities on par with Striker.
  20. senondo

    Higby said they tested the ESRL's longer then any other Weapon. I guess this means they usualy dont test weapons at all.
    This whole ESL release makes me beleve the guy in charge has no idea what hes doing and lacks any project management skills.

    I also have no idea (other then making money in the short term) why they added these launchers.
    I find all of them are not fitting in the game and cause more problems with balance then they add to gameplay.
    More skill-free weapons that ruin the fun of other players or the buyers once they get nerfed.