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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OpolE, Sep 16, 2020.

  1. OpolE

  2. karlooo

    Why do the videos that criticize Planetside 2 have so many dislikes? Those are very good videos. Lots of nice points.
  3. OpolE

    It's a generational thing. Lot's of PS2 players are young and haven't grown up with Planetside 1 and the mechanics of older games. Therefore they think COD/BF/PS2 are elite games just because they play well
  4. Twin Suns

    DBG Devs and their toilet licking Twitter™ mob of fans is my best guess. DBG wants you to play PS2 , not PS1. ;)

  5. Blam320

    Because we're sick and tired of people endlessly complaining, and arguing that a 16 year old game is somehow objectively better in every single conceivable way. That's simply not true from an objective perspective.

    PS1 and PS2 both have good and bad things going towards them, and there are elements of PS1 that I wish the PS2 dev team had bothered to carry over. But at the end of the day, we want to be positive, and to improve the game we have that's being actively developed, and not wallow in a self-pitying-circle-jerk that doesn't know how to do anything except be negative and critical.
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  6. karlooo

    Criticism should lead to improvements...
    A huge mistake Wrel is doing IMO, is that he just shrugs off comments/complaints he does not like or understand. That is what he said in an interview and it's ridiculous.
    Instead he should get to the bottom of the players issues, ridiculous or not, this is what he should do.
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  7. Johannes Kaiser

    True, but there are limits to this.
    1) Some things may simply not be possible for one or the other reason.
    1.5) Sometimes it may be possible but too much effort for the desired effect.
    2) Some requests are outlandish and better ignored.
    3) Often two or more groups want opposite things to happen and there is no appeasing everyone.

    Still limits do absolutely not mean it shouldn't be done at all.
    Reasing the forum for example would be a good start, meguesses....
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  8. SirPanfried

    Frankly, I enjoy both. You don't have to like one and hate the other. That said, there is legitimate criticism that could be had about ps2 compared to ps1 such as
    • "Big Picture" strategy doesn't exist since its fairly easy to get from hex to hex. This means most strategy relies on out-popping a hex.
    • Bloated weapon variety, until recently weapon variety was relegated to stat-changes on the same weapon type. (This has somewhat gotten better, but adding more to the pile does bloat it even further)
    • Certs as an in-game currency rather than a qualification that let you use a category of weapons, equipment, or vehicles.
    • Gunplay leans heavily into "Twitch shooter" feel, to the point where you can aim your way out of bad positioning or being ambushed
    • CAI update basically leaving infantry holding the bag as many nerfs to anti-infantry vehicle weapons were reverted but most of the changes to infantry anti-vehicle options like rocket launchers remained.
    There are lots of things I love about PS1, and overall it feels much more like a strategic shooter in comparison. I don't really gush about graphics and the like if the gameplay is good. But I also don't expect people to come in droves to play a shooter from 2003 with esoteric gunplay.
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  9. OpolE

    Bump. Some good points.

    I'd totally play the game if you could fully take over a map and open it when you decide. Until then aweful game
  10. Trigga

    No thanks.
    Last time i tried that there was some **** online who wouldnt let me take a look at the game and how its progressing, no no, he was too concerned with measuring his e-dick by teleporting me to the room he was inside, to an exact location he knew, so he could blow my head off in less than half a second (which in itself was strange, in 10 years of playing that game i never died that fast).

    It was pull hacking that killed PS1 when is was still active, what i saw when i tried your 're-make' was almost exactly the same experience, and it was not enjoyable.

    Its too late to be graceful, but just let it die, trying to revive PS1 reminds me of Stan trying to save his dog 'Kisses':
  11. OpolE

    This matter has been fully resolved. It's also in alpha right now so things can happen but its been great for over 1 year now

  12. OpolE

    Cheeky bump

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