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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Luighseach

    There is a difference between a challenge and frustration. Being able to counter libs overhead is a challenge. Being spawn camped because of bad base design that is solved by putting up a shield is frustration.
  2. TheFamilyGhost

    If being spawn camped is no fun (I agree btw), then why do you allow yourself to be spawn camped?
  3. Luighseach

    Because If I redeploy to the next base in that lattice link I will most likely just be spawn camped at the next base due to the bad base design.

    I redeploy when there is no hope but he problem is that base design should not allow for a spawn camp. Spawn rooms need to have multiple exits(for a game of this size 6 or more exits from different points of the base). It should be almost impossible to spawn camp every exit.

    Which goes back to my initial point of that why not add things that take away frustration as long as it does not dumb down the game.
  4. Zar

    pretty much any of them if they put a gen in that can be taken down im fine with that but we need less immortal skill bunkers and more team play i have never been cornered in a base by tanks or air craft cause i work with a team and if we have lost the base we redeploy and counter attack and drive off their tanks and aircraft and kill them from the back.... you use tactics and some level of team work.... what the game intended if you can't do that im ok with that just don't blame base design on your lack of tactics.
  5. Zar

    but thats just it this idea of base shields won't stop farms just replaced with maxes and troops spawn camping you numbers is the name of the game. so when you are sitting in a base with a dome shield looking at 50 troops with rockets guns and maxes pointed at you those air cav units and tanks that could be pulled from another base and reinforce you will be not doing that due to this awful idea.
    P.S sorry for the double post lots of bad ideas to try and cut off at the root today.
  6. TheFamilyGhost

    Have you considered spawning in a safe place and maneuvering in such a way that you will enter the battle on your terms?

    You will never escape frustration. It is the goal of your opponent.