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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Tuco

    Pretty hard to camp something you can't see.

    Pretty easy to camp something marked on your enemies map (spawn room), or a big fat sunderer that's visible from the air 700 meters away.
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  2. Torok

  3. Luighseach

    When I was reading a concept on the Dome shield they were supposed to have Generators tied to them.

    I also think friendlies are able to fly through both ways them while enemies were only supposed to be able to fly out.(Think infiltrators hacking an air terminals here) So basically the air pads would be safe havens from enemies in the air.

    Either way they seem like a great addition to most bases. Honestly they need to be implemented on some of the smaller bases as well without having them everywhere.
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  4. TheFamilyGhost

    What is it about combined arms that confounds you?

    Perhaps you should investigate your challenges with a goal to overcome them instead of seeking to remove them via censure.
  5. TheFamilyGhost

    There's another solution, that is TOTALLY in the hands of the players:

    Control the air.
  6. Silver Fox

    It doesn't.

    And I'm not trying to make things easier, I'm trying to prolong the fight. Air locking down a spawn room tends to kill a fight pretty quickly, and isn't (generally) fun for either party. That's what I'm trying to overcome.
  7. Luighseach

    ...or the simpler solution of adding dome shields. One thing I've learned with this game in the past year and a half is that small amounts of players can work together in a common cause but organizing a large group to get something done is harder than herding cats.

    Dome shields add way more than they take out. It is an extra objective to fight for and also allows for safer landing pads for aircraft. Honestly I don't see how Dome shields would not be beneficial.

    They will be perfectly balanced as long as they can not be shot through in either direction.
  8. Luighseach

    ...Maxes... Also Biolabs are the biggest camps because vehicles can't still all the kills inside of it.
  9. Thardus

    I really just want them to take the PS1 Interlink and Tech Plant, smoosh them together, and drop it into PS2 as an Interlink facility.
  10. Iridar51

    Yes! Yes! Do it! DO IT NOW! DO IT ******!
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  11. TheFamilyGhost

    A team wins by fulfilling all the requirements of a team's needs.

    Why should the game have a hard coded solution to a task that a successful team needs to execute?
  12. Tuco

    So how does this wonderful idea fix the "Max Question"?
  13. Iridar51

    It doesn't, but at least other bases have more open spaces then biolabs, which makes MAXes somewhat easier to deal with.
  14. vsae

    I'm totally up for those shields, though I would like the generator to be inside the shield.
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  15. Irathi

    A base shield like that would actually fix most of the problems you see with current base design. Suddenly liberators, ESFs and vehicles can't sit at safe distance and farm. Vehicles would perhaps get added purpose as they would be the only armor that could assist the infantry inside a base.

    One problem though is perhaps how it would affect galaxy drops which are kind of dependant on dropping close to or right on target. But it looks like the shield isn't covering the walls so perhaps you would just drop on the wall and then hop down to the point.
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  16. Takoita

    This is a very nice idea in theory, yes, what's with amp stations and bases like Octagon (go and look up the latest Server Smash; Cobalt team expertly demonstrated what is exactly wrong with aircraft in this game very nicely) that are wide open for spawncamping by aircraft.

    The one presented on the screenshot however looks like a half-baked solution at best though. Just at a glance, it is gonna cause problems spawning and resupplying aircraft (selective collision? pfft, this is PS2, it is gonna be rife with bugs) and obstruct aa fire from the station's own turrets and people scattered on the roof of the main building. So, less 'dome', more 'ceiling for the courtyard' and nail those problems in the bud by not allowing them to be problematic in the first place, please.
  17. Irathi

    Desginers could just lifte the air terminal above the dome shield and also add some sort of way galxy drops could land there and make their way down into the base.
  18. Cinnamon

    This is something that should really be fixed and tried on live servers and should of be been tried a year or so ago.

    I also don't know why they stopped making revisions to the air towers. They are still far from perfect when it comes to being surrounded by vehicles.
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  19. Takoita

    Especially after they've made the shields unpenetrable by the base owners too.
  20. Luighseach

    Why should it not?

    As long as it takes away some frustration without dumbing down the game then why does it not need to be added?