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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. Robes

    So i guess you are talking out your *** due to having zero knowledge about even the most basic game mechanics. Let me help you out.

    The render distance setting doesn't actually effect when other players render it, it will "hide" air if its set low enough, but even without seeing it you can still shoot at it.

    Tanks/Air/Infantry all have a set distance at the point they render in and can be shot, this number only goes down based on the size of the fight it does not go past its cap.

    Infantry render range is not 400m, therefore nothing can kill infantry 400m away, however infantry can kill tank/air over 400m due to them rendering in at a longer distance, understand?

    Learn what you're talking about then come back and continue the discussion.
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  2. TheFamilyGhost

    This is a combined arms game.

  3. Tuco

    Tanks are suppose to be more powerful than infantry, especially since infantry are the slowest moving units in the entire game and only...


    ...come from one direction, a point in space every square kilometer or two marked on the enemies map!!!
  4. Sagabyte

    Yes please

    As long as Dome Shields eradicate farming but encourage teamwork I'm fine with anything of the sort.
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  5. libbmaster

    I don't know if "dumbing" is the word I would use, but for once I agree with family ghost.

    This "solution" feels... way way too ham-fisted. Like introducing an new species to the ecosystem of an island to deal with another invasive species: it fixes the problem at hand, but it might have unintended consequences.

    ATM, the air domination is only really pervasive in scenarios where one side is under-popped. A small numb of air-craft can overpower an equal number of defenders.

    My suggestion would be to add one-two AA turrets to every base, especially by the spawn rooms. It should only be a little bit harder than adding dome shields, and should only provide a noticeable effect in small-pop scenarios.

    ... and guys, I think you all need to take a few breaths before posting. This is an important debate, but we wont get anything meaningful out of it if all we are doing is screaming talking points at each other.
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  6. Tuco

    And if they're destroyed, like what happens 95% of the time cause that's the first thing attackers attack becaus ethere are no defenders around.
  7. Silver Fox

    How does it dumb down the game? If anything it adds another layer of complexity (assuming they are tied to a generator) - you now have to assault in and take down the gen, which can still be done with Gal drops and the like.

    The only difference will be that you won't be able to immediately slam a base with Lib and ESF spam, lock people inside the spawn room, and lazily waltz in to cap the point. You have to work a little harder for it now. I would think if anybody was to support making the game more challenging, it would be you.
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  8. Goden

    Oh nooo I got some numbers wrong, everything I've ever said has been invalidated whatever shall I do
  9. Tuco

    You mean like a biolab, the biggest camps in the game.
  10. Goden

    The nice thing about base defense debates is they really show who the spawn campers are.
  11. libbmaster

    EDIT: I was going to defend my "no dome shields" position, but then I saw you posted this:

    In response to some one advocating dome shields.

    ... my feeble mind needs a refresher: are you for dome shields or against them?

    Clarification would make posting a coherent response easier.
  12. Silver Fox

    Different problem altogether, biolabs. And if you don't like the stalemate of a biofarm, you have the entire rest of the continent to find a fight. Outside, dealing with aircraft, it's a different story.
  13. Tuco

    Amp stations have a lot more AA guns and still get camped.
  14. Tuco

    Camping never ever ever happens in biolabs because no tanks/air can camp.
  15. libbmaster

    Wow that was quick.

    Lucky for me, it doesn't invalidate the edits I made in my post above.
  16. Tuco

    Just like base AA guns don't invalidate camping from air, and base AT guns doesn't invalidate camping from tanks.
  17. Robes

    What invalidated what you've said is not getting the numbers wrong, but not understanding core mechanics of the game while using them in your argument, that means you don't actually know what you're arguing and can't be taken seriously.
  18. Tuco

    I'm for....your kidding right?

    I'm for the PS1 AMS, PS1 mines, PS1 spitfires, PS1 motion detectors. You don't need dome shields, moar walls, moar useless wall guns, nerf tanks, buff AV, redesign know all these stupid things that will never in a million years fix spawn camping.
  19. libbmaster

    Oh. Okay.

    Thank you.

    ... I understand that the deployables you want would make life easy for low-pop trying to hold ground (and thus, I support it), but how would these specific items would help with air farming?
  20. Goden

    I just went back and reread my original post to double check. I only mentioned render distance once and every other situation I gave can be achieved at extremely close range so distance isn't a factor.

    I don't even need to tell you about such situations because you can go boot up your game right now and see it constantly. It happens every day.

    But because I made a small numerical error everything I've ever said is now invalid and you've washed your hands clean of having to actually make a proper rebuttal and are now just tossing insults at me from your pedestal.