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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torok, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. axiom537

    Horrible Idea!!! Look at Esamir it doesn't have dome shields, but they do have an over abundance of walls that remove ground vehicles from contributing to the fights in the least bit and the ground game really suffers as a result IMO for both the ground vehicles and infantry. I can't tell you how many times I have been frustrated as an Infantry being stuck behind a stupid wall, when there was a perfectly fine enemy ground vehicle waiting to die from my rockets but was unable to shoot at it.
  2. Leftconsin

    You said over in your reddit thread that you know the counter to this problem.

    Actually, having an infiltrator hack the vehicle terminal at the next enemy base is even better. Get a squad involved in this and now you have 10-12 lightnings picking off tanks from behind. Is air your problem? Those lightnings could be skyguards or sunderers with AA guns.

    I think what your main goal here is to just remove all vehicles from participation in base fights. You like these walls and domes to prevent non-infantry from getting in. So I have some questions for this discussion. In this world of walls and domes what is the function of vehicles? Are they sunderer escorts between bases? Are they to play their own separate game in the sky or in the open fields away from bases?
  3. GaBeRock

    I'd prefer an oval or rectangulaur sheild, died to a destructable generator that can be shelled by tanks but defended by AV turrets. The would reinforce combined arms, allow pilots to still intervene in bases if they put themselves at risk, and prevent aircraft from farming small fights as easily.
  4. Ronin Oni

    ^ONLY way I'd support dome shields is if you can take em down as part of your assault.
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  5. Zar

    dude you can't talk to people like this with logic. They reject logic they exist in bubble created by their ego and in that space they are right about everything and people cannot understand their greatness. flee good sir you are going down the rabbit hole.
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  6. Zar

    double post i know but if we can take them down like a shield gen im cool with that adds depth and combat logistics not just LOL easy mode no tank/air arena combat.
  7. IamnotAmazing

    or they could change the point of vehicles to killing each other and not mindlessly farming infantry
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  8. Goden

    I have absolutely ZERO issues with adding more defensive measures such as dome shields.

    Vehicles have no place in battles that take place in base interiors. The only reason they go there currently is so they can get cheap kills by spawn camping. Hell, many tankers don't even enter bases they just sit on a hill 400 meters away and shell the spawn continuously until they run out of ammo. Or then you have the Liberators that hover above the spawn and pound the bejeesus out of it with the belly gun.

    It's about time we told these players that the easy-mode farming has to STOP.

    The fact that many bases on Esamir have walls is actually one of the primary reasons why its bases are my favourite. When the fight arrives at a base, people exit their vehicles and take the fight to the enemy on foot rather than park outside the spawn room and spam shells ad nauseum until the base turns over. Naturally vehicle users get upset at the idea of being excluded from bases but I think we all know why they get upset - they won't be able to farm cheap kills. It's really that simple. And if dome shields have generators then they'll just have to wait until the gen goes down or get off their lazy backsides and help their team take it down instead of camping in a tank or Liberator.

    Anyone that thinks that the current spawn-camping culture of this game is healthy for the playerbase in the long-term is very VERY silly.
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  9. Tuco

    The point of the game is to capture indestructable spawn points.

    If you want to stop infantry spawn camping, add more "points" (PS1 AMS), and add ways to defend those "points" (PS1 mines, PS1 spitfires, PS1 motion detectors).
  10. Torok

    To everyone in this thread saying that domeshield would remove vehicle combat from bases..

    You guys LACK in Reading comprehension SKILL.

    If you would've paid more attention not only to my words but ALSO to the Dome shield pictures you would have noticed allready how a Dome shield is just an Aerial Shield, meaning that you can still go to the VERY same places as before, as of now, YET you cannot place yourself on some hill being on a higher ground and shell inside freely and carefree.

    DO YOU GET THIS or is it that hard?
    If you still don't get this you're either not willing to compromise yourself to a statement that differs from your preliminar opinion or are farmers yourselves that stand in such places and score nasty kills all day long.

    now what will your answer be?
  11. Tuco

    So you don't want players to use the terrain to their advantage, I see.
  12. Goden

    Is that what you call spawn camping now?
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  13. Robes

    I wish i could sit well outside of infantry render range shelling them, since im sure you wouldn't be talking out your *** due to having zero knowledge about the subject you wouldn't mind letting me know how i can kill people that aren't rendered in?
  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    I'm in favor of dome shields at SOME bases - not every base - and only as long as they can be deactivated through the destruction of a generator. They should also be able to be deactivated by defenders, because what the hell is that friendly aircav going to do when it shows up to help and finds the whole base covered by a shimmering field of screwyou?
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  15. Leftconsin

    Now that's what I call tactical superiority.
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  16. Goden

    Is your render distance set to 50m or something?

    Unless it's a Zerg V Zerg then your render distance should be able to render infantry at a good few hundred meters easily.
  17. MorganM

    If libs are going to remain this hard to kill and continue to ruin small engagements then I'm all for this. The real solution is players need to pull more AA when libs how up but apparently that's too much to ask of the playerbase despite repeatedly asking them in game to do so and actually help.
  18. Tuco

    I dunno I'm so confused
  19. Goden

    People are not going to pull AA while it remains at its current insane price. It's also really boring ti use and doesn't pay very well.
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  20. Torok

    Nice try, but many if not everyone playing this game is now beyond the idle passivity toward such mechanics.

    Something needs to be done

    1) Definetly only SOME bases, as I said, they are not to be placed everywhere, and they're not like that anyway on Hossin.
    2) They clean the perimeter & surroundings, where the attackers sunderers are anyway.
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